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The Other Woman

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Monica is the new girl at Reprise Records. Life was good until she meet one Frank Iero.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2008-06-21 - Updated: 2008-07-02 - 578 words

I never thought that I would become the other woman and I never wanted to. Some people told me to stay away from him, while others encouraged me, but being the good girl that I am I stayed away from him as long as I could.

It took him nearly a year and a half to get what he wanted and once he had it, he wouldn’t let me go. You may be thinking that I could have ended it. I did, but he wouldn’t have it.

I tried to date other people, tried to forget him, but that just pissed him off. He told me that I was his and his alone and that if he so much as saw me with another guy that he would hurt the guy.

I wanted to end before it was too late, but he would always find a way to bring me back to him. Now here I am in my son’s or should I say our son’s room watching him as he laid our son down in his crib for the night.

Walking over to me he grabbed my hand and lead me to my room or our room since he stayed here every how and then and he was the one who was paying all the bills even though I had a job.

Once inside he closed the door and backed me into it as he parted my silk robe which I was naked underneath. His hand touched me and he whispered in my ear, “You’re so wet.”

With his free hand I felt him move to undo his pants. He released me for a while to slide his pants down his legs before he came back to me. He placed his hands on my bottom and lifted me up and I instantly warped my legs around his waist.

He entered me with ease and I moaned into his ear. He pressed me into the door even more so that he could get better leverage. He started off slow and deliberate, just so he could hear me gasp and moan from the torture that he was bringing me, but when he could handle it no longer himself he thrusts became faster.

My body started to tremble as the old familiar feeling of reaching my orgasm washed over me. I closed my eyes as it over took me and my walls closed over his throbbing shaft and after a couple more pumps into me he came as well.

After he came he slowly put my legs down and my feet touched solid ground once more. For a while we just stayed holding on to each with his face buried in my neck, but then he pulled away and I could feel the cold air my wet hot skin.

He stepped back from and adjusted his clothes. I warped my robe around my body and stepped away from the door.

Once his clothes were fixed he looked at me then kissed me softly on the lips before he walked out of the door. I walked over to the bed and crawled in it when I heard the front door slam.

I grabbed a pillow and hugged to myself as I started to cry. I knew where he was going. He was going back to her. He was going back to the woman he loved.

I always seem to forget that I am the other woman.
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