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Day One

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First day.

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It was her first day at her new job and she was already running late due to the busing system in the city. Running up the steps Monica adjusted her clothes before she walked in the lavish building of Reprise Records.

Taking a deep breath she walked to the reception desk and waited for the woman behind the desk to acknowledge her.

Finishing typing up the last sentence Cassie looked up at the woman that was before her, “Welcome to Reprise Records. How can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Monica Lake…the new girl.”

“Oh, yes Mr. Boggs said to send you right up as soon as you get here. Just take this elevator to my left and press the button to the sixth and it’s the third to on your right.”

“Thank you.” Monica gave her a big smile.

Cassie returned it and said, “I’ll see you at lunch.”

“Okay.” Monica smiled again and followed the directions the receptionist had give her.

Not even five minutes later was outside the door. Fixing her clothes once more she knocked on the door and someone called for her to open it.

Taking a deep breath she opened the door to find herself in a large conference room filled with people. Monica quickly noticed that there were few women and that there were a lot of men staring at her with blatant interest.

“Ah, yes so you must be Monica?” She heard a male’s voice call from the front.

Plating on her brightest smile she turned towards the voice and replied, “Yes I am.”

“Please come forward and introduce yourself to some of the bands that are here.”

Walking up to the front she turned and faced the coward that was before her.

“You have 30 minutes to tell us about yourself and why are you here.”

Monica nodded her head and 30 minutes later you have told everyone why she was there. The whole time that she was talking, she only looked the few women in the eyes and tried to avoid the men’s.

She noticed that several people from big band were there as well. Like members from MCR, Linkin Park/Fort Minor, Green Day, HIM, REM, and Muse where there.

“Well, guys its time to party to welcome our new member.” Once that was said someone put on some music and food and drinks were brought in.

Monica’s eyes widen when she saw this and a big grin spread across her face.

“I’m Brian by the way. I manage MCR and a couple of other bands here. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, any advice you want to give me?”

“Yeah, stay away from Frank Iero or you won’t last long.” With that he gave her a smile and went to go talk to some older looking guys in suits.

Monica was shocked and when she scanned the room her eyes landed on non other that one Frank Iero.
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