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Frank's POV

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Frank tells her how he feels

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I never thought in all my years I would end up in the situation that I am in now. As I lay next to my fiancé Kaitlin I can’t help, but think about it.

Me and Kaitlin have what most would call an “open relationship”, which works fine for the both of us. So, if we saw anyone that caught our eye, we could and would sleep with that person if we wanted too, as long as we came back to each other.

Now don’t get me wrong, its not that we don’t love each other, we do. We just want to limit any chances of cheating in the future. Which is just fine with me, it makes things less complicated.

I loved the fact that we were able to do this until I meet Monica. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had brown skin, long soft black curls, and the grayest eyes I had every seen.

Now here I am thinking about Monica and our son and how it feels like I am the one that’s cheating on her. I know that I am engaged to Kaitlin, but what I feel for the mother of my child, that’s different.

Monica was the only one that I continued to sleep with after the first time beside my Fiancé. Kaitlin and her are the only two I sleep with now. Some people may say that I am selfish, but I really don’t care.

I know that Kaitlin rarely if every sleeps with anyone else now so I don’t feel so bad when I sleep with Monica almost every night when it comes to her. When I think about Monica I know that I am doing her wrong, but I can’t seem to stop myself. Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too? Who says I have to give them up?

Yet, when I lay here thinking this, I knew that Monica wanted out, but I refused to let her go. I didn’t want anyone with her except for me. I didn’t want her to leave me and I didn’t want to leave her. I know deep down that I should just choose one of them, but I don’t want to.

I can still remember the day that I meet her and how I vowed that she would be one of my many conquests at Reprise Records. I just didn’t know that when I meet her and had her, that I would want to be with her for forever.

Sometimes I wish I meet her first or that I never met her at all. That I wasn’t such a selfish pig and that I wasn’t afraid of being truly loved and truly loving. I wish that I wasn’t afraid of being IN love.

True me and Kaitlin do love each other, but we’re not IN love with each other. That’s what makes our relationship so great, we can never truly hurt each other. We’re each others anchor. We keep each other from being hurt.

I guess you can say that I’m afraid of comment. That may be true, but I can’t and I WON”T give up what I have.
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