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Chapter 4

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Brian Warns Frank Off.

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“Give the girl sometime to get her feet wet before you make your move. I would hate for us to loose another girl due to your conquest to lay every girl at Reprise.”

Frankie looked to the girl who was not talking to some members of HIM as he thought about what Brian had just said.

Nodding his head up and down he turned to Brian once more, “Okay she gets a week, but after that she is free game.”

Brian let out a sign of relief and padded Frank on the back, “Lets party then.”

After Brian had left his side Frank continued to look at her. He couldn’t help, but notice that she was beautiful. Her skin was brown and glowed since she had healthy skin unlike any of the other girls he’d been with. Her hair was long, black, glossy, and curly which fell to the middle of her back and her eyes when she looked at him. Oh, her eyes were like storm clouds, they were so gray and intense. It was like she was perfect and she had the perfect proportions too. She wasn’t too small or too big in the chest and bottom area and her stomach was flat. She was a thick girl, the type of girls where the had the perfect body, but the had the fat were it counts and he loved it. He could wait to get her.

Monica was feeling nervous. She knew that Frank was looking at her, but she didn’t dear to turn around. As she sat she talked to some of the band members to get to know them more and was about to get up when some of the women came over.

“Welcome to Reprise Monica.”

Monica shook the woman’s hand, “Thank you and your name is?”

“Chloe and this is Danna and Brooke”

“Nice to meet you guys, I mean girls.”

Chloe gave her a smile, “Don’t worry we just came to talk and to warn you about someone.”

The girls took sets all around Monica, “Warn me from whom?”

“One Frankie Iero.” Stated the blonde head and blued eyed Danna.

“What about him?” Monica was no interested since they weren’t they only ones to tell her to stay away.

It was Brooke’s turn to talk she was the typical Scottish looking woman with flaming red hair and green eyes with freckles on her face, “Lets just say that he likes to do conquests at Reprise.”

Monica was confused and it must have shown. The brown head and eyed smiled, “It means he likes to have sex with as man as the Reprise girls as he can. Usually when that happens a lot of the girls quit because the find out that he just uses them.”

“So, your saying that he may try to sleep with me?”

Brooke laughed, “Not may or try to sleep with you, but he WILL sleep with you.”

Now it was Monica’s turn to laugh, “Oh, he won’t get me. I have a boyfriend and I am a one man type of woman.”

“I thought the same thing as well.” Stated Brooke.

Chloe just smiled, “Well only time will tell. Before we came over here Brian said he was going to warn him to at least wait a week before he made the moves on you.”

Monica gasped. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I don’t think he will succeed,” she told the three women.

“We’ll see.” Chloe stated and moved the conversation to other things.
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