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Don't think to hard, if you think it hurts that bad

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Five Humans, all that looked like avid readers of my work, quickly lowered their voices. Pretending that I wasn’t the author people went back to the expedition. Spencer was by my side, a grinding of his teeth and descending fangs that chilled my spine.

“It’s okay,” I soothed, “They mean no harm.”

“Are you really Emma Grey?” one with heavy zombie make-up demanded.

“To spread and infect the ones who do not know life,” I said in a monotone voice.

Spencer watched in awe as the others mouths dropped viciously. I pulled my sweater up to hid the bump, the woman seemed to realize I was older…they shortly left.

“Where have you been this past year?”

I looked at one who’s ripped shirt was practically a rag.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“There have been these reports that you up and left Gore™ publications,” he adjusted his shirt, “Are you writing anymore zombie hits?”

“I took some time off to branch out from zombies,” I told them honestly as I could, “I got permission to research for a vampire series.”

One who had remained quiet finally spoke up his name tag said ‘Martin Massacre’.

“What’s with the bump? I don’t think Vampires get pregnant.”

Spencer burst out laughing, he seemed to enjoy that my fans spoke to me like I was a human being. Some respect thing he thought, but he squeezed my hand and smiled his smile.

“Wow those are sweet.”

“Yeah, are you gonna be selling fangs like those when your first vampire book comes out?”

“Maybe,” I said dryly, I shot a sideways glance at Spencer, and he dared not to retract his back into his skull.

“I’m sorry boys, but my wife and I need to be retiring to our rooms, the baby needs its rest.”

They asked for autographs and a photo and quickly left before the swarms of other fans stormed Spencer and I to the elevator. Hotel security kept them at bay and Spencer hit floor 9 and we hiked to floor 14.

I lay down on the bed staring at the ceiling, the sun had set an hour ago in Vancouver, and it wasn’t late. I thought about calling my mother, but thought against it. What was I to tell her, I’d been gone for so long; my publishers had no idea where I’d vanished too.

I rolled over as best I could and grabbed my hotel phone. Spencer was sweeping the area for other Vampires. I dialled my publishers.

“Hello, this is Emma Grey--.”

“We’ll put you right through.”

I waited, Spencer stood at the balcony doorway.


“The east coast,” I said as honestly as I could.


I held the phone away from my ear as it screamed at me about deadlines and money I was losing the company. Spencer grabbed it quickly from my small hands and pulled me into his lap, he put the phone to his face.

“This is Mr. Smith, I’d advise you to stop talking to the mother of my child in that matter.”

His voice even chilled my bones. The other line went dead silent.

“Emma,” my agent had come into the conversation, “Why didn’t you tell us? We would have understood, even given you time off.”

“It wasn’t as simple as that,” I sighed, “Look I’m in Vancouver now, I’ll see you guys tomorrow at 8 pm, I know it’s late but that’s the only time I can make it.”

I hung up.

“I love you,” Spencer said quietly.

“I love you too,” I smiled.

I grabbed the phone again, I began to dial my mother’s.
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