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I am gone

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A/N: Hey, sorry it's really short, i've got the next one started almost half done, that should hopefully be up tomorrow or tonight. I love you Readers, with out you, i'd have stopped after chapter one

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I curled up to Spencer as he watched and waited for the air stewardess to lock the door. He hadn’t been this nervous since are last flight, he’d been hiding as vampire for so long he wasn’t used to acting like a human.

It wasn’t hard behaviourally; in fact that was the easiest part. Vampires and Humans are very alike; they fall in love, buy property, and sometimes even enjoy a rare steak (juicy blood and all). But concentrating on one emotion while a human talked to you served as whole new obstacle. I mean staying calm in a humans world couldn’t always give amber eyes, they are subject to change.

Spencer pulled me tighter to his frame shielding his eyes as the flight attendants passed by beginning their usual spiel about safety aboard an aircraft.
A baby cried in coach behind us, Spencer and I turned quickly, both our heads strained to see as the baby was hushed. Almost as if it were second nature I grabbed my navel connecting my fingers with Spencer, I could see his eyes grow green and I felt mine grow grey.

“Please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for takeoff,” the monitor buzzed.

Spencer helped pull the belt over my lap, he knew as well as I did that if the plane crashed we’d walk out alive. Once I was buckled he did his own turning his attention to me again. The Sun had set before we boarded our flight and now the plane settled for their sleep, the day had ended for the humans, and our own day had started.

Spencer leaned close to me, his breath hot against my ear.

“There are seven other Vampires on board.”

“How do you know that?”

“Can’t you hear them?” Spencer teased me slightly, placing his fingers on my eyelids.

He closed them for me pressing his warm lips against my neck; I could feel his teeth lightly grazing my skin.

“Listen …Emma,” Spencer said even more quietly than before.

I opened my eyes and pressed my lips into his hair; I kissed him and took a deep breath of cinnamon. He slowly pulled himself away from my arm and gazed into my eyes, his own glowing violet.

“I don’t want to listen for any other Vampire except you.”


Vancouver was rainy but in the night and darkness Spencer pulled me close, dodging the spouts of water flooding from the drains above us. We headed to the freshly rented car, the woman who had served us at the counter thought the sunglasses were very comical at the late hour.

We wanted a hotel room with dark blinds, I was beginning to feel sleep catch up with me, but since the time change we’d gained hours again.

I sat in the hotel lobby lying sloppily in a lounge chair, I heard Spencer behind me getting us a room facing away from the east. It was proving harder, as some convention was being held at the hotel. I held my navel in both arms, softly singing to the Spencer inside.

“How old is that girl?” a voice to my left perked my ears.

My voice dropped even lower, soon it faded away. I recognized the voices behind me as older humans. Disapproving humans.

“Where’s her ring?”

“Where’s her husband?”

“People like that, she must be 18, and pregnant....”

“She looks about 5 months, wonderful Christmas present for her mother.”

I held my tongue, I was afraid I would begin laughing before they left. Spencer seemed to be getting somewhere behind me, but not before I heard excited voices from the convention hall.

“No, it can’t be?”

“No harm in asking right?”


I quickly turned my head, I felt myself grow increasingly hot and red…if that were possible. Somehow the convention name was coming back to me.

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