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First Time

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Gee and Crystal make lurve for the first time.

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“I can’t believe it. He can’t fucking do this.” Crystal proclaimed, walking back and forth in front of me. “Your one of the smartest people I know.”
My head jerked quickly to look up at her. “You think I’m smart?” I smiled.
“Of course I think your smart.” She smiled.
“I think your smart.” She said before planting a little kiss on my lips.
“I think your funny.” She said, kissing me softly.
“I think your very gorgeous.” Yet again, she kissed me.
“And last but certainly not least. I think your all mine.” This time used her tongue. Our lips rubbed together-making small kissing noises every so often and she pushed me back onto the couch so that I was lying flat and on she was on top of me, straddling me. Calmly, she began roaming her hands up and down my torso and chest and I placed my trembling hands underneath her top, feeling her warm waist. Slowly, I took her top off as our mouths parted for barely five seconds and met again. It took another five minutes of us making out for me to pluck up the courage to take he top off. After that we switched positions-she was on the bottom and I was on top. She ripped my jeans open and I pulled hers off, along with her panties. She spread her legs wide and I entered her. She gasped loudly and moaned over and over as I grinded to her to a specific rhythm.
“Oh God!” She screamed. “I’m fucking speechless!”
I came out of there and lay beside her, naked on the leather couch.
“I’m sorry Gerard.” Crystal said out of the blue.
“What are you sorry for?” I twisted round so our faces were maybe an inch apart.
“Me. I’m just so inexperienced and your so not. I mean, you must have had way better than that, being with girls like Alexis Bryar.”
“Crys, you were great and I love you-that’s all that matters. You can’t compare yourself to those other girls.”
“Your right. I can’t.”
“No because your so much better than them.”
“Really?” She said as she turned around. She sounded like she really didn’t believe me.
“Really. Look there’s something I have to tell you.” I edged away from her slightly.
“What?” She looked at me with innocent eyes whilst putting her socks back on and pulling her jeans up. “What is it Gee?” She asked again after a pause. After she had finished pulling her top over her head, I spoke.
“Um well you know I was with Alexis like not long ago?” I procrastinated, scratching the back of my head.
“Yeah what about it?” Crystal asked suspiciously eyeing my half-naked boy up and down.
“Well-it turns out that Crystal is like pregnant. With my kid.” I looked away sharpish, afraid of what Crystal’s reaction would be. I was expecting her to storm our or yell or something but instead all I heard was an “Oh.”
“What?” I turned around to look at Crystal who now had a blank expression on her face.
“I mean like, it’s none of my business. It’s not like you cheated on me or anything.” She said, shrugging her shoulders.
“Are you saying that you don’t care Alexis is having my baby?” I asked. I was actually quite offended by Crystal’s lack of response.
“No. I just said. I can’t do anything about it so… why bother crying over it?”
“Oh.” I repeated that word that she had said just a minute ago. “So you wouldn’t mind if I y’know get involved with the baby and all that shit.”
“No.” She said, pulling her left converse on. “You do whatever you want. You’re a big boy. Just don’t come crying to me when the baby is born half black or something.”
“What’s that meant to mean?” I spat. I was outraged at what she was insinuating.
“Nothing.” She said. “It’s just we all know that Alexis isn’t the exactly mono anything so…”
“She wouldn’t lie to me. Not about this.” I said, trying to convince myself more than anyone else.
“Whatever you say.” Crystal sighed.
“What are you just jealous because your not having my baby?” I asked spitefully.
“Don’t be stupid Gerard.”
“Oh so now I’m just being stupid am I? I thought you said I was smart and shit.” I knew I was over-reacting a bit but I was just so angry at Crystal for not being more understanding and supportive.
“I’m going Gerard. I don’t want to be with you when your like this.” She said as she left.
“Fine then. Leave just when the going gets tough. I don’t need you anyway.” I said childishly as I threw a cushion at the recently closed door.
I grabbed my coat and put my shoes on. I knew only one person who would definitely knew where Alex was living and was pretty damn close.

“Hey.” I said awkwardly as the door opened. Bob was standing there. He had gained a few more pounds from the last time I saw him and was looking as tired as shit-as if he’d just come back from work. He was wearing a dusty, paint-splattered pull-over and a pair of builders boots.
“Oh so you’re a builder now?”
“Yeah. Since my step-dad got sent to jail I’ve had to get a full time job to support my mom.” He said coldly.
I nodded awkwardly, working myself up for the big question.
“What do you want Gerard?” He asked impatiently. I could tell he was getting pretty angry as he tapped his foot on the floor.
“I just wondered if you knew where Alex is staying?” I asked bravely.
“I guess she told you then did she?” He asked.
“Yeah. I just want to know where I can find her.”
“Do you want to find her so you can upset her or so you can offer your support?” He asked protectively.
“I just want to tell her that I’m here for her no matter what and that I still care about her and I’ll love this baby if she wants me too.”
Bob smiled and stepped back slightly. He came back again with a white piece of paper in his hand.
“This is where she lives. She living in this little apartment with her boyfriend and his brother. Good luck and if you hurt her again I’ll break your neck.” He said this half-threateningly-half-nicely.
I swallowed hard and left after Bob shut the door in my face. I looked at the sheet of paper, I knew the neighbourhood and it wasn’t a nice place. In fact, it was the worst in the whole of New Jersey.
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