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Alex drops a bombshell.

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“Your not going to like this.” She said, edging closer towards me, her feet shuffling unsurely.
“Not going to like what? What are you talking about?” I screwed my face up in confusion.
“It….it doesn’t matter.” She turned around and headed for the door.
“Alexis?” My tone of voice dripped authority. “What were you going to tell me?”
She turned around to face me again and even in the dimly lit room, I could tell she was biting her lips intensely. Suddenly I got all concerned and caring about her.
“Here. Sit down.” I said, offering her a seat next to me. “Tell me what’s wrong.”
She did as she was told and sat down beside me.
“If I tell you something, you promise not to get mad?” She asked.
“Promise.” I said, holding out my pinkie for her to shake. Honestly, how bad could this news be?
“I-We-I-Well….the thing-the thing is I-I’m pregnant.”
Pregnant? "I gasped. My feet took over and I stood up, towering high above Alexis
“Please don’t be mad Gee, you promised you wouldn’t be.” She pleaded, now standing up so that she was only a few inches smaller then me.
Mad. Mad doesn’t even begin to cover how I’m feeling right now. Are-are you sure the baby’s mine?” I asked. As soon as I said it, I felt guilty. Of course I was sure.
“Of course it’s yours.” She sounded shocked that I doubted her. “The dates match up and I wasn’t sleeping around on you if that’s what you were thinking.” She sounded offended. Honestly, miss-slutty’s-my middle-name was offended that I insinuated she was two-timing me.
“Well we all know that you are somewhat promiscuous Alex.” I spat. I honestly didn’t mean to, it just came out like verbal diarrhoea.
“Ah.” She gasped. “I can’t believe you.” Before I knew it, I felt the hard object that was her hand, hit me on the cheek-I had forgotten how much her slaps hurt. “How dare you speak to me like that. You know, I’m actually glad you broke my heart because now I’ve got Bert and he’s a hundred times better then you and we’ll do just fine brining up the baby by ourselves.” And with that she stormed out of the house before I even had a chance to speak.
“Shit-shit-shit-shit-shit.” I sighed, collapsing on the sofa, rubbing my face with my hands. “Why does it always happen to me?” I asked myself.

I was awoken by something wet dribbling on my face. I opened my eyes to see Mikey standing over me with a watering can in hand.
“Time to wake up Gewy.” Mikey cooed. I cringed at the use of my old nick name.
“Fuck off Mikey mouse.” I said, getting my own back on him.
“Mum used to call me that.” Mikey said miserably. One look into Mikeys big puppy dog eyes and I immediately knew that was a mistake.
“Aw I’m sorry Mikey-you wanna talk about it?” I asked sensitively.
“Why would I want to talk about it with you Gerard?” He spat. “I do however want to talk to you about what happened to your face.”
“Oh. Nothing much. Just some bastards from school. Y’know, the usual.”
Mikey rolled his eyes a grabbed his messenger bag off the table.
“You better hurry up or else your going to be late for school.

I was in the middle of third period, lost in the thought that I might have a child on the way when I heard my name being mentioned.
“Would Gerard Way please make his way to the principals office.” A small, mousy haired girl stood at the front of the class with a little white piece of paper.
“Well of you go.” The sub ordered strictly.
I heaved my body off the seat and followed the girl out of the classroom and into the hallways.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Anna.” The girl said shyly.
Apparently Anna didn’t like to speak much as the rest of the journey was spent in silence. When we had arrived at Mr Bakers office, Anna nodded at me neatly before walking off.
“Gerard, would you like to come through?” He asked. Honestly, I hated it when people asked “would you like to come through?” It usually means that their at a doctors or a dentists and therefore they don’t want to “come through”, making it a stupid question.
“Okay Gerard.” Mr Baker said after I had sit down. “I’m going to be honest with you and I’ll cut straight to point.” There was a short pause. “Now I know how much you’ve been through this year-what with the death of your parents and you having to look after your little brother all on your own but….I’m sorry but we just can’t allow you to graduate.”
Another short pause. “What?!” I spat. Mr Baker just sat there staring at me like an idiot. “You don’t understand. I need to get a job- a full time job and I won’t be able to do that if I don’t graduate.” I was outraged that this dick could be so insensitive towards my problems. “Don’t you know people that don’t graduate high school go to prison?” I banged my fist on the table.
“It’s not me Gerard, it’s the system.” He said, sounding like a robot.
“Fuck the sodding system. Don’t use the system as an excuse. Please. Just let me graduate.” I begged.
“I’m sorry Gerard, but I’m staying firm on this-you can not graduate.”
“Fuck you.” I flipped him off before leaving his office in a huff. My bag banging against the wall as I left.
I was just about to storm off and go home when I bumped into someone I knew.
“What’s wrong?” Asked Crystal.
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