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Back In Black

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Somethin' special for chapter number forty.

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I sprang up off the bed, forgetting to pull my trousers up and let out a breathy grasp as I fell to the floor with my trousers around my ankles. Still lying on the floor I quickly pulled them up and got up to see an elderly grey-haired woman with her mouth hanging open and her shopping bags around her feet. I stood there awkwardly, deciding what to do. I could just pretend nothing ever happened and walk out or I could apologise to the woman’s for being naked in her foster daughters bedroom. Choosing the latter one I opened my mouth to speak but didn’t get a chance.
“Oh so your Mikey are you?” The lady asked. Not getting that this was probably one of those non-rhetorical questions, I yet again opened my mouth to speak.
“Don’t answer that.” she said in such a clear accent that I knew she couldn’t be from New Jersey. She grabbed my arms and pulled me down the stairs-afraid I was going to fall, I grabbed onto the banister. All Crystal could do was stand there and watch, I understood, she was powerless against this woman.
I landed on the fresh green grass on my ass and heaved a sigh that it was all over.
“Never come here again, you got it?” She almost screamed before kicking me in the stomach. Jesus Christ, how much strength could one little old lady have.
When she had gone inside I got up and brushed the grass off my butt. I cursed to myself as I noticed some of those little green stains on the back pockets.
I looked up into Crystals bedroom window, hoping to have one of those cliché moments where we stand there, gazing into each others eyes. She wasn’t there, however and I sighed heavily as I walked down the street.
“Oh look who it is, it’s Gerard Gay.” I turned around to see Steven and his little posy driving alongside me. “You want a ride Geetard?” Charlie yelled obnoxiously, they all laughed.
“Just leave me the fuck alone.” I whispered to myself. Big mistake.
“What did you say Arthur ?” I flinched at the sound of my second name escaping that bastards lips.
“I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!” I almost yelled. I was just so tired of being fucked over by those shitheads.
“You wanna fight?” Charlie said, getting out of the now still car and waving his arms around like a…like a… well like something that waves it’s arms around.
I threw a punch but missed narrowly. Before I knew it I had Charlie, Steven and the rest of the gang on top of me, punching the air out of my lungs. The first blow was to my face, the second to my stomach. I lost count until something hit my crotch and a high pitched scream escaped my mouth.
“C’mon guys, lets leave him.” I heard someone say as they went off and left me on my own, lying broken and battered on the floor.
I reckon it was a couple of hours I was lying there, unable to move because when I felt someone shook me to wake me up, it was dark.
I looked up only to see a blurred mass of colours. I sat upright and rubbed my eyes quickly. Looking up I got the shock of my life when I saw I was staring up into the most familiar blue eyes.
I blinked once, making sure that I wasn’t hallucinating and then blinked again before hitting myself on the head to make sure it was awake.
“Ouch” I moaned as I slowly got up onto my feet.
“What are you doing lying on the ground like that? And why are you covered in bruises?”
“I got beaten up by these dudes from school.”
She reached out for my head. “That looks so painful.” she said, caressing my head.
“Fuck Alexis, ouch.”
“Sorry.” She smiled cutely, pulling her hand away. “Hey why don’t I give you a lift back huh?” She asked.
I knew she was only being kind but it was Alexis, who knew what other kind of ulterior motive she had in store for me.
“That would be nice.” I said, after having a very loud argument in my head.
I got into the car and she drove off.
“What time is it?” I asked groggily.
“Gee, it’s after midnight.” She said, her voice full of sorrow.
“Shit, I was lying there for hours. I’m gonna kill those guys when I get to school tomorrow.” I threatened.
“Gee I really think you should stay at home tomorrow, you’ve had a pretty nasty blow to the head. I’m in two minds whether or not to take you to the ho
hospital.” I sighed. “Just lay off school for a bit yeah?”
I nodded my head, frowning. “Speaking of school. Where have you been? Why haven’t you been around?” I asked.
“I have my reasons Gee. You just concentrate on getting some rest.”
By this time we had pulled into my drive way and Alexis got out of the car.
“Here. Let me help you.” She offered me her hand.
“Thanks.” I said, mindlessly grabbing it.
We managed to get into the front door-with much effort and Alex helped me in and lay me on the sofa.
“Where do you keep your first aid kit?”
“It’s in the third cupboard from the door.”
She grabbed the green case out and brought it over. She began dabbing my cuts and bruises with antiseptics.
“Thanks.” I said. This was the point where there was a silence and the air was chilly and usually in a movie, I would kiss her-but we both remained in our same positions.”
“I never stopped caring about you y’know?” I admitted.
“I know Gee, I still care about you too. It’s just after we broke up, I didn’t think I could face ever seeing you again.”
“I don’t know why Gee, it just hurt too much. But it’s okay now-I’ve moved out of home and got myself a job and a steady boyfriend, I’m not bitter anymore.”
“You’ve got another boyfriend?” I asked, I couldn’t help but be a little jealous.
“Yeah, his names Bert. You should meet him sometime-you two would get along.”
“I’d like that.” I said.
She smiled and put a plaster on my forehead. “All done.” She said. “I better be going.”
I let her walk a few steps before stopping her.
“Alex, wait.”
“What?” She asked, turning round.
“Promise me you’ll stay in touch?” I asked her.
“Promise.” She said smiling.
“Okay.” I nodded, letting her go.
She had almost got to the door when she stopped again and turned around. “Gee, I’ve got something to tell you.”
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