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Caught Out There

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Sorry about the last few chapters, this one is better...I think.

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Another sunny day in Belleville, New Jersey and I had decided to go to school for the first time in weeks-I knew that if I ever wanted to graduate and get a decent job, I had to start going to school every day from now until the end of the semester. It helped a lot that Franks parents had refused to pay for him to go to that private shit-hole and he was now going to this place I liked to call a state shit-hole.
“Cheer up dude.” Frank said, playfully punching me on the shoulder and slightly out of breath from running to catch up with me.
“You won’t be saying that by the end of the day.” I smirked as the school came into our sights. We followed Mikey and Crystal into that big scary building and I accompanied Frank to the principals office to have his ‘talk’ that principle Harris gave to all the ‘new kids.’
I waited outside whilst he went into the pit of doom. I picked up a sad looking magazine off the coffee table in the middle of the room and sat down in one of the comfy chairs to read it.
“Hey look it’s Geetard.” A blonde cheerleader said to another not-so-blonde cheerleader. The both giggled in unison as I felt my cheeks burn.
“Yeah well, at least I don’t look like a constipated horse on crack.” I shouted after, desperately hoping they heard me.
It wasn’t long before Frank came out of principle Harris’s office. His face looked a little flushed and he barely waited for me to get up before he walked out of the reception area.
“It’s going to be a long day.” he sighed and I laughed evilly.
“What you got first period?” I asked, deciding I was going to give him a little advice on the teachers.
“Maths with Mr Wall.” Frank said. It didn’t sound as if he liked maths and I can’t say I blame him.
“Ooh gnarly.” I said pulling a disgusted face. “Make sure you sit at the back of the classroom, he tends to spit a lot and speak up, he’s like 80 and couldn’t hear a nuclear fucking explosion.”
“Thanks for the advice.” Frank said as we went our separate ways.

It turned out Frank had second period art with me-for some reason the principle had decided to put him in my grade’s art class. I smiled as I saw him come into the room looking rather confident.
“Heyya Frankie.” I yelled, sticking out my hand and receiving some dirty looks from ‘the cool kids’ around me.
He smiled at me, looking pleased to see someone he actually knew.
I showed him around a bit and even got him a pen and paper, curious to find out if he was any good at art.
He started to draw something-fuck knows what it was but my attention was distracted anyway when Steven-one of the jocks came towards us.
“Hey Frank, I’m Steve.” Steve stuck out his hand and Frank shook it gratifyingly.
“Hey Steve.” He said, making straight eye contact with probably one of the coolest guys in the school.
“Hey, me and my friends were just wondering if you’d like to come sit with us instead of sitting with this /loser./” Steve said, giving me a look that screamed ‘I just threw up in my mouth from looking at you.’
I looked at Frank, at the very least expecting him to hesitate but instead he just said, flat out “Thanks but I think I’d rather hang with Gerard.”
Steven gave Frank a look that very much imitated the one he had just given me. “You just committed social suicide my friend.” Steven said, before flouncing off gay-ly.
“Social suicide, like, what the fuck is that?” Frank said cutely.
“It basically means your pretty much gonna get picked on for the rest of your natural, /my friend./” I laughed, luckily Frank laughed along.

It was the end of the shittiest day ever and Mikey, Crystal and I were waiting outside the school for Frank. I heard someone call my name and turned around to see Frank walking, or should I say, limping down the steps.
“Frank, what the fuck?” Crystal ran towards him, cradling his bruised face. Me and Mikey approached cautiously.
“I got stuffed in a fucking locker.” Frank almost cried. Honestly, who would do this to Frankie, I mean, he was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen.
“Aw Frankie.” Crystal cooed as she pulled him into her tightly. He looked slightly embarrassed but still, he hugged her back.
“You have to tell a teacher.” Crystal whined as we were walking back to my house. “It might-”
“No! You can’t tell a teacher.” I interrupted.
“Why not?” she flashed me a dirty look. I guess we were about to have our first fight.
“Because…it’ll just make things worse.” I sighed.
“Why?” She asked-honestly, I was starting to get really pissed off with her.
“Because it just will /ok/?” I snapped. She scoffed at me before turning her attentions to Mikey and kissing him lightly on the lips. We were just passing a large house with gnomes in the front when Crystal pulled me to one side. Mikey and Frank turned and looked at us in confusion.
“Gerard um said he’d help me with this crappy art assignment.” Crystal lied.
Mikey and Frank both looked dismayed but shrugged and also followed us.
“No!” Crystal jumped, holding out her hand to stop them from moving any further. “I just want Gerard to help me. You two will just destroy my artistic mood.”
Mikey looked at her weird. “Aw babe, don’t tell me your becoming the pretentious artsy type.” he teased, sticking his tongue down her throat. She pulled away lightly.
“No…I just, need a good grade in art, that’s all.”
“Oh well, okay.” Mikey looked confused but, still he pulled Frank away, wishing us both goodbye and whispering something I didn’t hear.
Once they were out of eye shot Crystal turned to me. “You know, my parents are away tonight till about eleven.”
I flashed her a cheeky smile. “You’re so sexy when you rebel.” I teased.
She pulled me by my hand inside her house and we kissed all the way up the stairs into her bedroom. It was creepy in a very pink, little girly way with teddies all over the bed. Still, she pulled me onto the pink covered furniture, squishing all the teddy bears.
“And your so sexy when your horny.” she teased back.
We must’ve made out for what seemed like an eternity, the furthest my hand got up her top was her belly button.
She pulled away, I must’ve looked as confused as I was. “It’s just…y’know, hard for me to trust you after what happened last time.” She said.
I kissed her meaningfully. “I’m never going to do that to you again. I promise, /I love you./” At those words she smiled, that beautiful smile which made my heart beat faster and the blood all pump to my head.
It wasn’t long before we both had our clothes off and were way past the making out stage. Her giggling was all I could hear, and the sound of my own heart-if it wasn’t for that I would’ve probably heard the front door slam shut and footsteps coming up the stairs and the bedroom door open.
Sorry the last chapters were so bad, I hope this makes up for them. Please review.
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