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Competition time.

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“Oh my God.” Frank stood in front of us with his mouth hanging wide open. He let out a shrill giggle and turned away, allowing me to put my t-shirt back on. “You dirty fuckers.” he said as he turned around again.
“Frank. I swear. It’s not what it looks like.” I pleaded taking short, deep breaths in between my words.
“It looks like your cheating on your boyfriend with his brother.” Frank said truthfully to Crystal.
“You don’t understand. We love each other.” Crystal exclaimed, slamming her hand into her chest. I couldn’t help but smile when she said those last four words. “You can’t tell Mikey.” she pleaded.
“Why not?!” Frank and I both yelled at the same time.
Crystal looked from Frank to me and then at Frank again before she settled her eyes on me. “We can’t tell Mikey.” argued.
“Why not?” I asked, seriously offended that she wasn’t willing to leave Mikey for me.
“It’ll break his heart.” she said softly. By now both Crystal and I had forgotten that Frank was in the room. “He’s delicate Gerard, more delicate then you know.” she added.
I took a step back, my head filled with thoughts.
“Okay, we don’t tell him then.” I said finally agreeing with her.
“Aw are you guys gonna kiss and make up?” Frank cooed.
“Frank!” We both yelled in unison before throwing cushions at his face.
“Why are you here anyway?” I asked, extending a hand out to help him up from where he had just tumbled backwards.
“I just came to apologise. For being such a jerk and not believing you about Marie.”
Frank looked so small, standing there with his head hung in shame and his arms crossed tightly across his chest.
“It’s alright dude.” I said, punching him playfully on the arm. “She’s your sister, you had to believe her.”
He smiled slightly. “I s’pose.”
I got the feeling he wanted to ask me something as he stood there on the spot, looking at me expectantly with those heavenly green eyes.
“I-I-I” Frank stuttered, “I was wondering if I could stay at yours for a bit.”
I cocked my head to one side.
“Why would you want to stay in this dump when your house is /massive/?” I asked confusedly.
“My parents kicked me out cause Marie told them that I had supplied her with the drugs and alcohol that were found in her blood system. But I didn’t Gerard, I swear I didn’t.” He pleaded innocently.
“Dude of course you can stay here.” I reassured him slightly.
“Really.” His face lit up and was soon back to it’s usual mysterious yet beautiful state. “Oh my God this is going to be so cool. We can have loads of parties and shit. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.” Frank screamed as he started to jump around the room, rapidly destroying all the furniture. “This is gonna so totally rock.”
“Oh God.” I sighed with my head in my hands.
Okay, so short crappy chapter I know but… I’m having a competition for you guys. You see, I’m looking for a new character-they can be any gender or age, race or religion. Your job is to make one up and send it to me in a review. The person who makes the best character up will get that character put into the story somehow. Enjoy.
And, oh yeah, thanks for reading.
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