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The Best Damn Thing

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Maybe they might finally get together.

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“I told you, I didn’t do anything.” I pleaded with the stern looking policeman.
“Mr Way, I would advise you to think strongly before you speak. Did you or did you not rape Marie Iero?” He looked at me with eyes as cold as ice, just waiting for me to crack open and spill all my life secrets.
“Look I thought I told you, I didn’t fucking hurt her. Why won’t you motherfucker’s believe me?”
The policeman looked straight through my pleading eyes and carried on with these obscene accusations. “If you did not hurt Marie then why was your semen found in her vagina?”
I cringed at that word immaturely.
“I had sex with her. Don’t you have a test which proves that the semen is old, it must be from last night-maybe she doesn’t shower very often.”
The policeman yet again ignored my sarcasm and went on speaking in a dull, un-enthusiastic voice. “Look Mr Way, this is no laughing matter.” he stood up and banged his fist on the metal table making it shake. “A fifteen year old girl has minor injuries and severe signs of vaginal trauma and you think it’s /funny?/”
I suddenly got serious again as my heart sank into my stomach. “I’m empathise, I really do. But whatever dirty motherfucker did that to her-it wasn’t me.” I furrowed my eyebrows and made my eyes as large as possible-trying to create the illusion of innocence.
The policeman go up and left the room, taking his empty cup of coffee with him and slamming the door as hard as possible as he left. I sincerely hoped he came back a happier and calmer man, for my sake.
I waited for what seemed like hours, my eyes searching around the sky blue room. It was cold in here-not just physically but mentally, the blue walls seemed to give the delusion of being outside and the lack of carpet made it seem like the height of winter. I rubbed my hands together, trying to keep warm and stared at the empty screen that I knew had a couple of inspectors behind, observing my every move.

I waited and I waited and I waited for what seemed like hours before the door swung open again and the same police officer charged in, a slightly less harsh look on his face then before.

“Your free to go Mr Way.” he said, not bothering to sit down.
“What?” I gasped uncontrollably.
“The results of the screening came back. The bruises were over a month old and your DNA was not found on Marie’s scratches.
I smiled at the policeman before grabbing him and kissing him on the forehead. “Thank you. Thank you so fucking much.” I yelled whilst running out of the room and into the waiting area.
Mikey and Crystal were sitting on the hard, plastic sheets. Mikey had his arm around Crystal and her head was rested on his shoulder. I sighed as I felt my heart leap up into my mouth. Being held up in that room made me realise that I had to grab what I wanted from life and I wanted Crystal. I had to have her even if it meant hurting Mikey, who I loved more than life itself.
“Bro.” Mikey ran up to me with his arms spread wide but stopped about a metre away and put his arms down, patting me softly on the sofa. “I’m glad your back.” he said quietly. A smile graced my lips as I rubbed his arm.
All three of us left the building with a smile on her faces. Mikey called for a taxi and climbed in. Crystal followed him in but turned round when I squeezed her butt slightly. She gave me a surprised-but-flattered smirk and got into the car as I followed.

Mikey had gone to some nerd convention and me and Crystal were left in the house together- all alone.
She straddled me as I lay almost flat on the sofa. Slowly, our faces moved closer together until our lips touch and our tongues went into each others mouth. I felt my tongue glide around her mouth freely as she undid my trouser button. I felt up underneath her dress, my hand resting on her thigh before making a brave move up to her pussy. It was warm and I could already feel a little damp patch through her panties. I peeled them off her and fingered her lightly. She gasped loudly as my fingers went up, causing her to tilt her head back so that I could see her chest through her unbuttoned dress. My fingers came out and before I knew it Crystal had gone down on me. Her mouth was now almost entirely covering my penis as I grabbed hold of her head, pushing it up and down in slow rhythms. Her tongue wrapped around it slightly as she came off and her head came back up to my level.
She grabbed the condom that was carefully laid in my pocket and ripped it open with her teeth before rolling it on me. I felt my penis almost throb with excitement. I was so close to entering her. She played around a little bit, kissing and biting my neck. I entered her sharply and thrust my hips into her. This was as damn close as I was ever gonna get to pure heaven. She gripped onto my shoulders and pushed herself up and down in an even rhythm. When it was over I peeled the condom off and threw it in the bin. This time I went down on her. I licked her vagina and couldn’t help but smile at her un-vacant gasps. I came out and wiped my mouth before we got changed into our clothes and turned to look at each other.
“I love you.” Crystal said, looking deep into my eyes.
“I love you too.” I said truthfully.
At that moment the door squeaked and some heavy footsteps came towards us.
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