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The Fight

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Strange events happen.

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“Look, seriously.” I said, getting up from the sofa where she had just pushed me. “We can sort this out surely.” I tried to bargain with her but it was no use, the same hard features remained on her face.
“No we fucking can’t. I just want someone to talk to.” she cried. I began to feel sorry for her.
“Well you can talk to us?” I bargained.
“No I can’t you don’t care about me, no-one does.” she snivelled.
“Frank does?” I reasoned.
“No he doesn’t. All he cares about is that his stupid family doesn’t get a bad name. He doesn’t give a shit about me /really./”
“Well what about your parents?” Mikey chipped in, also trying to bargain his way out of this mess.
“Exactly the same as Frank.” she sighed collapsing on the nearby chair. “All they care about is the Iero family name-not about how happy I am.”
“Well you can talk to us now, we’re all ears.” I empathised, going up to her and placing my hand on her shoulder.
“Don’t touch me!” she screamed. “Just stay the fuck away from me!”
From there she started to scream and scratch herself and rip her clothes. The last thing she did was make her clothes messy before running out of the door.
I turned to Mikey. We were thinking the same thing.
“What the fuck just happened there?” Mikey spoke first.
“I have absolutely no idea.” I said, staring at the door in wonder of what had just happened.

I placed my magazine on the table and walked to the door which was now being banged on hard. No sooner had I opened the door then I had a pair of big hands grab the top of my t-shirt and push me up against the nearest wall. A big fist flew towards me and hit me square in the nose. I let out a strange and helpless noise as the hand once again came towards me, this time narrowly missing me. The hand that was still on my t-shirt now went down to my chest and pushed me down to the ground. Finally I could see who my attacker and I didn’t like what I saw.
“Frank?” I rasped.
“Where the hell do you get off attacking fifteen year old girls you sick pervert?!”
“Frank, I honestly don’t know what you are talking about.” I defended myself.
“Don’t fucking lie. Marie told me everything and I’ve seen the proof.”
Suddenly I understood everything. I understood why Marie had attacked herself and screamed and ran out. I understood why Frank was beating me up. She had lied to him, she had hurt herself and pretended it was me who did all those things to her.
“Where’s that sick brother of yours?” he asked, finally letting go of me and looking around the room as if Mikey might have been hiding somewhere within eyesight.
“He’s gone out. Look Frank, I swear I didn’t do anything to Marie. She came here and she wanted to talk to me and then she started to attack herself and she ripped her tights and messed up her hair. I swear, I didn’t lay a finger on her. I swear it was her who tried to have sex with me not the other way around.”
Frank looked as though he doubted himself for a few minutes but then shrugged this look off.
“Your lying. My sisters a virgin, she wears a purity ring and everything.” he tried to convince himself.
“You know deep down she’s not don’t you Frank. You’re a smart guy, you gotta realise the games she’s playing.”
A look of internal pain possessed Franks eyes and he looked at me, a single tear falling out of his eye.
“Your /lying./” he screamed, taking another swing for me.
Right then the door opened and Crystal and Mikey stood there, looking shell-shocked.
“What the hell is going on in here?” Crystal asked.
“Come on Crystal, we’re going.” Frank ordered, grabbing Crystal by the hand and pulling her toward the door.
“No!” she protested in a strangely angry voice. “I want to know exactly what has been going on in here.”
“Ask him.” said Frank bitterly. “He was the one that tried to rape my sister.”
Crystal turned to me. Her eyes looked full of hurt and confusion, making me just want to hold her and never let go. “Is this true?” she asked reasonably.
“No.” I protested. “You know me Crystal I would never do that to a girl. Mikey would never do that.”
Crystal let go of Franks hand and came to stand by me.
“If it’s all the same to you I think I’m going to stay here.” she squeezed my hand reassuringly.
“Do what you want but just so you know, you are as good as dead to me.” He stormed out.
I hugged Crystal. “Thank you.” I said, inviting Mikey to join the hug. I hugged them both so hard and kissed the tops of their heads.
“Lets get some ice on those bruises.” Crystal said, pulling away from me.

“Ouch.” I gasped in pain as the cold package made contact with my head.
“Sorry.” she apologised unnecessarily.
The doorbell rang and Mikey went to answer it.
“Hello. Is Gerard Way there?” I heard a stern voice ask.
“Yes he’s right through here.” Mikey said sounding intimidated.
A man in a police uniform came towards me and stood me up, pushing my hands roughly behind my back. “Gerard Way? I am arresting you on suspicion of attempted rape.”
I lolled my head back and followed him as he pulled me into a police car and pushed my head in the car roughly, messing up my hair.
I hate the policeman, he messed up Gerard’s hair. Reviews?
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