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Marie causes trouble, again.

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“Ouch my fucking head hurts.” whined Mikey as he rubbed his face with his hands. “Turn the fucking lights off.”
Instead of doing what my brother had asked I walked up to the curtains and yanked them open, laughing as a series of low groans escaped his mouth.
“You better get up Mikes, it’s half twelve already.” I said, purposely sounding like a drugged up cheerleader.
“Can’t I just say in bed forever?” argued Mikey but still he got up and pulled his trousers on.
“Be downstairs in ten minutes and I’ll have your breakfast ready for you.” I proclaimed before skipping down the stairs, whistling to myself.
Today I was feeling especially happy as I was now free of Alexis and all the baggage that came with her. Of course, a part of me was always wondering what she was up to, whether she was okay. I even considered calling Bob a few times to check up on her but in the end I had always decided to just leave things as they were, that maybe we weren’t meant to be friends anyway.
I grabbed the serial box out of the cupboard and poured it merrily into the bowl before adding some fresh milk. I lay the bowl on the table next to a glass of water and sat down on the opposite side of the table, grabbing a copy of the rolling stone and digging into an exclusive interview with some band I had never even heard of.
The doorbell rang suddenly, causing me to rise from my seat and answer it. There stood Marie looking pleased with herself, one finely plucked eyebrow raised and an easy smirk on her lips. She held a plastic bag with what looked like bottles of bud in them. She strutted into the house, taking a quick look around before turning to face me.
“It’s not very nice is it?” she said as if she was asking me to comment on whether I thought my own house was nice.
“Well no-but it’s home.” I said, dodging the awkward silence kind of answer.
“Well I thought you might be up for a bit of fun so I brought some alcohol-I thought we could chill out in front of the television.”
“Well actually.” I argued. “Mikeys upstairs, I’m looking after him for a day.”
The liquid smirk was now adorning her face again. “The more the merrier. I always had a thing about two brothers. Sounds like fun.”
She placed the first six pack on the side and played with her white shirt button a bit.
“Look, I’m sorry Marie but I can’t today-I’m busy.” I said hoping that was a big enough argument.
“Didn’t you hear what I said. I said I want to spend the day with you and what I want I always get.”
I stuttered a bit, trying to find the right words before deciding that maybe this wasn’t the type of girl I wanted to argue with.
“Sure take a seat.” I said, pointing to the four chairs that were placed around. She did her famous strut over to the middle seat and sat there, sipping calmly on her beer.
“Who’s this?” Mikey asked looking confused.
She walked over to Mikey and shook his hand lightly, giving him a light peck on the cheek. He looked taken aback.
“Don’t you remember me?” she teased. “I’m Marie. Frankie’s little sister.
“Oh hey Marie.” Mikey said shyly. The poor little guy was obviously intimidated by her. I stepped in, protecting my brother.
“Mikey. Do you want to join us for a couple of beers?” I asked, really hoping he would say no and get out of this while he still can.
“Yeah okay, sounds fun.”

Six hours and twelve beers later and we still couldn’t get rid of Marie.
“Mikey cm ‘ere.” Marie slurred lying on the sofa in an uncomfortable position. She pulled Mikey closer towards he planting a big kiss on his lips. Mikey didn’t exactly pull away but I could tell he was uncomfortable with the situation.
“Marie. Maybe you should just lay off him for a bit, yeah?” I bargained.
“Ooh and move onto you?” she asked, moving in on me and trying to kiss me. I stood up and escaped. I pulled on Marie’s hand slightly, trying to get her up.
“Look Marie, maybe I should drop you home yeah?” I asked really hoping she would agree and say yes.
“I don’t wanna go anywhere.” she argued. “Now cm ‘ere.” She pulled me down and I struggled.
“Look Marie. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but… we just don’t want you here.”
“What?” she asked, finally standing up and looking thoroughly hurt. “Your throwing me out?”
“Yes.” I said heartlessly. “Now go please.” I pushed her softly towards the door.
“NO!” she shouted, turning round and smashing what used to be my mothers favourite vase. “You don’t understand who the hell your messing with. Trust me, no-one says no to me.” she threatened.
I sat back down on the sofa restless. I looked over at Mikey and he looked back at me, his eyes full of the same fear mine were. This bitch was taking us hostage.
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