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The partay continues.

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I put the small white stick in my mouth and lit it, carefully putting my hand behind the flame to stop the wind from blowing it out. I took a long, deep drag-being careful not to exhale for at least five seconds. When I had finished I passed the cigarette over to Marie who took it graciously and breathed it in desperately.
“Won’t Frank like, kill you or something if he finds you smoking?” I asked, laughing for no particular reason.
“I think he’s a bit too busy with /Cali/” she sighed. “That bitch has had him wrapped round her little finger since day one. And she had the cheek to call me a whore.” she coughed slightly.
I leant on the cold brick wall and sank down until I was level with Marie.
“I wonder how Crystal and Mikey are doing?” she said looking at me intensely.
“Who gives a shit what Mikey and Crystal are doing.” I spat before getting up and stamping out my recently lit cigarette with my left foot. “I’m going inside.”
“You really like her don’t you?” she asked just I reached the door. I turned around slowly, my blood boiling inside of me.
“How could you of guessed?” I asked, bewildered.
“Look Gee, you may be many things but… discrete you aren’t.” she giggled drunkly and stumbled toward me. “But she doesn’t like you.” she said nuzzling on my ear.
“She does like me.” I sulked, turning away from her and continuing on my epic journey to the front door.
“Oh Gerard I was just joking.” she said, catching me by the arm and pulling me closer until our noses were touching. “I’ll help you. We can be fuck buddies until she finally sees sense. Come on, it’ll be fun.”
I turned away from her but she grabbed my cheek and jolted my head to face her again. “If you don’t have sex with me again then I’ll tell Frank exactly what your like in bed. Then you can say bye-bye to you little band.” she laughed childishly again and walked off but not before grabbing my balls cheekily. “See y’around Gee.” she slurred-staggering off.
I sighed and took out another cigarette from the packet. If the rest of the night was going to be like this then I might as well walk away instantly. I did so but turned around upon hearing my name being called.
“Gee! GEE!” Mikeys voice shouted. He stumbled down the bottom step and swerved towards me. “I just had the best five minutes of my life.”
I laughed slightly at the whole “five minutes” thing before getting serious again. “Mikey how much have you had to drink?” I asked in my best big brother voice.
“Just a bottle or two. To calm my nerves y’know.”
I nodded my head before guiding Mikey into the car and sitting him on the front seat. I knelt down beside him.
“Where is Crystal?” I asked.
“I left her in the room…sleeping.” he slurred before his head nodded forward and snores came out of his mouth.
My heart rate picked up. Crystal drunk and alone in a room in a house with a hell of a lot of randy guys. I walked slowly into the house-trying not to look like I was hurrying anywhere by fear of being stopped. When I finally reached the door I cracked the door open slightly.
“Crystal are you in there?” I heard a small moan and took that as my cue to enter. I turned on the light. Crystal was lying under the covers. I walked over to her and sat her up straight, plumping the cushions for her to lie against-it’s what my mum used to do when I rolled home drunk to stop me from choking on my own sick.
I noticed a pair of white panties on the floor. I panicked-there was no way she could put them on herself and I wasn’t going to put them on for her. After a few moments hesitation I reached under the covers and without looking pulled her panties up. I finished by putting her trousers on. I was just getting the jeans past the knee when she said something I didn’t hear.
“What?” I asked.
“It was horrible.” she repeated.
“Why was it horrible?” I asked, intrigued.
“It was all over so quick and…it hurt. It was horrible.” she suddenly started crying. “He was just laying on top of me panting and saying ‘oh God.’ and I was just lying there thinking of you the whole time and now… it’s wasted on someone I don’t even have feelings for.
I stroked her cheek gently and pulled her upright.
“I love you Gerard.” she giggled.
“No you don’t” I protested.
“Yes I do.” she insisted.
“No you don’t your just drunk.”
She passed out and I lay her back down again and pulled the covers over her. I exited the room, making sure to turn the lights out and walked back to the car where Mikey was awake.
“Wheredidyougo?” he asked.
“Nowhere Mikey. I was here the whole time.” I lied.
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