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She likes me, she likes me not

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Let's get it on.

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I pulled her into the dimly lit room, rubbing her back and kissing her soft lips, every so often letting out small moans of pleasure. We both fell on the bed at the same time-giggling out of pleasure.
Her hands were caught up in my long hair, tugging on it softly. My hand was making it’s way down the back of her skinny jeans, rubbing carefully, every move calculated but natural.
She pulled off of me and lay back, motioning for me to take her top off. I did and I lay on top of her. It felt like the weight of my heavy body could crush her skinny frame instantly but still, she made no complaints.
“You can go down on me now if you would like.” she sighed, pouting her lips seductively.
I nervously made my way towards her bottom half, I was scared- I’d never licked a girl out before.
I pulled down her black panties and paused as my face hesitated at the lips of her vagina. Still, I got myself through it and wiggled my tongue around playfully.
She let out a low moan and a few heavy groans. It wasn’t long before I’d got the hang of it. My mouth was playful at first before I started to get a little more bashful.
I made my way back up to her level, kissing her gently on the neck, pausing slightly to get my breath back.
After I was ready again I went down a bit further, licking her stomach and leaving wet prints all over the smooth white surface.
I stood up as she rubbed my rock hard dick, moving her hand around in a circular motion. She got lower and lower before she was on the ground on her knees, her face looking as though she couldn’t melt butter. Her lips wrapped themselves around the tip of my penis, sucking softly. I tried making a noise but no sound came out, just a croak. I was in too much of a state of pleasure to make a sound. As she bit softly I found myself making an un-planned, un-wanted noise. It was a strange noise, somewhere between a horse having sex and a mouse being squashed by the horses having sex.
She went back on the bed again, laying on her back and spreading her legs out wide enough for me too see everything. I looked down and gulped hard. I thought I was experienced but boy, I wasn’t as experienced as this girl.
I climbed back on top of her, my dick going in first try. I closed my eyes. For some reason I was imagining someone else there, someone I had known a lot longer.

“Wow. You were amazing.” I sighed at her as I was getting my top back on.
“You were okay.” she shrugged, already fully dressed. “I’ve had better though.”
I scoffed and slid my feet into my black trainers. “I’m sure you don’t mean that.” I laughed.
“Oh I do.” she said, leaning on the bed posts and giving me a perfect view down her top. “Now hurry up. If my brother finds us in here he is going to kill you.”
“What about you? Will he kill you?”
“Who, little old innocent moi?” she teased, pouting at me. “No way. You just took advantage of an underage chick. I’m pretty sure you’d be the one he killed.”
I smiled before making my way out of the baby pink bedroom and closing the door behind me.
Frank was on the landing, he looked at us, surprised.
“What are you two doing up here?” He asked suspiciously, one eyebrow raised.
“Oh I was just showing Gerard my riding trophy collection.” she smiled cutely.
She seemed to have Frank wrapped around her little finger as he just smiled and practically melted on the floor.
“Oh yes.” he carried on, oblivious. “Marie is really amazing at riding.”
“Oh I bet she is.” I smirked, sarcasm dripping from my mouth.
She giggled, seemingly innocent, I however, knew the truth.
At that moment Mikey and Crystal came up the stairs holding hands. My heart skipped a beat as I saw them.
“Ooh” Frank screamed in a high pitched girlie voice. “Where are you two going. Hoping for a little one on one, eh?” He joked, punching Mikey playfully on the arm.
Mikey looked uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as Crystal. I looked at her and she gave me a weak smile.
“Fucking finally.” I yelled, high-fiving Mikey. “I thought you two were never going to get it on.” I laughed harshly, sounding as real as I could considering my throat was bone dry.
“Yeah. Well-we better go.” said Mikey, weaving in between Marie and I.
“I’ll be thinking of you.”
Those were the words that passed Crystal’s lips as she went into the dark room with Mikey. Luckily, nobody else had heard it but I had. A little smirked passed my lips and my heart skipped another beat, this time not out of sadness but out of pleasure. She liked me, she really liked me.
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