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Wild Child

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Meet Franks sister, Marie.

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“Crystal-I.” I made a steady move towards her, being careful not to spook her. I felt like such an idiot. This situation was either going to turn out for the best or it was going to be the most embarrassing situation of my life.
She backed off a little bit-her face was white as snow. “I-I have to go.” She said, excusing herself and half running, half walking out of the door.
I put my head in my hands. I was so ashamed. So fucking ashamed. I didn’t even know why I had feelings for Crystal, I just did. Trust me, she wasn’t my type. She wasn’t blonde or tall or slutty like Alexis, six months ago, I would’ve never even dreamed about going for a girl like that. Now, however, everything had changed. I felt something for her. Something that wasn’t lust-it was love, and not the lust fuelled love I had with Alexis, it was a deep love, a real love.
I quickly snapped back to reality and faced the angry looking Alexis, her eyes practically had fireballs coming out of them.
“I can’t believe you-you pig.” she screamed through gritted teeth. She thrust her arms onto me, knocking me back on the floor with surprising strength. “I hope you rot in /hell/!”
With that she stamped on my balls with her high heels and flounced out of the door screaming “you’ll pay for this.”

“Gerard…what the hell!” I heard Mikey come into the room and suddenly stop in is tracks.
“Don’t ask, just help me.” I ordered, holding my hand out for him to grab.
“God Gerard, what’ve you done now?” he asked.
“What’ve I done? What’ve I done!?” I shouted. “I haven’t done anything. Maybe you should ask that psycho ex-girlfriend of mine.” I brushed my knees of slightly whilst training to gain back some of my pride.
“Ex? What?” Mikey asked, his face full of confusion.
“Yeah, that’s right, I dumped her and now she’s gone all bunny boiler on my ass.” I said, my voice dripping with resentment.
“Oh Gee, I’m so sorry.” he said, sitting down beside me on the sofa. “You want to hear something that will cheer you up.” he asked, a sly smile cracking onto his face. I nodded and he continued. “Remember Frank?” he asked, my eyes must’ve lit up when I heard that guys name cause he carried on. “Well he’s having a party tonight at his place and well, he wants you to come.”
I smiled whilst at the same time trying not to show how happy I was that Frank wanted me to come.
“He wants me to come?” I repeated, looking at Mikey intensely for the answers.
“Yeah. He says he wants to sort out some more band practises with you.”
My smile became even wider as I started to see the brighter side of life. This Frank guy seemed like a lot of fun, maybe, I could use him to cheer me up a bit.

I looked up at the huge house in astonishment. It was amazing, it looked like a fucking church-all glorious and shit. I followed Mikey into the unknown, grabbing the drink someone handed me on the way in.
“Hi Gerard.” Frank said. I turned around to take a good look at him. He was wearing a red t-shirt, black skinny jeans and a studded belt. I smiled as I took in how great he looked with his long, greasy hair hanging down.
“Hey Frank!” I shouted, hoping he could hear me above the noise of the music playing. “Great party.” I screamed, even louder.
“Thanks.” he shouted back as a petite black-haired girl came towards him. “This is my little sister, Marie.” he shouted. “She’s fifteen.” he added.
The girl waved at me and I waved back. She was incredibly pretty with straight black hair and piercing green eyes. Her unnaturally pale skin was a contrast to her dark features and the electric blue dress she was wearing completely topped the look off and made her freakishly ghost-like.
I looked back at Frank who was staring at me. I smiled secretly, hoping he was thinking about what he could do to me. I was about to tell him how great he looked tonight when a skinny Asian girl came towards him-just like his sister had, except this time she wrapped her long skinny arms around his waist and kissed his neck, just like I was longing to do.
“This is my new girlfriend Cali.” he sighed. He kissed her back and they spent a certain amount of time trying to suck each others faces off.
I sighed and walked away from the happy couple-cursing under my breath as I went. There goes tonight’s entertainment.
I finished the drink I was sipping on quickly-downing the remainder of it all in one. I grabbed another exotic looking drink from the side and downed that in one too. Frowning from the bitter taste I went in search of Mikey and Crystal.
I found them in the corner of the room-feeling each other up. My heart sank as I watched my brother kiss the girl I loved. Suddenly deciding that tonight wasn’t going to be the night I had my heart broken I turned around-accidentally stumbling into someone. It was Franks sister Marie. She smiled at me seductively whilst playing with her thick hair. After a while of standing there, licking her lips, she grabbed my hand and held it up in the air, twirling to the music. She was obviously already extremely drunk even though the party had only just started.
“How old are you?” I asked, hoping she was eighteen.
“Fifteen.” she smiled, innocently.
I had a mental argument in my head for a second. I mean, she wasn’t legal but I mean, come on, she was darn hot. I smiled at her before putting my arms round her waist and holding her, swaying like the rest of the couples to the slow song that had just come on.
I decided that for tonight this Marie chick was going to be my fun tonight.

Just what I needed, another wild child.
Hope you liked it. Tune in next chapter to see if there is going to be anything between Gerard and Marie. Thanks for reading. Please review.
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