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Queen Bee

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This is a story about three girls that have been friends ever since they were little girls. That changes when they three are all nominated to be prom queen. This story will take you on a wild jou...

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2008-06-21 - Updated: 2008-06-21 - 319 words

Alexa (Lexa)Gold- One of the hottest girls of G. Washington High. She's usually nice but, ever since she was nominated for prom queen, she has become a complete bitch. She has her eye on the hot jock, Matthew Stevenson. If you mess with this kitty, her claws will surely come out. This good girl's image will surely be tarnished. Known to be a little loose with herself but, definately not a slut.

Kirstin (Kirsti) James- Another "it" girl at G. Washington High. She is pretty bad-ass. She's the type of girl that will stick up for you but, if you say something about her, you will surely be tomorrow's hottest gossip. She likes to be athletic, which is why she has a boyfriend on the hockey team. Keeps her boyfriend 'satisfied'.

Lanie Harris- The hottest nerd in the school. Known for her looks and smarts. Has a huge crush on her student tutor. Normally, a sweet innocent girl. That is until she was nominated for prom queen. Usually, doesn't let boys get to her. Bit of a know-it-all at times. Can definately get revenge if you did something to her.

Matthew (Matt)Stevenson- Football God! Very, very, very sexy. One of the G. Washington High bad-boys. Sexually active. Has a particular girl on his mind (coughcoughAlexacoughcough). Can be a little arrogant at times but, usually a sweetheart when none of his buddies are around. Flirtacious.

Timothy (Tim)Copper- Kirstin's hot boyfriend. On the hockey team. Very suave, sexy, and sophisticated. Not to mention very athletic. (Hello! Six-pack!) In-love with Kirstin. All he ever talks about is her. Another bad-boy.

Cameron Tyler- Sexy smart-ass. Very passionate about learning. Has had feelings for Lanie ever since he started tutoring her. Very quiet at times. Opens up to Lanie. Has alot of friends but, likes to keep to himself. A good boy until he starts hanging around Matthew and Timothy. Romantic.
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