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Chapter Two

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This is where the story begins...

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"Kirsti, I can't believe it." Alexa Gold replied over the phone one New York night. Alexa, Kirstin, and Lanie were best best friends. Have been ever since they were little girls. They know everything about each other. "How did it feel?" Alexa asked as she layed on her bed. "I can't explain it but, it was wonderful." Kirsti said in daze. "Did it hurt?" Lanie asked. "At first, it did a little but, then it was amazing. He just left!" Kirsti squealed. The other two did as well. "Well, I think it's about time. Now, it leaves me and Lanie." Alexa said. "Okay but choose wisely. Sex is one of those moments that you want to be special." Kirstin said. "Yeah, when I have sex, I want it to be special. What about you, Lexa?" Lanie asked. "I don't know. It could be special but, it could be hot and passionate. I guess it doesn't matter with me." Alexa replied. "Well, hurry up and start talking to Matthew. I know you two have something going on." Kirstin replied. "No, it's just a 'hey, what's up' conversation. Don't worry though, he will be mine soon." Alexa said while smirking. "Isn't he dating Mitzi Shaw?" Lanie asked. "Ugh! That slut! You'd think he'd choose someone alot classier." Alexa said in disgust. "Someone like you?" Kirstin asked sarcastically. "gasps Shut up Kirsti!" Alexa laughed which made the other two laugh also. "ALEXA GOLD! GET TO BED RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!" Alexa heard. "YES MOTHER! I'll see you tomorrow guys. My mom wants me off the phone." "Okay, bye." Lanie and Kirsti said in unison. The trio hung up, turned off their lights, and drifted of to sleep.
The next day at school was the usual. The three girls were followed by boys that wanted them and, haters that called them rude names like 'slut' 'whore' or 'bitch'. They three were in their usual seats at lunch when they started talking. "I told you she was pregnant." Lanie said to Alexa, referring to one of the seniors at school. Kirstin was sitting there with her hottie boyfriend, Timothy Copper, the star of the hockey team. They were cuddling up with each other, one of the girliest things that Kirstin did besides look gorgeous, in their own little world. "Oh Tim, Kirsti told us what went down last night." Alexa said. Kirstin blushed while Timothy smirked. He kissed Kirstin's forehead. The two have been together ever since 8th grade. Long time. "Really, what did she say?" Timothy asked while looking at Kirstin. Kirstin giggled, another girly thing she did around Timothy. "She said it was special." Lanie immitated Kirstin. "Yeah, you were amazing last night." Kirstin said in daze to Timothy. All Timothy did was smile. Suddenly, a guy with trimmed hair and brown eyes appeared. His hair was sort of curly.
"Hey guys. What's up?" The boy said cooly. "Nothing much, Matt." Timothy replied. Matthew looked over at Alexa. The smirk on his face was enough to make her jump on him. Alexa gave him a devilish smile. "What's up Lexa?" He asked. "Nothing." She simply said. "Oh yeah, thanks for letting me borrow your science book." Matthew said while sliding the book towards her. "No problem." She said shortly. "MATTHEW STEVENSON COME TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!!!" the intercom erupted. "Well, I gotta jet. Oh yeah, congrats on the loss, Tim." Matthew called. Timothy nodded making Kirstin blush again. "See ya around, Alexa." Matthew winked and smirked. Alexa giggled and nodded as Matthew exited the cafeteria. "What was that about?" Lanie asked. "What?" Alexa asked playing stupid. "Oh, don't give me that. There is something going on with you and Matthew and, I'm going to find out." Lanie said. "Good luck." Alexa mumbled. "I wonder where Cameron is. He said he was going to give me the time of when we should meet in the library today." Lanie said. "Can't wait to see Cameron, huh Lanie?" Timothy smirked. "Kirsti, tame you beast." was Lanie's reply. "How can you say such a thing when he is such a hottie." Kirstin gushed. "Aww, thanks babe." Timothy said while kissing her forehead.
"Hey, Lanie." a boy said from behind her. Lanie quickly turned around to see her smart and sexy tutor standing before her. "Hey Cameron." She piped while blushing. Alexa and Kirstin were looking in awe. "I was wondering if you could come by the library at 4:15. I have a student council meeting at 3:45. Please don't be late. I want to see as much of you as I can." And with that he was gone. "Eeeek!" Lanie squealed. "He was so flirting with you." Alexa replied. "Yeah but Matt was flirting with you." She fired back. Speaking of Matthew, Alexa looked in her science book. On the inside cover was a note that said, 'Come to my house at 5:00. I want to see you.' Alexa smirked to herself. This was going to be an interesting afternoon.
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