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The Date

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Mark has a special date for Madison that goes oh so wrong.

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The atmosphere on TBS bus was like a party; even Bob was forgetting his problems for awhile talking with Ray and Christa. The only ones missing from the party was the Ways and Lyn-Z, who was still on stage playing. Elisabeth kept herself occupied with the Frank and Jamia’s dogs, trying not to focus too much on the couple making out on the love seat.

Elisabeth watched as Natasha got up and went to the bathroom and went to go talk to Derek.

“Well that was quite the display you two were putting on.”

“You know I’d rather it be you.”

“Do I? All I know is a week ago I was in love with this incredible person and now he’s making out with someone else.”

“I want to make it work with Natasha for the sake of the baby.”

“What does your cousin say about all this?”

“He doesn’t know yet. The only ones who know are you, me, Natasha, Madison and Bob.”

“She’ll be showing soon so they’re going to find out anyway.”

“I know and I keep saying that. Looks like she’s coming back, you better go.”

Elisabeth, feeling the sting of his words, just wanted to cry her heart out and wanted someplace to do it. She went in the bathroom where Natasha was, sat on the toilet and started crying. She got up and looked herself in the mirror and saw the wet streaks running down her face and mused to herself, ‘At least my mascara held up.’ She got some toilet paper and wiped her eyes she went to throw it out and something caught her eye. It was puffy and red. She thought the only girls to use the bathroom recently were herself and Natasha. “That lying bitch,” she said to herself quietly. Elisabeth was about to confront her but thought better of it as she heard voices chanting “Mikey!!” in the living area part of the bus.

She went back out and glared at Natasha then gave an all knowing smirk to the girl, not that she was looking. She was going to let her have her fun and when the moment presented itself and she could corner Derek alone and tell him the truth. Elisabeth thought whatever he did to her would have a far more impact than anything she could do.

Mikey walked up to Bob who was sitting back having a cigarette, “Where’s Madison?”

“On a date.”

“I thought you two were straightening things out?”

“I thought we had until her rich boyfriend comes to town and she drops me like a hot potato. And on top of it all I’m supposed to sit here and not mind because she was never supposed to be mine to begin with.”

“I personally didn’t talk to her much but Alicia did and she told me that she loves you. You two have put yourselves in a precarious position because you’re not supposed to be seeing her.”

“I know and that asshole Mark knows it too. He was goading us wanting one of us to break down and expose ourselves. Because of it she’s now on a date with that fucking prick.”

“There’s something else you’re not telling me I can tell.”

“Do you and Alicia keep secrets from each other? I mean really big ones?”

“As far as I know we don’t.”

“Well Madison is keeping a huge fucking one from me and when I asked her about it she told me to mind my own business.”

“Just wait patiently, one thing about secrets dude is they always come out.”

“I just thought we could tell each other everything.”

“Maybe she has a good reason.”


Bob sat there wondering how the date was going and wondered would she really not be there in Ohio.

Madison stared out the window of the limo as it made its way thru the New York city traffic. She hated that she was harsh to Bob, who had been nothing but loving and understanding. She just freaked a little when he grabbed her like that. What she hated the most is that she was there in the limo and not on the bus with everyone else celebrating.

“A penny for your thoughts beautiful?” asked Mark.

“My thoughts are worth so much more than that.”

“A million dollars then?” asked Mark.

She smiled weakly, “I just wish I was back there with everyone. I barely got to speak with Mikey, Alicia, Jamia and Christa and you decided to take me away.

“But sweetheart what will they matter? In a little over two weeks it will be all over and they will go on to their lives and us to ours.” Mark said with confidence once it was over Madison would be tucked safely back in Connecticut and far away from Bob.

‘Is that how it was going to be?’ Madison asked herself. She felt uncomfortable being around Mark because they had a past a history. One she wasn’t sure she could let go of. She was so confused. He was there after that night helping her, telling her it would be okay. He believed her when her own father didn’t. Maybe she did love Mark in a way, but certainly not the same way she loved Bob. Bob was the magical once in a life time thing. Mark was the one you settled for if you never had a Bob. “Mark you’ve been there for me and I appreciate it and I love you with all my heart. I’m just not in love with you, at least not the kind that would make a committed relationship.”

“Is there someone else perhaps?”

“No,” she wanted to cry at her answer knowing full well that there was. But she didn’t want them to lose the money.

“Just take me back to Long Island.”

“Madison I love you. Let me prove to you that you can love me like that. Maybe you do, you just don’t know it yet. Look, see what I have here.”

Mark pulled out two tickets for a black tie fund raiser to be had in October for a foundation that was set up in her mother’s name.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m telling you now.” Mark looked into her eyes, “I created this foundation as a gift for you. I’m the executor until you find that you’re ready to take care of the fifty million dollar endowment.”

Madison looked at the tickets with tears in her eyes, than she looked at Mark. “Thank You.”

“Your father and I were hoping it would be an engagement gift.”


“October’s a long time away, let me try changing your mind starting with tonight. Back in June your father made you refuse the invitation to your friend’s Kelsey’s twenty-fifth combination birthday party Make-A-Wish fund raiser. I too got an invitation and I responded yes and I can bring a date.”

“I’m going to Kelsey’s party? But I don’t have anything to wear.”

“I got you a gown from Gorgio Armani.”

“How did you know my size?”

“They had your measurements on file.”

“Thank you,” she kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Why are we pulling up here?” She noticed that they were pulling up to the Waldorf=Astoria.

“Your father is having his place remodeled.”

The limo door was opened by the doorman dressed in a fancy uniform. They walked up to the front desk and were greeted by the hotel manager.

“Mr. Gadsen so nice of you to join us again.”

“Thank you Thomas.”

“Is my room ready?”

“Unfortunately all the suites are taken so you must stay in a deluxe guestroom.”

“What?” said Madison.

“It should be heaven after that bus,” proclaimed Mark.

“I mean the fact that you only reserved one room,” said Madison coldly. She turned to the manager, “Are there any other rooms available?”

“I’m sorry Miss?”

“Trenton. Madison Trenton.”

“I’m sorry Miss Trenton.”

When Madison wasn’t looking, Mark slid to the manager an envelope containing ten one hundred dollar bills.

They made their way up to the room and she stared at the one bed. It wasn’t even a king size it was a queen size bed. It was for only two nights and she would have to lay down some ground rules. Mark had always listened to her before she hoped the next two nights wouldn’t be any different.

It was seven-thirty and she was dressed, she had her hair done earlier at the salon downstairs along with her make-up. This was her first real social event since the incident with the senator. She was scared and excited at the same time it was her welcome back to society party.

When she walked out of the bathroom Mark was speechless. The dress he had chosen was a very low cut number which instead of ending in a pointed V it was more \_/, the edges of the neckline was see through as were the straps, what was left of the bodice was covered in the see through material overlaid with silver lamete designs over a nude colored dress.

“Mark I’m not sure I feel comfortable in this dress,” remembering what the senator said how she was a tease in all her low cut dresses.

“Madison, this is how you used to dress. Don’t let what that bastard said to you effect who you were, who you are still somewhere deep inside.”

He kissed her on her forehead, “Come on let’s go.”

As they made their way through the lobby, Mark smiled as he watched every head turn their way. After struggling in New York traffic they finally made it to the Lincoln Center of Performing Arts. It was the off season so they rent it out for functions such as this. When they walked through the door Kelsey was shocked to see her best friend and roommate.

“Oh my god, you’re here!!”

Mark looked at her, “I’ll meet up with you later.”

Kelsey dragged her friend to a quite corner, “So you finally escaped.”

“Not quite.”

“Did you make that movie? I’ve been sending you messages on your You Tube account.”

“No, I couldn’t do it in the end.”

“You look so sad, what’s the matter?”

“I’m really happy to be here I really am but I also want to be somewhere else. Kelse I’ve fallen in love.”

Kelsey’s mouth dropped.

“You have to promise not to say anything.”

“Cross my heart,” she said as making an X across her chest.

“I’m in love with Bob.”
“Mad, you can’t be in love with him. You’ll lose everything.”

“But I am.”

“Have you told him about your contract? That you could lose it all.”

“No. If I told him then I would truly lose everything. He’d leave me in a heartbeat.”

“How do you know that?”

“He wouldn’t want me to lose everything to be with him.”

“Tell him you’re a big girl and you can make your own decisions regarding your money. Besides it’s only for another two weeks, then the contract is null and void and you and your rock star can live happily ever after.”

She gave her friend a hug. Kelsey then spoke excitedly, “I missed you. Come meet Dave my new boyfriend.”

The girls walked over and there was a heated discussion Kelsey’s former boyfriend Brian and her current boyfriend Dave. Brian went to swing at Dave who ducked and clocked Madison right in the left eye. From nowhere came Mark who punched Brian in the stomach and then grabbed his arm twisted it behind his back and pushed him out the door.

“Sorry Mark didn’t mean to hit Madison that hard.”

“She’ll be fine, just take your money and get out of here.”

Mark walked back to the girls, Madison’s eye was starting to swell and bruise.

“Let me take you back to hotel.”

“Thanks Mark.”

“Call me sweetie,” said Kelsey.

Mark and Madison made their way to the door and into the waiting limo. She nuzzled next to him as he wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m sorry about that, hun.”

“It wasn’t your fault. I must look gorgeous like this.”

“You’re always beautiful in my eyes.”

“Thank you and thank you for coming to my rescue.”

They made it back to the hotel room with Mark supporting her all the way.

After she got in she went to the bathroom to check out her eye. While she was in the bathroom he called up room service and ordered two bottles of 2000 Cristal Rose amongst other things. Madison made her way to the chair and ottoman in the room, sat down and took off her shoes, Mark pulled her up into his arms. “Dance with me, you owe me at least that.”

The music was playing softly as they slowly danced. There was a slight knock on the door followed by, “Room Service.” Mark opened the door and on the cart was the champagne, strawberries and a bowl of chocolate. Also there was a tray with different cheeses and crackers along with small plate of caviar.

“Will there be anything else Mr. Gadsen?”

“No thank you as he handed the young man a hundred dollar bill.”

At the end of the serving table was an ice pack.

“Here let’s ice that a little.”

She held the ice pack to her head as he poured the champagne.

“To Kelsey,” he said, “I hope the rest of her birthday party is better.”

She raised her glass as he did and they drank. They easily polished off the first bottle and moved to the second. Madison was feeling light headed and relaxed.

Twenty minutes later they were on the bed talking she had changed from her gown to one of the complimentary robes that came with the room. They talked about things that were exclusive to their lifestyle and then out of nowhere Mark kissed her, at first a little shocked and then she returned the kiss, he licked the bottom of her lip wanting entrance and she gave it to him. She was more than tipsy and her body was doing things she never wanted to do. Next he undid her robe all the while her mind was screaming “No”, she continued kissing him. Soon his hands were touching her in places that hours ago Bob was.

“Please stop,” she muttered in a low voice. The problem was with every touch her body was betraying her. Physically she wanted to happen what was about to, as she did earlier that day.

“Mark stop.”

“You want this I can tell, baby. You’re not refusing me this time.” With that he entered her.

She was in tears as he continued his rhythm of in and out. She cried because this was supposed to be with Bob, she cried because she asked him to stop and he didn’t, but most of all she cried because she was enjoying it.

An hour later Mark was passed out on the bed. She grabbed her bag and started packing she needed to get out of there and run to Bob and tell him everything. She looked through the closets and found a lap top to check the flights going to Ohio computer there was one at 7:59 that looked promising she never flew on a commercial flight before but she knew it was the only way to get back to Bob. When she put the laptop back she noticed that the case seem to have a false bottom. After a while she figured out how to open it and when she did she saw a screen, she booted it and saw these icons that said view one, view two and view three.

View one showed the living area of the bus where Matt and James were having a popcorn fight. View two was disturbing as it showed an empty bunk, her empty bunk. To her view three was the most disturbing and heartbreaking it was Bob laying in his bunk just looking at the one and only picture of them together as a couple. It was taken in Virginia the day before. She turned off the computer and it suddenly dawned on her, Mark knew everything.
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