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you can thank your lucky stars - everything i ever wish for will never come true

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Complying she scooted down the couch and laid back biting her lip. Hesitantly I pushed up the left side of her shirt.

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Sorry took longer than I thought to finish... on with the show.

I don’t remember walking into the storage room we called a dressing room. The rest of the guys were already there. Needless to say we were done our set.
“Fuck, is she okay?” Andy said trying to get a better look.
“Where’s Trick?”
“He went to go and get some ice.”

Someone knocked on the door before entering quickly. It was the lead singer of the band we were opening for. Jake or jack or something.
“Hey man, sorry about what happened. The guy is a friend of mine, I-“
“The guy that you totalled he-“
“Your ‘friend’ did this?!”
Patrick came back with a bucket of ice in hand, “Pete. Take it outside.”

I grabbed the guy by the scruff of the shirt and dragged him out into the hall. I kept pushing until he hit the other side of the wall.
“What the fuck do you mean he’s a friend of yours?
“Well I mean, not really a friend. Just some guy that’s been up our ass since we got signed, I told him to go in the crown and get more people into the moshpit to get him out of our hair.”
“What the fuck did he think she meant when she said she didn’t want to?!”
“I don’t know man! Look I’m sorry about what happened. It won’t happen again.”
“You’re right. It won’t, because if it does he isn’t going to have the only broken face.”

After passing up and down the hall way to get rid of some steam I finally headed back in. Joe opened the door before I had a chance. He and Andy were headed out to pack all of our stuff up so we could leave whenever we were ready. I thanked them and closed the door behind me.
Trick and Ash we sitting on a beat up couch. He was holding some ice wrapped in a shirt to her head while she had a wad of toilet paper pressed to her lip.
“Hey,” I said softly, “You okay?”
She smiled brightly despite her bumps and bruises.
“Let me see,” She pulled away the towel to let me get a better look at her lip, “Doesn’t look too bad. How’s her head Trick?”
“I’m pretty sure she’s going to have a nasty bump tomorrow.”
I kneeled down in front of her and worked on getting her bleeding lip to stop.
“How’s your side?” I touched her left side. I could still see the dust from his shoe print on her shirt. She flinched away gasping softly.
“That’s what I thought, let me see,” I went for the hem oh her T-shirt but her free hand stopped me.
“What? It’s just me,”
Her eyes flickered up to Trick and back to mine. If Ash was anything, she was modest, and when it meant showing her body, utterly shy.
“Trick, can you give us a sec?”

Understanding he wrapped her into a one armed hug and pressed his lips to her temple before leaving too help Joe and Andy out.
“Okay, lay back; I’m just gunna lift your shirt up a little bit to see if we should take you to the hospital,”
Complying she scooted down the couch and laid back biting her lip. Hesitantly I pushed up the left side of her shirt. The spot looked red and was starting to turn purple, “Can you tell if it’s broken or something. I don’t really know what I’m looking for here.”
Thank god Ash knew all of this first Aid stuff from her mom. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing.
She pressed to finger along one of her ribs and winced, “No I think there just bruised. I’ll be fine.”

Pulling her shirt back down quickly she laid back and put the Ice Trick had been holding back to her head. I sat down beside her, “I’m sorry,” She said.
I looked at her dumbfounded.
“I tried to tell him no but he pulled me in, and I tried to get out after but then I fell and-
“Hey, hey. It’s not your fault. That guy was a jackass.”
She sighed and closed her eyes leaning her head back.
“Want me to get Andy to drop us off at you’re place?”
She shook her head no and smiled, “You guys kicked ass up there tonight. We so have to have a party.”

And party we did. I pretty much stayed sober, I was still worried that Ash was hurting more than she let on. But all in all everyone had a good time. And Ash only seemed to be in pain when she laughed. So you know, pretty much the whole night.

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