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i’m a stitch away from making it and a scar away from falling apart

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I threw my bass off of my shoulder and jumped off the stage and into the crowd, pushing my way over to him.

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Okay so here's another chapter, not sure if anyone is reading it cause I haven't gotten any reviews for the past couple chapters. Which could be do to my lack of posting recently. Sorry again about that. now that exams are over I will be able to post more :)
ANyways enjoy.

“Alright everyone, this is our last song before Death Girls comes on! Here is Tell Your Girlfriend Thanks!”
I looked out into the crowd. Everyone was enjoying themselves. I could see as smiling brightly up at as giving us a thumbs up. I grinned and waved back at her before Andy started up the beat.
Everyone started to rock out as we played out hearts out for this last song. I moshpit was starting to form in the middle near the stage.

Ash’s POV
I felt the moshpit forming behind me and rolled my eyes. Pete wouldn’t stop talking about this for days. I cheered them on enjoying watching people jumping and pushing, just going crazy in general. That was until some guy with a Mohawk started trying to drag me into it. I shook my head and smiled holding up my hands. But he wasn’t having it and tried pulling me in anyways. I yelled at him to stop but I couldn’t even hear myself. Suddenly I was thrown into the pit, and more painfully thrown into someone’s elbow. That only pushed me in farther. I tried pushing my way back to a side. But someone side swiped me and the next thing I felt was the floor. With all the yelling it was hard to hear that the music stopped.
“What the fuck!!! GET OFF HER!” came loud and clear through the microphone and someone stepped on me. Screaming out I looked up only to see the green Mohawk of the guy who had dragged me into this in the first place.

Pete’s POV
I spun around faster feeding off the energy that the moshpit was giving off. Andy was busting out crazyily on his drum set. Running back up to the front of the stage I searched the crowd for Ash. But she wasn’t where I last saw her. I searched through the crowed before her bright purple shirt caught my eye. What fuck? Why was she in the moshpit? She never went into those unless she was with one of us. It looked like she was trying to get out but with everyone pushing everyone else around it wasn’t working.
Then I saw some guy with green hair knock her down. I threw my bass off of my shoulder and jumped off the stage and into the crowd, pushing my way over to him.
“What the fuck!!!GET OFF HER!” Trick must have noticed what was going on to. I just about broke into the circle. Dumbasses didn’t even realise we had stopped playing. I was just going to go and make sure she was okay, until I saw him step on her; that did it.
I tackled him and began to punch his stupid fucking face in. No one messed with my friends and I made sure that that was clear.
“Don’t you ever fuck with my friends again!”
“Pete, we got to get out of here.”
Someone pulled me off of him but I managed to kick him in the side for good measure. Carefully wrapping my arm around Ash I helped her back over to the stage. No one got in my way this time.

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