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i thought i loved you, but it was just how you looked in the light

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How Trick managed t sleep with his hat on, I will never know.

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There is no way that I can apologize for th months of nor posting more. I am really sorry though. i hope to be posting more frequently now that school it winding down. enjoy!

The next few weeks flew by faster than I thought possible. Much to my dismay, Brent and Ash had gotten back together. After 3 text messages, 6 missed phone calls and a bouquet of flowers she gave in. But she still wouldn’t tell me what their fight was about. But at this particular moment none of that mattered. In less than 15 hours Fall Out Boy was going to have its first show in front of more than 10 people. I was too excited to sleep. I knew I would crash after the show. But after last night I would rather stay awake then watch the nightmares waiting for me behind my eyelids.

It was our first show. (Well at least one with an audience bigger that the band that is...) We we’re opening for a band from a town over that had just been signed. Death Girl’s, or something. But I was pumped. I couldn’t stop jumping up and down on the couch waiting for tonight. 5:00 am. Sweet only... 14 hours to go! I jumped in glee again. But jumping by yourself, alone on a couch was extremely dull. So I popped back into my room where Trick and Ash were sleeping soundly on my bed. They looked so cute huddled together under the blankets. How Trick managed t sleep with his hat on, I will never know. But watching these two when they were sleeping was boring. Figuring it was time for a wakeup call and began to jump in the bed; until I was hit with a pillow.
“Pete if you don’t sit the fuck down right now I swear when I wake up I will strangle you!”
“Leave it to Patty Cakes to be a fucking party pooper,”
“Who the fuck has a party at five in the god damn morning!?” Ash spit back.
Why that fuck is everyone so grumpy? I rolled my eyes and flicked on the TV and Nintendo.
“You guys wanna play?”
They both had the same answer “NO!”
“Come one please?!?!? Just one?!?! Come on I’m bored out of my fucking mind!!”
Ash poked her head from under her pillow, “Will you stop jumping on the bed?”
I perked up, “Yes! Anything!”
Groaning she disappeared under the blankets again and reappeared at the edge of the bed before getting up and wrapping the blanket over the top of her messy brown hair and around her small frame. Huffing she plopped down beside me, “One game.”
Trick shivered, “Way to steal all the blankets... Jerk...”
We ignored him and began playing a round of Mario cart; Her favourite. We were half way in and I was kicking her ass! I was at least half a lap ahead of her. Ha! And she always laughed at me for picking Princess Peach! That’ll show her.
“Come one Sparky! You’re not even putting up a fight!”
I quickly jerked out of the way to miss hitting one of those stupid bananas; Devil Dicks as I like to call them. I peeked over at her expecting to see her tongue between her teeth like she always did when she was concentrating. Instead I saw a mound of fabric with her face poking out of the top. Her controller had slipped from her hands and into her lap as her head rested on the back of my bed.
I stared at her for a moment before deciding what I was going to do with her. Tossing my controller I crept over to her careful not to make any loud noises. Gently plucking up the controller I laid it beside her. I have to say she looked kind of cute. Like a little emo Eskimo. Wapping my arms around her I held her to my chest before walking her over to the bed and laid her down. Making sure she was nice and cozy I reached over her and shoved Tricks shoulder.
“Come on Patty Cakes, it’s your turn.”

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