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i'm sleeping my way out of this one with anyone who will lie down.

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I caught a glimpse of a monster in the window; he sent chills down my spine. Until I realized that the monster was me.

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Okay I am really really really sorry that is has been like a century and a half since I last updated, but I have had major writters block. Still do, so if you have any ideas or something that you would like to see happen in the story review and let me know. I'de love to hear from everyone. Okay here goes....

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch, sighing we headed for the doors. I groaned, “I don’t waaaant to go to class!”
“Why don’t you just bag off, and get some sleep,” Ash replied throwing the strap of her bag over her shoulder.
I caught a glimpse of a monster in the window; he sent chills down my spine. Until I realized that the monster was me. I looked away in shame, “Yeah maybe you’re right,”
Trick played with the brim of his hat, “Is it okay if I stop by your house after school? I’m having trouble with making up a chorus,”
“Yeah whatever,” I replied rubbing my eyes,
We were walking by Ash’s math class, “Oh fuck that.”
“There’s a supply, no thanks, Well Pete looking like you’ll have a sleeping buddy for this afternoon!”
“Oh, I see how it is; leave the nerdy one behind...” Trick said rolling his eyes and he walked away with his head down.
Ash’s baby blue eyes rolled in reply before chasing after him and jumping onto his back, “You know we love you tricky baby!” She laughed giving him a loud kiss on the cheek. I couldn’t help but laugh myself as he turned fire truck red.
I grabber her arm, “Come on now, I think you’re embarrassed poor lunchbox enough for one day, any more and her might burst into flames,”
Tricks middle finger went flew high and proud as he made his way to class. Arm in arm we walked to the parking lot. Guessing I was too tired to drive, she slipped my keys out of my hand and into hers. Grateful, I laid my head against the back of the seat as she brought the engine to life.

“Well what am I supposed to do is all you’re going to do is nap?”
I was too tired to move my head from is current position (pressed into my pillow) and did the only thing I could to respond. I grunted.
“That’s not very helpful, you know....”
I grunted again, “Can I read you’re not book then?”
I grunted, anything to get her to leave me in peace while I tried to get some sleep.
The bed moved this way and that as she searched for my book and again as she got comfortable to read it. Finally, I let the soft noises of her page turning rock me to sleep.

Again sorry for the long delay. And please help me with my writers block. Drop me a line about maybe what you think is going to happen, or what you waned to happen whatever. Anything. I need help!
peace & love.
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