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Chapter 01

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Chapter one

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Part 1

"Hey, this sounds great!" Frank exclaimed, standing in the doorway of the band room. Gerard's head shot up, he turned beet red and the guitar he was playing on made a strange sound as his hand slipped down the strings. He quickly tugged away the sheet he was writing on. Frank raised one eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

"How long have you been standing there?" Gerard asked hastily.

"Just came in" Frank said truthfully. He was curious now. Why was Gee behaving so strangely?

"What did you put in you pocket?" he asked. "Nothing!" the reply came too quickly. "It's not finished yet."

Frank looked like a predator as he strolled into the room and sat down beside Gerard on the couch. "Really? A new song? Play it!" he demanded.

Gerard avoided looking into Frank's eyes. "I told you it's not finished. I won't play it to you yet.".

Frank pouted. "Oh, come on... Why are you so shy about this? I wanna hear it!"

"Stop whining!" Gerard frowned and laid down the guitar, standing up. Frank looked at him, taken aback. "Why are you in such a bad mood?" he asked.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Gerard snapped. "Stop bombing me with you stupid questions!" annoyed, he lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply.

"Woah, sorry!" Frank angrily stood up. "I didn't know you were in asshole-mode today!"

Gerard narrowed his eyes, inhaling deeply again, breathing out the smoke slowly. "Stop. Pestering. Me. Now. I don't wanna fight with you! You're getting on my nerves." he was angry now at himself, because being angry at Frank was the last thing he wanted, and fighting with him even less.

Frank crossed his arms grimly over his chest.

Oh, a fight seemed unavoidable now He knew how Frank could be... but he couldn't play this song for Frank, certainly not now, if ever, he didn't know.

"I give you a hard time? I'll show you a hard time, fucker! You don't wanna fight with me? Say just one word more and I'm gonna beat you up!" the guitarist made one step forward.

In return, Gerard made one back. "Hey, are you crazy? You know very well that I'm bigger than you, I'd win a fight with my hands tied behind my back!" he meant it half as a joke, but Frank wasn't in a joking mood right now.

All Gerard saw was Frank moving and then he felt a sudden sharp pain in his stomach... and then he saw red: the ass had really punched him!

Gerard was just a human being after all, and Frank or not, friends or not, he was angry, so he punched back, hitting Frank's jaw.

"Asshole!" Frank flung himself onto Gerard, striking out, not caring where the punch landed. They looked like a big mass of hitting fists and kicking legs as they rolled around on the floor.

"I hate you! You can be the biggest asshole!" Frank brought his fist down on Gerard's face.

"You are one to talk, fucker! You're such a pain in the ass!" Gee punched the other man's nose.

"Holy shit, guys!"

Suddenly, they were torn apart. Ray held Gerard back, locking his arms under the singer's shoulders. Frank was cursing and trying to kick Bob, whose arms were around the smaller man's waist.

"Guys, calm down, what's gotten into you?" Mikey asked, shocked. They both yelled simultaneously: "He' a fucker!!"

"When we let you go now, will you stop being so childish?" Bob asked.

"Yeah..." they muttered, looking at their shoes. Ray and Bob let go of them.

Frank wiped the blood from his nose, spat on the ground and then he turned on the spot and went out of the door.

"You could at least apologize!" Gerard called after him, but all he got as a response was Frank's middle finger before he was out of sight.

"What happened?! You always were the best of friends!" Mikey looked inquiringly at Gerard, who was sucking at his bleeding lip.

"I don't know..." Gerard said quietly. He felt hollow now. "He was getting on my nerves because I was writing a song" Yeah, the songs... fuck it. "And he didn't stop pestering me and I said something and he said something...and it just happened."

Ray sighed. "I think I saw it coming."

The others nodded. Gerard looked at them, frowning. "What?"

"Yeah." Mikey said, "You've been behaving strangely lately. Perhaps we really need a break now. When we've finished this tour, we should go home and live our own life for a few months."

"Yeah" Bob agreed. "Not seeing each other so often."

Gerard felt his insides turn painfully as he thought of the possibility. They had someone to fall back on, each and every one of them... he didn't even have an apartment at the moment, he lived here, in this house with the band, and in the tour bus, and in the hotel rooms.... It was impossible to even think about it: Not seeing them as often as he was used to. Not seeing Frank as often as he was used to.


His eyes went wide. "Frank!" he breathed.

"Hey Gee, what's wrong? " Ray asked. "You're as white as a sheet!"

Gerard looked up. "I'm going after Frank..."

"But behave!" Mikey called after him.

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