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Chapter 02

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Part 2

Gerard looked around, the cut in his lip burning. Where is he? Then he heard the sound of water and Frank groaning. "Ouch..."

Oh, bathroom...

Gerard stepped through the door. Frank stood on his tiptoes in front of the sink and tried to reach the upper half of the shelf where the medicine and first-aid kit was.

Gerard bit his tongue to prevent himself from laughing at the guitarist.

He made the few steps to the shelf and reached up behind Frank, giving him the first-aid kit. He reluctantly took it, looking at the kit rather than at Gerard, who sighed and took the kit out of Franks hands again.

"Let me help you..." he said quietly. He took a pad and drenched it in antiseptic, then he lightly took Franks face with one hand and turned it, so he could see the injuries better.

He tried not to look into Frank's eyes as he carefully wiped the pad over the cut on his eyebrow. Frank hissed. "It burns." he whispered and looked into Gerard's eyes.

In the same moment he wished he hadn't. He was mesmerized by those green eyes, which were so deep that he lost himself in them.

"I know...", Gerard whispered and Frank could feel his warm breath on he face, he was so near. "It hurts a bit. I... I'm sorry."

"Me too." the guitarist tore his eyes away from Gee's.

"Your lip's bleeding...", he murmured and before he even notices it, he had closed the distance between them and darted his tongue out to lick the metallic-tasting blood away.

Gerard gasped, his eyes went wide and he dropped the pad he was holding.

"I'm... I'm sorry!" Frank tried to pull away, but the singer tightened his grip on the other man's face. His head shot forward and he kissed Frank full on the lips.

Something made "click" in their brains and Franks hand wandered into Gerard's hair to hold his head firm against his while Gerard's arms locked around Franks waist.

The guitarist licked Gee's lips, asking for entrance, and offer Gerard couldn't turn down, so he opened his mouth and their tongues found each other.

It was like out of a movie: fireworks explodes in their heads as they gripped each other tighter, until there was no more space between them. They kissed so passionately, so roughly that it almost hurt when they grinded their hips against each other.

They gasped as they stopped shortly to breathe, "Oh fuck..." Gerard panted, before his lips crashed down against Frank's again. He managed to drag the smaller man with him to the door without breaking the kiss. He reached behind him and shut the door, then he locked it, turning the key around.

Frank smiled into the kiss and started to pull at the hem of Gee's shirt. He gladly took the hint and took off his shirt as well as Frank's.

With Gerard kissing and licking down his neck, Frank's brain shut itself down and he melted away in the other man's arms.

They grinded their hard-ons against each other. Gerard gasped as Frank bit his neck and let his fingers wander down to his crotch.

Frank was just starting to unzip Gerard's jeans as they heard a loud bang on the door. "Hey guys, are you all right? You are not fighting in there, are you?" Ray yelled. "We're going to practise now, are you coming?"

"Y-Yeah!" came Frank's week reply "Everything's okay!, We're coming!"

And then their eyes met...and they both turned beet red and looked in other directions quickly.

"W-we should g-go bach to w-work..." Gee stuttered as he hastily pulled his shirt over his head.

"Yeah..." muttered Frank as he struggled to put his arms through his T-Shirt.

They unlocked the door and stumbled down the corridor to the band room.

"Aah, there they are! is everything settled again? Did you make up?" bob asked.

Both nodded their heads, blushing madly.

"Yeah, 's okay again." Frank picked up Pansy and plugged it in.

Gerard went to his mike, grabbing it with shaking hands. He couldn't look at Frank, never again.

And all just because of a silly little song... he was interrupted in his train of thought by the roaring laughter of Mikey.

He looked over to his brother to see what was so funny and saw him pointing a finger at Frank.

"Your shirt is inside out!" he giggled.

Frank looked down and his cheeks went red. He cursed as he took off his shirt and turned it the right way, slipping it back on.

His gaze unintentionally wandered quickly over to Gerard, who focused on his mike, fumbling awkwardly around with the cords.

Gerard's head felt like it was on fire... hard times were about to come, of that he was sure.

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