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Chapter 03

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Lovesongs Part 3

Gerard sat on the couch, with his guitar on his lap and a pen and the sheet with the almost finished song text in front of him He felt like frozen and he also looked like it, His inspiration was gone, just gone. "Damn you, Frank!" he inaudibly whispered. He felt paranoid now, like every moment somebody could come into the room and discover him writing the song.

He sighed and tugged away the almost-finished song text.

He hadn't talked alone to Frank since their little... incident. It ate him up from inside; he wasn't used to not talking to him. He was so lost in his thoughts about Frank that he didn't notice the person he was thinking of stood right behind the couch until the guitarist cleared his throat.

Gerard turned around quickly with a yelp, his hand on his chest. "Oh my god, Frankie, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

Being paranoid had just proven itself to be justified.

"Sorry..."Frank murmured and hesitated a little, like thinking about something, then he sat down beside Gerard.

The singer put his guitar aside. "Erm..." he stammered. "I thought you were in town with the others?"

"Nah... I decided to stay here. I wanted to sleep longer today!" he smaller man stretched, yawning and his T-Shirt unintentionally slid up to reveal a bit of tattooed skin.

Gerard blushed and looked away quickly. He didn't know what to say. Frank acted so normal, like nothing had ever happened. Suddenly, he felt sad. It sure meant nothing to Frank. And to him, it meant everything. Being happy or sad, being healthy or ill, living or being a living corpse.

All of a sudden, there was an awkward silence. There had never, ever been an awkward silence between them.

"Soo..." Gerard began. "We're going to play in California the day after tomorrow..."

"Yeah," Frank answered, rubbing his neck. "It's going to be hot, don't pack your sweaters!"

Gerard stiffened his upper lip like he always did when questioning something. "Why would you tell me something like that? I know how to pack!"

"Because I know how you always pack the wrong stuff or no stuff at all..." he giggled. The tension between them seemed almost lost.

"I only once packed nothing..." Gerard whispered.

"Yeah, I know, and if you ever do that again, Gerard Arthur Way, I swear to God that I won't leave your side for a second, not even when you go to the toilet." said Frank equally low.

"No." Gerard gave him a reassuring smile. "You know I'm over that!"

Frank smiled back, biting his lip ring thoughtfully. His smile got broader and broader, until it was a full-blown teeth-showing grin. "I don't want to pester you, but I'd really like to know about the song you've written..."

Gerard's heart skipped a beat. "It's... you're not pestering me,'s not finished yet." It was now or never...

"No Prob. So...?" Frank looked at the singer inquiringly.

"You really wanna hear?" Gerard asked. When Frank nodded enthusiastically, the hugest grin on his face, Gerard took a deep breath. "It's a love song." he said.

"Oh." Frank's grin fell a bit. "Oh, okay. Lemme hear." he said somewhat coldly.

Gerard felt his insides cramp together. Nonetheless, he picked up the guitar and pulled out the song text. He took a deep breath again and started playing.

The longer Gerard played the song, the more Frank's smile faded. The front man sung about someone he absolutely admired when on stage. Someone he couldn't get his eyes off. The song ended with the words "The grey fades away, always when you play your guitar..."

Gerard felt like his head would explode, he literally could feel the colour in his checks.

"Nice." Frank said flatly. The grin had faded away completely. He clenched his fists, fighting against the feeling inside his chest.

When Gerard at least had the courage to look up, his eyes went wide in shock and his face lost its colour again rapidly. He felt like his heart stopped beating at the look on Frank's face.

Pure rejection.

Gerard thought that he should've known. Why, oh why did he show him that song? He'd ruined everything.

"So" Frank started. "Who is the lucky girl?"

Gerard blinked in confusion, his mouth gaping open. "Fuck, what?" He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"I asked who the lucky girl you sang about was." he answered snappishly.

Gerard blinked some more. "You... don't know? I never thought you to be... that stupid."

Frank got angry. "How the hell should I know who you love?" he yelled and sat up straight.
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