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The Morning After

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Gee gets snappy.

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I opened my eyes steadily, instantly being blinded by the sun-light. I removed Mikeys arm from on top of my waist and got up. Wiping the crust out of my eyes, I yawned and stretched before pulling my trousers on.
Curiosity got the better of me and I went downstairs to check on Gerard. There was no sign of him on the ground floor so I decided to check the basement for him. Surely enough, he was still lying there in the exact same position as I had left him the night before. I gave in to the urge and climbed in bed with him, resting my body against his so my face was in his soft hair. He smelt divine-like shampoo. I smiled and kissed the back of his head. He began to stir and turned around to face me. He smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips, I kissed him back.
“Have you been here all night?” He asked, the smile still on his face.
“Of course not. I slept with Mikey.” The adorable smile was instantly wiped off his face as he got up and stretched.
“What?” I asked, sitting up on the bed.
“Nothing I just wish I didn’t have to share you with Mikey.”
“Yeah well, I wish I didn’t have to share you with Alexis.” I said bitterly.
“Your not sharing me with Alexis. It’s not the same thing.” He sighed.
“Yes. It is. She’s pregnant with your kid, a part of you is inside her.”
He laughed at the little innuendo I had just dropped.
“What?” I asked angrily.
“Nothing it’s just, you can be so immature sometimes.”
“I am not.” I argued. “How dare you call me immature.”
“Your immature and childish.” He said.
“Well if I’m immature and childish then why are you with me?” I asked, leaving the room.
“I don’t know!” He shouted after me.
I ran up into the kitchen, fighting back tears. He could be so God damn mean sometimes.
I switched the coffee machine on and listened to it as it’s machine sound soothed me.
“Is that coffee I smell.” asked Mikey as he walked into the room.
I ran up to him and gave him a huge kiss. Good old, reliable Mikey. He’s never let me down or call me childish. He worshiped the ground I walked on and though the sun shined out of my ass. Unlike Gee who was rude, cocky and never told me I was special. So why was I attracted to Gee and not Mikey?
“Wow. Maybe you should stay over every night.” Said Mikey. “If that’s the good morning wake up call I’m going to get.”
I giggled slightly and tickled his cheek, just in time for Gee to walk in.
“Get a room.” He whined, getting a milk carton out of the refrigerator and drinking straight from it.
“Dude, you do realise how gross that is don’t you?” Mikey said, giving Gee a slight tap on the shoulder.
“So sue me.” Gerard said. There was a short pause before Mikey tackled the question he’d been longing to ask.
“So why did you get drunk last night?”
I held my breath.
“For fucks sake Mikey, just get off my case.” Gerard shouted before slamming the refrigerator door shut and running out. I felt so sorry for Mikey. He had been so delicate lately and now Gee was doing this to him, it just didn’t seem fair.
“It’s okay Mikes.” I hugged him and rubbed his back slightly. “He’s just going through a stage that’s all.”
He nodded and we stayed in that position right for a few minutes. I was so mad at Gee, he was just pushing me and Mikey away at a time when we both needed him the most. I was this close to telling Mikey about the whole Alexis situation but I knew he’d get suspicious that Gee had told me and not him.

“Hey guys, wait up!” I heard Gee yell from behind us. Both Mikey and I turned round, not letting go of each others hands.
“I wanted to say sorry Mikes, for snapping at you earlier, it was wrong of me.”
“Apology accepted.” Mikey said graciously. “I’m just surprised that your going to school after last night.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot to say-I can’t graduate this year so I have decided to go back to school.”
Mikey gasped and I fake gasped too-acting like I didn’t know anything, Gerard gave me a knowing smirk which I resented.
“Your staying at school another year?” Mikey asked, his mouth hanging open.
“Yeah dude so your stuck with me.” He teased.
“But you need to get a job.” Mikey argued. “We’re running out of money.”
“Yeah. I’ll just ask grandma for some money and get a part-time job. It’ll be fine.” He said confidently.
“Well then I’ll get a part-time job too.” Mikey offered.
Gerard looked angry. “No way Mikey. You’re the smart one-your concentrating on your school work and then going to college to get decent qualifications.”
I thought it was quite sweet that Gerard cared about Mikey so much.
We carried on our way to school, just generally chatting and being like we used to be.
Sorry this chapter was so crappy, and sorry about the lack of Frank-he will make an appearance. Hope you enjoyed and please review.
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