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I've Got Two Tickets To Smashing Pumpkins Baby

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Frank and Crystal have a best-friend talk.

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The next few weeks were filled with school, keeping secrets from Mikey and the baby for Gerard. I hardly got a look in. I tried to be positive and stay up-beat, let Gerard know that I was there for him but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I was losing him to Alexis off myself.
She’d spend an awful lot of time here, talking about ‘the baby’ and her ‘precious Bert’ and all through her and Gerard’s little talks, I would give her the evils. Before I knew it, school was out for the summer and she was three months pregnant and has a noticeable sized bump the size of a beach ball on her usually flat stomach.
Mikey had begun to get suspicious of me spending so much time with Gerard but I had told him it was just because we were growing closer as friends.

I washed up the last of our dishes from lunch and placed them on the drying rack.
“Hey Crystal, why don’t you come and sit down here with me?” Mikey asked me, patting the piece of sofa next to him.
“Just a sec, I have to clean the table first.” I said, grabbing some cleaning spray and a dish cloth off the side.
He got up and pulled me by the hand onto the sofa and before I had time to protest had begun kissing me. I pulled away immediately.
“Oh come on baby, Gerard’s out with Alex, the paper boy came ages ago. We’re all alone in this big house.” He pouted at me and then winked.
“I. I’m just not in the mood.” I protested.
“Your never in the mood anymore. Your totally no fun.”
I cursed under my breath and he looked at me weirdly. “Don’t you love me anymore?” He asked.
I laughed slightly. “Of course I love you Mikey.” I pulled him in for a hug. “I love you very, very much.”
“Then can we at least cuddle?” He asked.
I laughed and laid my head on his chest. “Cuddling is good.”
I lay there for at least ten minutes in that enjoyable silence I had learnt to share with Mikey, listening to nothing but his heart beating. That’s why I was so surprised when I heard a knock on the door. (the doorbell had broken and Gerard couldn’t be broken and Gerard couldn’t be bothered to fix it.)
I got up and answered. There stood Frank with his guitar in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
Mikey came to the door and took the cigarette off Frankie, threw it on the floor and stomped on it.
“Sorry dude.” Frankie said, obviously remembering the ‘no smoking in the house’ rule that Mikey had made. “I just though we could do some jamming seeing as we haven’t for ages.”
Frank had now moved back in with parents and was deeply unhappy there, taking every opportunity he could get about how strict and unfair his parents were-kind of insensitive considering what Mikey and Gerard had been through.
“Sorry dude, Gerard’s with Alexis.” I pouted. Frank was my best friend and all but I really wasn’t in the mood for his hyper activeness.
“Whatever. You guys can talk. I’m going to check my emails.” Mikey said before disappearing upstairs.
If there was one thing I knew about Frank, it was that he didn’t beat around the bush.
“So…” He took his jacket off and made himself comfortable on the couch. “How are things with you and Gerard?”
I collapsed on the sofa with a big fat smile on my face. “Things are going great.” I said. “Better then great-things are going fantasmic.”
“Fantasmic?” He questioned the use of that word which consisted of both fantastic and orgasmic.
“Yeah fantasmic. I’m in love and the sex is great.” I giggled.
“Ew dude, I don’t need to know. Your like a sister to me.” He turned away from me, trying not to smile.
“And what about Mikey?” He asked, all of a sudden getting serious again.
“I don’t know.” The smile on my face was instantly wiped off. I just didn’t think of Mikey in the same way I thought of Gerard. I mean, yes I cared about him-a lot. But it wasn’t like he gave me butterflies or made me instantly smile. “Things with Mikey are…not so great.” I said, looking away from Frankie.
“Well I don’t get why you don’t just finish with him.”
I did. I decided to tell Frank all.
“You don’t understand. Mikey is really fragile and shit. He told me he used to cut himself but Gerard helped him stop, recently though he’s been wanting to do it again. He says sometimes I’m the only thing that’s stopping him.”
Frank screwed up his face, making him resemble a constipated hound dog. “Ouch. Sticky situation.”
I nodded knowingly.
Just then I heard a loud, high-pitched scream coming from upstairs-Mikeys bedroom to be precise.
My initial reaction was to run up to him and take care of what ever injury he had, and boy did he get a lot.
“Mikey. What the fuck?” I halted to a stop with Frank behind me when I saw an ecstatic Mikey jumping around on his bed.
He ran up to me, grabbing my face and kissing me on the lips. He the proceeded to do the same to Frankie, who immediately wiped his lips with the back of his hand.
“Guess who’s got three tickets to see smashing pumpkins?” Mikey did some more crazy dancing.
“Dude that’s great!” Chimed Frank ecstatically. “Can I come?”
“No way dude.” Mikey said before holding my hand tightly and looking straight into my eyes. “These are for the two people who make up my entire world. My big brother Gee and my beautiful girlfriend Crystal.”
I blushed as Mikey pulled me in for a hug. A pang of guilt hit my stomach. What had I done to deserve such an amazing boyfriend?
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