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Nightmare On A Street

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Trouble ensues at the smashing pumpkins gig.

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Another two weeks of doing shit all had passed and before I knew it, it was the night of the smashing pumpkins gig and I was at home doing my make-up.
I wanted to look smoky and gorgeous but not too sexy. I settled for some black eyeliner, I made my skin paler and put a touch of clear lip gloss on. I curled my usually straight mid-length hair and tied it up in a scruffy bun. I had spent a long time in town, shopping for my outfit but I settled on a black and red check, capped sleeve shirt, a pair of bright blue skinny jeans and a pair of gold ballet flats.
I looked in the mirror thoughtfully and after I had decided that I liked what I saw, I grabbed my black puffer coat and headed out of the door without saying goodbye to my foster mom. Don’t get me wrong-I loved her and all. It’s just that things really hadn’t being going that great at home recently. She would get in a mood with me constantly and even went so far as to call me a slut.
I walked confidently down the street, avoiding eye-contact with all the shady people that were hanging around.
Finally, I had reached the Way’s house and no sooner had I got the front door, it swung open and an anxious looking Mikey stood there.
“You took your time, we’re going to be late.” He exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. “Gerard, have you got the fucking tickets?” He yelled behind him.
“For fucks sake Mikey, calm down.” Gerard pushed past us, not even acknowledging me and got straight in the car. My heart skipped a beat when I saw how perfect he looked. He was wearing baggy black jeans, a black hoodie and black converse all-stars. I couldn’t help but stare at him for a few seconds, a smile automatically creeping up on my face.

My journey was spent cuddled up to Mikey in the back whilst Gerard drove us there, cursing under his breath every time a car cut in front of him or something.
I could feel Mikeys breath on the top of my head, it was calm and content. I snuggled up to him even closer. It meant the world to me that he had got me those tickets. I just wish I could stop thinking about Gerard all the time.
We pulled up on the street outside the venue and Gerard stormed out of the car angrily to pay for the parking. I looked at Mikey worriedly as if to say ‘is he okay?’ But Mikey only gave me a weird look and replied, “Don’t ask.” Shaking his head.
Mikey and I got out of the car, still holding onto each others hands. I held onto his hand all the way through queuing for the tickets until we got into the actual venue.
I was amazed and awe struck as I entered into the pit. The place was huge with big lights everywhere and just the buzz of people talking and shouting. I smiled to myself as I looked around. Mikey looked at me, a proud glint in his eyes. He kissed me on the forehead.
“Your so special, you know that?” I blushed and turned away, not wanting to make eye or body contact with Mikey. All of a sudden there was a loud noise and the show started.

I had no idea how I had managed to get right to the front of the pit. The speakers were blasting in my ears and causing my head to bang. I felt nauseous and ill. Somehow I found some aggression and pushed myself past all the drugged up rockers towards an exit.
Once I got outside into the foyer and the cold air hit my face, I felt like I could finally breath. I threw myself down onto a chair in despair, placing my head in my hands. I had lost Gee and Mikey in New York of all places and I had no cell phone or anything-absolutely nothing.
“Everything alright?” I looked up to see a tall, square-shaped man with a bald head and standing in front of me.
“Not really.” I blurted out to this complete stranger. “I’ve lost my boyfriend and his brother and I can’t even remember where we left the fucking car.”
The guy looked me up and down sympathetically. He smiled kindly at me. “Here, let me help you.” He held his hand out for me to grab and I did-he looked harmless enough. “Why don’t we go get a drink.”
I followed him over to an area where they were selling drinks and he bought me a beer, bringing it over to me.
“Oh no thanks. I don’t really drink.” I turned him away.
“Aw go on. You deserve one after what you’ve been through.”
I took the drink from him gratefully and took a few sips, the cool alcohol calming me down.
“You’ve got really pretty eyes.” He said after a while, tucking my fringe behind my ears and pulling my face closer to his. I wanted to pull away but I felt too weak. My headache had gone and I was just left with this un-clear, fuzzy feeling in my head. My legs were shaking and I couldn’t focus my eyes on anything.
I let out a strange grunting noise and mustered the strength to turn away from him slightly.
“Hey hey, look at me. It’s okay.” He said, stroking my cheek. It was so nice of him to be looking after me like this. “When your feeling a bit stronger, we can go back to my flat, yeah?” He brushed my hair back from my face. I realised I didn’t even know this guys name. I asked him and was surprised when he understood my strange excuse for a mouth.
“I’m Tom. And you are?”
“Crystal” I answered, wobbling slightly on my chair. “I don’t feel too well.” I whined.
“That’s okay. I’ll look after you. Just call me your guardian angel.”
I wobbled some more on my chair and he held me still, his breath on my neck.
“Why don’t we go back to my place. Come on.” He put his arm around my shoulder and led me outside. I was this close to falling over but he held me up-only just.
We stood there for a while, waiting for a taxi to come along. That’s when he reached in and kissed me. I stepped back a bit, stumbling on a rubbish bin a bit.
“Get away from me.”
He grabbed me.
“Leave me alone. Stop it.” I tried to pull away from him but it was no use, he was way too strong.
He held me tight-so tight I could hardly breath. He kept saying “it’s okay” over and over again and stroked my hair and all I wanted to do was get away from him.
I just wanted someone to come and save me and tell me everything was going to be okay.
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