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We'll Be Back

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Ponyboy gets a horrable suprise from some Socs and is scared to tell anybody what really happened. When the gand finds out, what will Ponyboy do and what will he think of the person who told them?

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I don't own "The Outsiders." Everything belongs to S.E. Hinton
WARNING: This story contains Slash Rape bad language Slash (maybe) / and it might contain Cutting later on, but i'm not sure yet. If you have a problem with any of these things I’ve just listed... then don't bother reading my story.


CHAPTER 1 - Ponyboy’s POV

It was late, it was dark and I was still at the school. I was really gonna catch it from Darry when I got home, even if it was a Friday night. The track coach made us run an extra three miles because a couple kids thought it would be a great idea to skip out on practice. Three miles wouldn’t normally take our team that long, but with the 7 miles we had already run, we were dead tired by the time coach let us leave. I didn’t have a watch on me but I was pretty sure it had to be around 8 o’clock by now. Darry’s going to kill me…

Cursing at the pain that shot through my legs as I walked, I made my way out of the change rooms and walked across the main field. I was blinded by a bright light that was about 100 feet away. “What th-”

“GREASERR!” They screamed.

Oh shit… Socs. And from what I could see there were about five of the them, all sitting around a tuff looking mustang. Beer cans were scattered out all around them and even from where I stood I could smell the beer that they were drinking. They were wasted. Socs are dangerous enough without alcohol in their systems, but give them a beer and there’s no telling what they would do. I got pretty scared - I’m kind of small for fourteen even though I have a good build, and those guys were all bigger than me. I made a break for it, remembering what Johnny looked like after the Socs were done with him. When we found him he started crying, and it took a lot to make Johnny cry.

I was no use - running I mean. I was to tired to even out run five drunken rich kids. They caught up to me pretty fast too. I started to sweat something fierce even though it was freezing outside. I was looking around for a busted soda bottle, piece of pipe… anything that would help me out but there was nothing there. Darry always said I didn’t use my head. I don’t even have a blade. So I just stood there when the surrounded me slowly, silently, smiling.

“You know what a greaser is?… White trash with long greasy hair.“ One of them laughed and cussed me out in a low voice. They were all wearing madras shirts and kaki pants that made them look like they were waiting for a flood. Two-bit would have a great time with this I thought as I was imagining all the names he’d be calling them right now.

“You know what a Soc is?” I asked. I have no clue what I was thinking.

“What?” One of the guys behind me snarled at me.

“White trash with mustangs and madras.” I couldn’t think of anything dirty enough to call them so I spit on the Soc standing in front of me.

It was a stupid thing to do. But I told you already, I never use my head. They jumped on my, pinning my down by my arms and legs. Some guys with a bunch of rings on his hand sat on my chest and started punching my face. His rings digging into my soft flesh with each strike. The Socs that were just standing there started kicking me, in the stomach, ribs, legs. I started screaming for Soda, Darry, anyone that would listen but my calls for help only fell on def ears. Someone put there hand over my mouth and I bit it, tasting the blood running through my teeth. He swore and slugged me again.

“Shut him up, for Pete’s sake, shut him up!” A handkerchief was shoved into my mouth to muffle my screams. They didn’t stop. I was trying to get away as best I could but my struggling only caused them to get even angrier. Hard kicks coming down into my ribs, sharp rings cutting my face, I got a kick to the head that made me see stars and it was all I could do to lose conciseness right there. I was struggling to keep my eyes open, I didn’t even notice the Socs had stopped. They were talking to each other in hushed voices that I couldn’t make out. I wanted to run for it, but I wouldn’t have been able to even it I tried. I was hurting all over. My head was throbbing, my chest ached and my ribs felt like they were on fire.

I felt hands come down and pick me up, but I didn’t have a clue what they were going to do to me now. I was carried off the field, and around the back of the school. They dropped me on the ground at the end of a black ally way, the smelled like urine and rotten garbage. One of the Socs climbed on top on me again I flinched, expecting a punch in the face. But the Soc put his hand on my cheek and wiped away some of the blood and leaned in close to me. He smelled like he was bathing in beer instead of drinking it.

“Don’t be scared. This’ll be fun… for me away” He took the handkerchief out of my mouth and his lips crashed down onto mine. I was so shocked that I gasped. He took it as an opportunity to shove his tongue into my mouth. The guy holding my hands gave a low laugh when I started struggling even more. I wouldn’t win, and everybody there knew it. Including me. They could do what ever they wanted and I wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing about it. He sat back up and started rubbing my sides, pushing my shirt up over my head and running his rough hands over my chest. He ripped it off the rest of the way off and started sucking on my neck. Just then I realized what they were gonna do to me. I told you many times before… I don’t use my head. I started screaming as loud as I could, for anyone that was walking by to come and help me. Another Soc that was just standing there with a smirk on his face pressed his blade up against my throat.

“Scream again and see what happens to you.” He snarled. That sure shut me up. The ringed soc started unbuttoning my jeans and slowly pulled them down, along with my boxers. He sat back, and I could hear the sound of a zipper as he removed his own pants and underwear. He started kissing my colour bone and base of my neck, biting down hard on the already tender skin, but I refused to scream. I could still feel to blade one of them held angst me. The Soc grabbed in under the arms and moved me into a sitting position.

“You bite me and you’ll die.” He shoved something very different from a tongue into my mouth. I couldn’t help it… I started to bawl like a baby. My salvia was thick from my tears and my cheeks became wet but the Soc seemed to be enjoying it. He was moaning while thrusting in and out of my mouth. His hands had a firm hold of the back of my head so I couldn’t move away from him. When he pulled away from me he flipped me onto my hands and knees so quick it took awhile to dawn on me what was going to happen now. I started pleading with him, begging him to stop. Tears were running down my face and I was chocking on my sobs. The Soc grabbed me roughly by the hips and entered me with one thrust. I cried out in pain as he pulled back and thrust in again with all his might. It didn’t take long until he started moaning.

“Please stop! I’ll do anything, just stop. PLE-” From behind he reached his hand around and covered my mouth to shut me up. I jerked away and the Soc holding the knife left a big cut on the front of my chest. His free hand reached down and grabbed my cock, witch only caused me to cry even harder. His thrusts became quicker, more powerful and the pain I was in only got more agonizing. With one final, pain filled thrust, the Soc came deep inside me while letting out a loud moan. He pulled out and flipped my over again and brought me into another forced kiss.

“I had a great time. Thanks grease” With that, he pulled his clothes back on while the other Socs started punching me again. One of them leaned down close to my ear and whispered “We‘ll be back...” in a voice that caused shivers to run down my spine. He stood up and started walking back to they car witch the other Socs were staggering toward, but he turned around and walked back towards me. He looked down at me lying on the ground, naked, bruises, bleeding, and crying… let out a harsh laugh and kicked me so hard in the head, that everything went black.


Please review. I haven’t wrote chapter two YET, but if you want me to continue i will. I'm trying to update my other story "Gone Forever" right now so it won't update this story for a week at the most!! I’ll try getting it up quicker though if people really like it. THANKS! D

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