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Chapter 2

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WARNING: Same as Chapter 1.


CHAPTER 2 - Ponyboy’s POV

I woke up in more pain then I’ve ever felt before. I was lying on my back at the end of a freezing cold ally. I couldn’t remember what happened to me. Why I was there in the first place. The bruises I had all over my body were throbbing and I could feel warm blood running down my face. My back was aching and I had a shearing pain in my abdomen and lower back. It was even darker then before and the wind had picked up a great deal. I placed my hand on my chest trying to wipe off the blood I could feel running down my body. I winced at the pain it caused. Not only did lifting my arms hurt, but I had a deep gash on my chest the still hadn’t stopped bleeding.

I could barely see anything in the ally, but when I looked down I could see my busied naked body. Why am I nak- Memories came at me like a slap in the face. Track. Socs. Beer. Punching. Kicking. Pain… The ally. The knife. The Socs lips coming crashing down onto mine… Having my clothes pulled off. The Soc taking off his clothes. And all the pain I felt as he entered me. My whole body was shaking. Each memory cutting me deep like the blade they had. Tears were streaming down my face and I didn’t even bother to try and stop them. But the one thing that had scared me the most was what one of them said to me right before I got kicked in the head. We’ll be back. I didn’t want them to be back. I never wanted to see them again. All I wanted to do was crawl into my warm bed with Sodapop’s arm around me and sleep forever.

Home. That’s the only place I wanted to be right now. Home with happy-go-lucky Soda, an over protective Darry, and a laughing Two-bit. Home with a pissed off Steve, a beaten Johnny… and the cold-hard eyes of Dallas Winston. I tried to stand up to reach my clothes, but the pain that thought through me made me to fall down again. Biting my lip to keep from crying out, I inched over to my clothes on my stomach. Rocks scratching my arms every time I moved. I found my boxers and pants first, slowly pulling them up over my hips only caused me more pain. My shirt wasn’t very far away but there were rips and dried blood all over it. I pulled it over my head as gently as I could, but had to take a sharp intake of breath when my ribs gave me a painful stab. Using the wall to help me up, I slowly lifted myself off the ground. Standing there for a couple minutes so the world would stop spinning, I wondered what was gonna happen when I got home. If I told them what happened to me, Darry'd be pissed… Soda’d be worried. It’d probably scare them shit outta Johnny. I knew Steve wouldn’t care. He’d say I’d deserved it, but Two-bit’d be mad as hell… and Dallas might even end up killing someone with the temper he's got. I couldn’t tell them what happened. I wouldn’t. They’d all hate me… think I was dirty and kick me out. So I wasn’t gonna tell them nothin.

Using the wall for support, I staggered my way to the opening of the ally. Fresh tears rolling down my face with every step I took. I couldn’t believe what those Socs had done to me. I’ve never done anything to them… heck I haven’t even seen them before. Greasers are always getting the tough breaks. I mean our lives suck enough, we don’t need some rich kids comin over to our side of town and causing more trouble. We’re perfectly capable of finding some by our selves.

Our house was a couple blocks away from the school. It was days like this that I’m glad I don’t live out in the country. I don’t think I could’ve made it home in one piece with a walk like that. I felt so stupid… Darry asked me this morning if I wanted him or one of the gang to pick me up after track. I said no, I wanna walk. I hated my self right now. If I would’ve just said yes, then none of this would of never have happened. I’d be home right finishing my homework so I’d have the weekend free to do whatever i wanted. Me and Johnny'd probably catch a movie after I was done.

Screw movies. The only thing I wanted more then being home was to forget everything they’d done to me. I could still taste the beer in my mouth from the Soc that kissed me. Still feel the burning inside me from the Socs deep thrusts. Still hear the low rumble of their laughter as I cried out for help and in pain. While I lie there crying, and begging them to stop. I could still hear the moans of pleasure the came from the guy behind me. But their voices are what I could hear most.

‘Don’t be scared. This’ll be fun… for me away.’

‘You bite me and you’ll die.’

‘We’ll be back’ That was the one that scared me the most.

I nearly jumped outta my skin when I heard a car behind me. I thought the Socs were coming back for me just like they promised. But the car wasn’t a mustang. It wasn’t a Socy lookin car at all. It was a beat up old pick-up truck like most greasers drive. They just drove down the road like they didn’t even see me. They probably didn’t, it was really dark outside. I wonder what time it was.

I passed Two-Bit’s house and the lights were all out. It meant he was at our house, his mom was at work, and his little sister was likely spending the night at a friends place. When I turned onto another street, I could hear Johnny’s parents yelling at each other before I even passed by his house. He hates when his folks fight, he’d probably be sleepin in the lot tonight. But when I reached the vacant lot… I found it... well... vacant. No one in there. Johnny probably got cold, it’s a little chilly outside tonight. I cursed myself again for forgetting my jacket in my gym locker. It was just another thing Darry could yell at me later for anyways. So that meant Johnny was either at my house, with the rest of the gang, or him and Dal went to crash at Bucks place for the night. I still don’t know why Johnny admires Dally so much, I mean he’s just a tough hood with a bad reputation and a recorded with the police a mile long. I’ll bet even Tim Shepard would be jealous of Dals record if he ever saw it. I mean Dallas Winston’s a good guy sometimes, he’d be there for you if you ever needed him. But me and him have never really seen eye to eye with each other you know? But Johnny’s different I guess.

You could see my house from the lot. All the lights were on, you could always hear the TV and radio playing from a miles away. Walking closer I cloud here the bickering of Steve, yelling at Soda for cheating at a poker. Walking up onto the porch I looked in the window at the rest of the gang. Two-Bit was entranced with Mickey Mouse dancin across the screen. He was sitting there not even three feet away from the TV, his eyes glued to every single move Mickey made. I still haven’t got a clue why he’s so obsessed with that show. Dallas had his eyes on the screen too, but you could tell he wasn’t really paying attention. Johnny was sittin quietly beside Dal, staring down at his shoes, a new bruise forming on the side of his face. And Darry was sitting in his chair, reading the newspaper like he does every night. By now Soda and Steve were in a full out wrestling match. I could hear Steve saying Soda was trying to hide Aces in his shoe. Typical of Soda, he’d try anything to win at a game of poker, especially if it was angst Steve.

I took another look at all of there faces. I could just imagine the bewildered, horrified and hateful looks that would be there in they ever found out that I was raped my a bunch of drunken Socs. So they aren’t going to find out. I was gonna make sure of it.


There you go… Chapter 2 .. Tell me what you think so far and if you have any ideas don’t hesitate to tell me… Thanks to everybody that reviewed. I love reading them! D
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