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Chapter 3

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WARNING: I think you get it by now…
This is gonna be a short chapter… sorry


CHAPTER 3 - Ponyboy’s POV

I stood out on the porch for a while longer. It was late and I knew it. As soon as I walked in the door Darry’d explode, screaming at me for being home late and not using my head. Again. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna pull this off. I knew I had bruises and cuts all over my body and they’d be sure to see them. As soon as I walked through that door they’d all be asking me questions about what happened. Well Soda, Darry, Johnny, and Tow-Bit would. Steve and Dallas would just sit there.

Suck it up Pony… there just you’re brothers. I thought. Right, brothers that would hate me and think I was dirty if I told them anything. I had tears running down my face again, and I hated myself for it. Greasers don’t cry. Greasers are tuff. Greasers don’t even know how to cry. Darry, Steve and Tow-Bit forgot how to long ago. Dallas probably never even knew how. Soda hasn’t cried since our parents funeral. If anyone in the gang had a reason to cry… it’d be Johnny. Living in a house where you’re drunken father belts you every time you turn around… having a mother that completely ignores that you existence.

Johnny’s never shed a tear. If you didn’t know him, then you would think he doesn’t care. But the gang and I know better. All Johnny’s ever wanted was to be loved by his parents, and they don’t even care if he comes home at night. I’ve only ever saw Johnny cry once since I’ve known him. And that was when he got beaten half to death by those Socs. You can’t blame him though… Steve probably would’ve even cried. The Socs just have to ruin everybody’s lives. With them, if you’re poor… you’re dirt. In there eyes we deserve everything we get and more. I wasn’t gonna give them that satisfaction. I tried to stop crying and only managed to cry harder because I couldn’t stop. Calm down Pony… pull yourself together, jeeze.

I waited a couple minutes to calm down a little bit before I went inside. Looking in the window once more, I reached out and slowly opened the door. Just as I thought would happen, Darry shot outta his chair like someone just lit it on fire.

“PONYBOY! Where the hell ha-” He stopped pretty quickly when I stepped into the light from the lamp. I must have looked worse the I thought because his face paled and the anger in his eyes turned into concern.

“Pony.” He voice shot down a few octaves. “What happened?”

“Socs.” Was all I could manage. Soda was by my side by now. He was looking at my eye the was slowly swelling shut.

“God, what’d they do to you?” asked Soda. I felt my body tense. I didn’t wan to answer that question. Lucky for me Darry stepped in.
“You okay Pone?”

“I’m fine.” They didn’t believe me. I looked quickly around the room at the gangs faces. Two-Bit was looking at me with a small smile.

“Probably beat the shit outta them. Didn’t ya Pony?” Tow-Bit asked me. I couldn’t help but smile a little at that. Good ol’ Tow-Bit. He couldn’t have been farther from the truth though. Dallas was still sitting beside Johnny on the couch, who looked like a lost puppy again, his eyes were huge and he was looking at me. Dallas had a beer bottle in his hand and his knuckles were turning white from gripping it so tight. His eyes were full of anger, and I’d hate to be the next person who got in his way. They wouldn’t be to pretty when he was done with them. Steve was still standing beside the table, Soda’s discarded poker cards laid across the top of it. He had a look on annoyance on his face, like he wished I hadn’t come home at all.

“Pony, don’t lie.” said Darry. “you’re not fine.”

“I am to. I just wanna go get cleaned up kay?” I told Darry, trying to make my way passed him into the bathroom. He wouldn’t move. He just keep asking me question about what happened to me. I had to get out of there… if he asked me anymore I’d end up tellin them everything. He was only doing it because he was worried. I knew that, but I had to get away from them.

“Please Darry. Just let me through.” I had tears welling up in my eyes by now, and they were threatening to fall. Darry must have seen them because me moved side ways a little so I could squeeze past him. As soon as he moved I dashed into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

I could hear the gang talking on the other side of the door, but wasn’t able to make out what they were saying. It was about me away. I walked over to the shower and turned it on as hot as it would go. I lifted my shirt over my head, wincing when my ribs gave me a stab of pain. Then I slowly kicked off my shoes and socks, trying to move as little as possible. I reached down and pulled off my jeans and boxers and had tears pouring down my face from all the pain it caused me. I had even more bruises then I thought. No wonder Darry and Soda were worried, I looked like shit. My right eyes was nearly swollen shut, my bottom lip was split open. And I had blood smeared all over my face from a punch to the nose.

Once I stepped into the shower, I grabbed the soap and scrubbed my whole body as hard as I could. I felt so dirty, and it wouldn’t go away. I didn’t get out until the bar of soap was completely gone. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and went over to the sink. I grabbed my toothbrush and tried to get the taste of alcohol out of my mouth, but that wouldn’t leave either.

I picked up my clothes and unlocked the bathroom door. When I passed everybody on the way to my room, I could feel their eyes following me. I hurried down the hall and slipped into the safely of the bedroom Sodapop and I shared. I through my dirty clothes in the hamper we kept in the closet, and grabbed a fresh pair of boxers and one of Soda’s old T-shirts. After I got them one with some difficulty, I wrapped myself up the big comforter the covered our bed. I could still feel the throbbing ach of my backside and the deep cut on my chest. The Socs words keep running through my head and I kept replaying everything that happened to me.

Soda came in a couple hours later, and I pretended to be asleep because I really didn’t want to talk to anyone right now. He just crawled in the bed beside me and wrapped me up in his arms. It didn’t take long before I could hear Soda’s even breathing which meant he was asleep. I just lied there thinking about everything, but eventually sleep caught up with me and I drifted off into my world of nightmares.


Short?? Guess not. It was the longest chapter so far! Anyways’ what’d ya think??
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