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Chapter 7

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This chapter isn’t going to be so long, but hopefully it will explain why Soda didn’t run after Pony and what happens when Pony wakes up in the lot. I’ll probably add Johnny’s POV so you can find out what he’s thinking.

Bobbie3926: I’m glad you liked that chapter!! Lol and you didn’t have to wait long for an update either. The next chapter might take longer to come out though because I’m going to start reading some books themip22 suggested. :P

Anony. Lover: I don’t know about Soda yet, but Johnny is going to find out… as you could tell from the last chapter he already knows but I haven’t figured out when Soda and the rest of the gang will find out yet. Soda will probably find out next though. And I’m know I’m kinda torturing Ponyboy but it all makes for a good Fan fiction in the end right? )

cogasha: I'm happy to see you like my story! :P

Themip22: I saw a copy of Speak in my school library the other day but already had a number of books out, so I couldn’t get it. But I did finish reading some this weekend so I’ll bring them back and check it out. I’m also going to Chapters this week sometime and they have all of those books you told me about. I can’t wait to read them and I’m sure they’ll help me out a lot. Sorry if I don’t update soon but I’m probably be reading them so its good I guess! THANKS! XD


CHAPTER 7 - Sodapop’s POV

“Ponyboy! Come back!” I screamed after him but he didn’t turn around. Darry was standing beside me calling out for him too. I made a move to go after him but Darry put his arm on my shoulder pulling me back inside.

“Just let him calm down.” He said. “He’ll come back when he‘s ready, Pepsi-cola.”

That was a very undarryish thing to say. He’d normally be mad about Ponyboy just getting up and running out of the house, not letting us know where he was going. I knew he’d probably end up at the lot with Johnny anyways, so I just left it for now. I could see confusion and worry etched into Darry’s face, I didn’t show the boxers to him yet. They were still balled up tightly in my fists. Although I’m sure he’s smart enough to figure out it had something to do with last night.

“What’s wrong with him Soda?” Darry asked me in a soft voice after he’d closed the door.

“I don’t know.” I lied. I knew Ponyboy wouldn’t want Darry seeing the blood covering his boxers if he freaked out that much from just me seeing it. I couldn’t look Darry in the eyes or he’d know I was lying, so I just walked down the hall still clenching the boxers tightly in my hands, leaving Darry in a world of confusion.

When I opened our bedroom door I stuffed them under the bed so no one in the gang would find them. I was planning on asking Ponyboy what had really happened later that night when we were in bed. I hoped wouldn’t be able to run away from me then. I gathered up my clothes and started getting dressed for work, my mind still on what would make Pony so scared. If I couldn’t get it outta him I’d asked Johnny if he knew. Pony and Johnny are really close and tell each other almost anything. If something bad happened to Pony one of the first people he’d go to was either me or Johnny. And seeing as how Ponyboy was trying to avoid saying anything to me about it, ’d figure he’d tell Johnny everything.

“SODA COME ON! WE GOTTA GET TO WORK!” Steve screamed down the hall to me. I could hear Dally flop down on the couch to try and sleep of the huge hangover he’d probably gotten last night. And Two-Bit was most likely perched in front of the T.V watching Mickey while holding a beer in his hands, his schedule for every Saturday morning. I walked down the hall and bent down to grab my shoes from the floor. Steve was waiting out on the porch taking a long drag on his cigarette when I went out to join him. We got into his car and made our way to the DX station. Steve was talking about one of Bucks parties again but I couldn’t pay attention to anything he said. My mind was to busy thing about my baby brother.

Johnny’s POV

After the Socs get back into their car and drove away, I slowly pulled myself to my feet. My hands were shaking and my body was aching. I could taste blood in my mouth and feel I huge bruise forming over the one my dad had given me earlier.

I couldn’t believe what those Socs did to Ponyboy! He’s just a kid and hasn’t done anything to anyone of them. I felt tears come to my eyes when I thought about what they didn’t to my best friend last night. The though made me sick and I don’t understand why Pony wouldn’t tell us about it. The only thing he said was about getting jumped, but he never told any of us that the Socs had raped him! I didn’t know for sure but the look in Ponyboy’s eyes when that one Soc stepped in front of him and started touching him proved my point enough. I hope I’m wrong though.
I walked slowly toward the bushed where a saw them drag Pony.

I was scared at what I saw. He was bleeding and there were new bruises all over his body, joining the one’s he’d gotten last night. A huge blood patch was soaking through his shirt and he had taped wrapped around his wrists and mouth. His pants were sitting a couple feet beside him and his boxers were pulled half way down his legs. They were covered in big, angry purple bruises and had a couple cuts that were still bleeding on them. I knew I was right.

I knelt down beside my best friend and grabbed his shoulders to wake him up. He jumped when he felt someone touch him, but relaxed when he saw it was me. I’ve never seen him this beat up before. I saw a new fear pass through his eyes and I’m pretty sure I knew why. He was scared about me knowing what really happened. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my blade to cut the tape. I gently unwrapped it from around his mouth and he refused to look he in the eyes. When I reached down to take the tape off on his wrists, he jumped causing me to cut his arm.
“Sorry Pony.” I told him, but he was just staring up at the sky, tears pouring down his face. He didn’t even notice when I reached down and pulled up his boxers.

“Don’t tell em’ Johnny.” He told me after I few minutes of silence. “Please.”

“Why didn’t you tell us what happened earlier Pone?” He still wouldn’t meet my eyes but he muttered something I couldn’t hear.

“What?” I asked him in the softest voice I could.

“I said ‘I didn’t want ya’ll to hate me.” He said. Barley above a whisper.

“Why would we hate you?” I asked him in disbelief. I couldn’t understand why he would think we would hate him for what happened, none of it was his fault. The only ones we’d hate would be the Socs. They were the ones to blame. Instead of answering, Ponyboy just let the tears fall freely down his face. I moved over to comfort him, wrapping him up into my arms and he cried into my chest for what felt like ages. When he calmed down some, he pulled back away from me and looked ashamed of himself.

When he tried to get up off the ground, his face bunched up in pain and he fell back down. He was taking short gasps of air and had a look of pure agony of his face. His ribs were probably broken and I new to well how painful it is to walk with broken ribs. I couldn’t carry him, but I knew I had to get him back to his house.
“Pone, stay here and I’ll go get one of the gang.” He looked hesitant foe a second but finally nodded his head. When I got up to go Pony grabbed my arm and pulled me back down.

“Johnny, please… please don’t tell anyone!” Pony asked me in a small voice. I could see tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes again, and the sad, scared look on his face almost made me want to start bawling to.

“please…” He said again when I didn’t answer. I knew the best thing to do would be go and get his brothers, they have a right to know what happened to him. But when I looked back into his eyes I couldn’t do it. He was so helpless and scared. He was my best friend and he’s kept tones of my deepest secrets before. He’s always there when I need him and never tells anyone else what I’ve told him.

“Fine.” I say in guilty voice. He puts a small smile on his face.

“Thanks Johnny.” I got up and started running to the Curtis’ house. I hoped someone from the gang was there. As I ran away from the lot, onto the main street, I promised myself I wouldn’t tell anyone else. Ponyboy is the closest person I have to a real family, the gang is to but Pony’s like my biological brother. He needed me now and I was gonna do anything I could to help him. Even if that meant keeping this secret from his brothers.

Ponyboy’s POV

After Johnny started to run over to my house I let my tears fall again. I hoped Johnny’d keep my secret. He was the only one in the gang who knows and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m glad he didn’t hate me though, the rest of the gang wouldn’t be so understanding and I didn’t want to take any chances.

I reached over to grab my pants and slid them on as easily as I could. When I moved the sun hit something shinny laying in the grass next to me. It was Johnny’s blade. When he took the tape off me he’d probably put it down and forgot to pick it back up. The cut on my arm had stopped bleeding awhile ago but when it happened I felt a rush of…… relief. It was a weird feeling but it felt really good at the same time. Kinda like it took away all of my worries.

When I heard rushed footsteps coming towards me, I picked it up and stashed in in my pocket. I figured it might come in handy later.


OMG! Chapter 7 already! Hum… anyways hopefully this story starts going some place now. It might take about a week for the next update… but don’t forgot about me. I’ll be reading hopefully getting more ideas to make this story BETTER! Thanks for everyone’s support and keep those reviews coming! )

This story sounds like its headed down the path to CORNY! okay, okay i know its sounds like Ponyboys being a wimp for not walking home with broken ribs, even though he lives like a few blocks away from the lot. but its DRAMA people. Just thought i had to clear that up. And another reason why i wrote it like that was i needed a reason for Ponyboy to get a hold of Johnny's blade, this was the only way i could think of doing it, even though you guys could probably think of about a million better ones! Review! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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