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Chapter 11

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Chapter 10 was my favourite so far! I don’t know how I’m gonna live up to it! :P
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CHAPTER 11 - Johnny’s POV

I stayed with Pony until he fell asleep, it took awhile though. He really freaked when the rest of the gang found out. I felt so helpless to, I knew this was really hard for him and I couldn’t do anything to help him through it except be there for him. Held him when he cried and be there when he needed someone to talk to.

But I could see where everybody in the gang was coming from. Darry just wanted to help Pony as much as I did, same with Dallas and Two-Bit. But I had a feeling they wanted the people responsible for this dead. It wouldn’t be a surprise. Sodapop was scared when he found out and knew he needed to tell everyone else. Pony couldn’t handle this on his own, no matter how much he thinks he can. Soda did the right thing, they needed to know. And I understood why Pony didn’t want Sodapop anywhere near him. They were brothers and were there for each other, then he went and told the biggest secret Ponyboy’s ever told anybody. I hoped he didn’t mean what he said though, I knew it hurt Soda something awful.

I knew why Steve said what he said to, even though it wasn’t called for at all. He was mad about Soda getting upset, he has a pretty short temper and never really liked Ponyboy. But this feeling I have won’t go away, I think what he said will just make everything worse.

It was getting pretty late and I needed to get some band-aids for Pony’s hand. He punched the wall pretty hard. Two-Bit and Dallas left awhile ago, but I haven’t heard Soda around since Pony screamed at him.

When I walked out of the bathroom carrying the band-aids and peroxide, I saw Darry sitting at the kitchen table. A untouched cup of coffee sitting in front of him. He didn’t notice me at first and I just wanted to walk back down the hall, but something in the look on his face stop me. There were bags under his eyes and they were slightly swollen and red. I’ve never seen Darry cry, he was s’post be untouchable, like Superman. But he looked sad, defeated and scared.

I sank down in the chair across the table from him. Darry barley gave me a second glance before looking back down into his cooling coffee. A thick silence fell between us. I asked the first thing that came to my mind.

“Where’s Soda?”

With his head still down, he muttered his answer. “In my room. Sleeping hopefully.” The sadness in his voice was obvious, he was really worried. Heck, we all were.

“He didn’t mean it you know.” I wasn’t sure why I was trying to start a conversation wit him, but I kinda felt like I owed them. Ponyboy would only talk to me after all. They deserved to know what was going on with him.

“Try telling him that.” The silence fell between us again. We sat there for a while, Darry staring at the table now, and me trying to think about what to say next. I’d forgot about the band-aids in my hands.

“I uh.. Gotta get back…” I felt bad about going in there with Pony when he didn’t want anything to do with his brothers.

“Me to.” Darry said while standing up and empting his cold coffee down the sink. I wanted to say something more, something like ’Everything’s going to be okay Dar. Pony will be fine.’ but I couldn’t bring myself to say it and before I even got a chance to try, Darry was down the hall and walking into his room. I wasn’t true anyways.
With a sigh, I lifted myself off the chair and made my way back to Ponyboy’s bedroom. He was still sleeping, which I was thankful for. I didn’t want Pony to wake
up without me being here for him.

I set everything on the night stand beside the bed, and crawled in beside Pony. I shook him awake until he open his green-grey eyes to look up at me. He smiled, and I felt some relief wash over me. I was happy he didn’t hate me like he did everyone else.

“We need to clean that Pone.” I said, pointing at the cut across his hand. I didn’t even think he noticed it. He let me clean it up and put a band-aid over it, then I removed the band-aid on his cheek and re-cleaned that one too. The last thing he needed now was an infection.

When I was done, I laid back down on my back, facing the ceiling. Pony surprised me when he snuggled up to me and placed his head on my chest, but I knew he felt safer when he was around someone he could trust. I was just happy to be that person. So I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled him closer to me, hoping he wouldn’t have any nightmares tonight.

Two-Bit’s POV

When Dal and I left the Curtis’ place, we both went our separate ways. I’m pretty sure he went to have a few drinks at Bucks, but I had other plains. To find Steve, then beat the shit outta any Soc I saw. That’s how I was gonna spend my Saturday night. Pounding any no-good, rich ass, scum that walked by me. They all deserved it. Even the ones that had nothing to do with what happened to Ponyboy. They’d been at us for a long time, now they’ve gone to far.

I looked for Steve at his house first, but the lights were out and no one answered the door. The DX was closed by now and The Dingo wasn’t one of Steve’s favourite places in the world. I went to Jays next, but the only greasers in there I knew were a few from Shepard’s gang, Tim included. I’d been wasting my time if I went to check the Nightly Double, the only ones in the gang that like movies are Pony and Johnny. Same went for the movie house. So I walked to the lot, and there he was. Sitting in the glow of the fire, downing a couple bottles of beer.

He didn’t notice me at first, but I really think he could care less… he looked pretty wasted.

He didn’t even look in my direction when he slurred “What are you doing herreee Ttow-Bit?”

“Came looking for you.” When he didn’t say anything else I continued. “You know what Steve? You shouldn’ta said that to Po-”

“WHY THE HELL NOT! YOU KNOW ITS TRUE!” He was standing up and suddenly looking a lot more sober.

“It’s no-”

“YES IT IS! THAT FUCKING BRAT GETS EVERYTHING HE WANTS… IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEBOY PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE GOD DAMNIT!” He screamed right at my face. I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“He deserved everything, and I mean everything he got.” He snarled in a low voice. I’d seen Steve drunk before, but this was just… weird. He wasn’t acting like himself at all. I mean I knew him and Pony weren’t on the best terms with each other. But they tolerated one another for Soda. He’s the only thing Steve and Pony share. They both love Sodapop. Steve just doesn’t act like this… he’s normally mad at the world but something must have pissed him off good.

“Steve, buddy, what’s wrong with you huh?” I asked in the most normal voice I could.

“Nothings wrong with me Two-Bit. But it wouldn’t be any of your business if there was.” And with that he walked away from the lot, away from me… in the direction of Bucks. For more beer probably.

Enough of this, I thought. I’ve got some Soc brains to bash.

Darry’s POV

Soda stayed close to me all night, even though his back was facing me. I could hear the sniffling and quiet sobs when he thought I was asleep, but could bring myself to talk to him. I didn’t know what to say. Both my brothers were hurting right now, and I felt torn between them. Ponyboy wouldn’t let me talk to him, and it was always better for Soda to get it outta his system.

Not for the first time, I wished mom and dad were back. I screwed up so badly. I let Ponyboy get raped, and now Soda’s a mess as well. I didn’t know what to do, mom and dad always made things better when they were here.
For the forth time that night, I closed my eyes and waited for sleep to take me over. There was only a couple hours until me and Soda had to get up to go to work. I didn’t want to go, I knew Soda didn’t either. But money was really tight lately and we needed all we could get.

I was finally starting to doze off when a terror-filled scream reached my ears. Sodapop shot outta bed like a bat out of hell and was off down the hall before I could even think about what was happening.


CHAPTER 11! Wow, I wrote the in one hour so I hope its good! XD my exams start tomorrow so I’ll be studying! REVIEW PLEASE!
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