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Chapter 12

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EXAMS ARE OVER!! ITS SUMMER TIME! YAY! XD So… guess what that means ….

MORE UPDATES!! YEAHHHH!! Right now it’s Thursday night and I’m having a party tomorrow so this chapter won’t get posted until Saturday or Sunday. But I don’t know what the point of telling you that was.

ANYWAYS!: I have lots more ideas! XD but there for later chapters and that’s when my two characters come in, and there NOT like long lost family of something, I don’t write those kinda stories! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE REVIEWS! They make me happy! :P

ronfanforever: Thanks for the review and I REALLY appreciate you’re honesty. This chapter will have a STEVE POV in it to kinda help explain why he did what he did. LOL and I like Steve too, one of my favourite stories is where Pony and Steve fall in love! So I’m not to sure why I’m making him out to be such an asshole in my story. But hopefully after reading this chapter you’ll know… and I will to.


CHAPTER 12 - Steve’s POV

Buck Merril slid another can of beer across the bar to me. I’d already had to many to count, but it helped get my mind of what I needed to forget. Buck’s stupid Hank Williams music was blasting in the background and was scraping my nerves raw like sandpaper. The clinking of glasses, loud, rough laughter, and female giggles that filled my head and was almost driving me insane.

I didn’t need beer, I needed Soda. My old man kicked me out again, ‘for good’ he said. I know I never act like I care what my dad thinks of me, but I got a rep to keep you know? Evie dumped me tonight too, which didn’t help my bad mood. She said I was sleeping around on her and heck, I probably was. You go to one of Bucks parties and you’re lucky if you can remember what happened in the morning. I told her if I did I didn’t mean to, she just slapped me across the face and walked off in a huff. I don’t think I’ll ever understand girls.

But then Ponyboy had to go dump his news on us. I only went there tonight to talk to Soda, but he was busy with his little brother. I hate him for that - Ponyboy I mean. He always gets Soda’s attention and then he shits all over him. He was only trying to help him, and what’d he get in return? An ’I fucking hate you’ curtsy of Ponyboy Curtis.

That little piece of shit takes everything for granted. Even though he lost his parents, he still has his brothers, the gang, his brains… he could get outta here. Not like the rest of us.

And what do I have? Shit, that’s what I have. I get kicked outta my house a least once a week. Johnny’s parents are the worst I’ve ever seen, and Two-Bit’s dad ran off on him, his mom and his little sister.

Dallas’ dad doesn’t care about him one way or another, even if he did, Dally sure wouldn’t.

When Pony said that to Soda I just lost it. Nobody talks to my best friend that way if I could help it, even his own family. Soda didn’t deserve it… he was only trying to help. I should’ a keep my mouth shut, my face still really hurt. Superman sure could pack a punch when he wanted to.

I took another sip of my beer and emptied the can. A lot of other people had gotten there and one of them, I notice, was Evie. With fucking Tim Shepard. I lost it again, I’m a pretty stupid drunk. I walked up to Tim and punched him right across the face.

He looked surprised at first, then raised his own balled up fist and knocked me in the head so hard I swore I saw stars. It might’ a been the beer though. I through myself at him then got dragged off by one of his gang members and thrown outside, into the cold night with no where to go.

Great. This is just fucking great! I thought. I already got myself kicked outta the Curtis’ for my big mouth, now I got kicked outta Bucks to because of my short temper. It was to cold to stay outside tonight.

Two-Bit’s was outta the question, I didn’t even know where Dallas lived. And I couldn’t go back to my house anytime soon either. What I perfect ending to this fucking amazing day!

I found myself walking towards The Dingo, out of habit I guess. Me and Soda take girls there all the time. That’s probably one of the reasons why Evie dumped me, it wasn’t always her I took. It was closed, of course.

Nothings gonna go right for me today. So I went to a little convenient store up the road, I was almost outta smokes.
The owner gave me a funny look when I walked in. He looked kinda uneasy and I can’t say I blame him, I’d be freaked out to if a greaser that looked like me walked into my store.

Walking down the isle towards the back of the store I could hear the hushed conversation two Socs were having the next isle over. We were the only ones in the store and I don’t think they noticed me yet.

“Did you hear about it?” The one with the blond hair asked.

“Duh. I just can’t believe they could pull something like that.” The other kid said. He was tall and thin with a whine coloured sweatshirt on and kaki pants, typical Soc.

“Yeah man. It’s kinda nasty though you know? I mean the kid was only like fourteen, fifteen at the most… and a guy.” That sparked my attention pretty quickly.

“Hell, he was a greaser! They were doing us a favour. Regular greaser killers them two are. First beating the shit outta that tanned kid, all them damn drag races, then that other kid. Now they raped another one.” He let out a snort of laughter. I felt my hand squeeze the pack of Kools I’d picked up. They were talking about Pony and Johnny, I was sure of it.

“I can see the head lines now.” The tall Soc said. “Bob Sheldon and Randy Anderson; Grease beaters!” They both burst out laughing and I walked outta the store so fast I was almost running. I had names and that’s all I needed right now.

I got as far as the lot when the world started to spin and all the beer I drank caught up with me. Running while drunk isn’t the smartest thing to do. I fell to the ground and passed out, only blocks from where I needed to be.

Ponyboy’s POV

The warm feeling of someone beside me wasn’t there, instead it was replaced by a cold one. I opened my eyes, but the only thing that meet them was an empty bed. Johnny wasn’t there, but I could feel a set of eyes on me.

The room was still dark, with only a small amount of moon light shining through the window. I couldn’t see the clock in the dark but I was pretty sure it was the middle of the night. I really wanted Johnny though, he just made me feel better about what happened somehow. I can’t explain it… it’s to complicated.

I pulled the bed sheets up around my body when I sat up in the bed. The room felt like it was getting colder by the second. There was I light on in the kitchen, and I secretly hoped it was Sodapop. I was starting to feel really bad about what I said to him.

Johnny was telling me about how tore up he was, and that he was only trying to do what’s best for me. I believe him to I guess, I could never really hate Soda. Dislike him for a little while, sure. But I loved him to much to hate him.

I was about to get up to go apologise to him, when something moving in the corner caught me eye. There was a black figure standing in front of my closet. It looked about 5 feet tall.

It stepped out into the stream of moon light. It light up the persons face so I could see what they looked like. He had cuts and bruises covering his pale skin. His cheek bones were sunken in and his eyes looked hollow. I thought he looked close to my age.

He was just staring at me with his hands draping by his sides. I’d never seen him before. Then in a blink of an eye he was gone. I was looking around the room for him when I felt the air freeze beside me. I slowly turned my head and came face to face with him. He looked even worse close up, and when he reached out and grabbed my shoulders with his bony, pale hands, I opened my mouth and let out a scream.

Sodapop’s POV

I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall as fast as I could. I didn’t care if Ponyboy was mad at me right now, he was scared and I was going to be there for him. Darry was following right behind me. Johnny beat us the his room though, I guess he was in the kitchen or something.

Johnny through open the door and flew inside. Me and Darry followed close behind him. The room was silent and almost completely black. We stood frozen at the door and listened for any sound coming from Ponyboy. There was a muffled sob and uneven breathing coming from somewhere, but I couldn’t pinpoint where.
Darry through on the light, and sheets sprawled across the bed and floor was what meet our eyes. Johnny was still looking around the room, but I don’t think he knew where he was either.

Another sob was let out and Darry turned his head to the corner behind the desk on the far wall. We could see Pony’s feet sticking out from the end of the desk and his legs were shaking pretty badly. We slowly walked over to him, not wanting to scare him anymore.

His face was buried in Darry’s huge sweater, with his hands covering his head, and his legs were brought up close to his chest. His crying was absorbed my the sweater, but you could still hear him. He looked terrified.

I slowly knelt down in front of him, afraid he’d yell at me again. I felt Johnny sit down beside me and Darry was standing behind us.

“Pony?” I asked in a low voice. When he didn’t say anything, Johnny tried.

“Pone?” He reached out and placed his hand on Pony’s shoulder. His head shot up and he jump into Johnny’s arms, crying even harder. Darry walked out into the kitchen to get something for Ponyboy to drink. And I just sat there, not sure what to do with my self. Pony was shaking pretty badly now and the soothing words Johnny was using weren’t helping at all.

I pulled myself over, so I was right beside them and started rubbing his back in relaxing circles like I always did after he had a nightmare. To my surprise he turned around and wrapped his trembling arms around my waist and buried his head in my chest.

I knew it was just the fear that was making him act like this, he was still mad at me, but I didn’t care. Ponyboy needed me right now, and I couldn’t help the little smile that crept onto my face.

“Do you remember it Pone?”

He took in a quivering breath and shook his head. The three of us sat there in silence until Darry came back with a glass of water and some of Ponyboy’s sleeping pills. I picked him up and carried him over to his bed, and pulled the covers over him after Johnny got in and snuggled up to his other side.

Darry sat on the edge of the bed closest to me and dropped the pills into Ponyboy’s shaking hand. He put the pills into his mouth and drank the whole glass of water. Darry took the glass back and put it on the night table beside the bed. He bent down and pushed the hair outta of Pony’s face and kissed his forehead. There was a sad and defeated look on his face again, and I could see the pain trying to hide behind his eyes.

“You’ll be alright now Pony.” He whispered and got up, walking out the door. I turned to leave, not knowing what else to do. There was a tug at the bottom of my T-shirt, and when I turned around, my eyes were met with the wet ones of my little brother. He didn’t say anything but I knew what he wanted. I crawled into bed beside him a through my arm around both him and Johnny. Pony wiggles in between the both of us, still trying to stop his crying.

I know he’ll probably hate me again in the morning, but for right now he was in my arms and I wasn’t planning on letting him go anytime soon.

Ponyboy’s POV

I knew I was souspto hate Soda, he did tell everyone something I didn’t want them to know. He lied to me and told them, now they hate me. But Soda was always there for me when ever I was scared. I’m scared now, so there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be here.

There’ll be lots of time to hate Sodapop when he’s at work tomorrow, but for right now I need my older brother just as much as I need my best friend.

It’s a perfect match; The only two people in the world I can trust now, they only people I can tell anything to and the only two people I know will be there for me no matter what. Even when I don’t think I need them.


Sorry Ponyboy’s 2nd POV was really short. But I ran out of ideas for this chapter! Anyways I’m not to sure about that whole STEVE thing up there but I hope you guys like it… after all you’re your own worst cridect right?? lol
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