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I Don't Love You Like I Loved You Yesterday

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Christi's POV

As Gerard and I made our way through the lobby, Mikey, Frankie, Ray, and Bob came running toward us.
"You found Christi!" Mikey screamed as he ran over and glomped us. As the three of us laughed, all of the other guys came over and hugged us, resulting in a giant pile in the middle of the lobby. I pulled my way out of the pile and stood back as the guys awakwardly pulled away from each other.
"Let's go back to your party, Christi." Frankie said pulling me to the elevator. I shrugged and grabbed Gerard with my free hand.
"Where are we going?" Gerard asked.
"I thought you wanted to get married." I said, laughing.
"But... wait... what?" Gerard stuttered.
"There's a priest at the party. He was supposed to marry me and Pete, so I figure let's not waste his money." I said pressing the button to get the elevator moving.
"Are you sure?" Gerard asked, raising an eyebrow at me.
"Do you think I'm ashamed of you?" I asked.
"Well, not me, but that flamer over there." Gerard said pointing at Frankie, laughing.
"I'm not gay! How many times do I have to say that?" Frankie shouted as we got out of the elevator and headed toward the party.
"That's not what Christi said last year." Ray said poking Frankie's arm.
"I admit, I used have a tiny little baby crush on him, but not any more." Frankie explained. We all laughed.
"Sure buddy." Gerard said, patting Frankie on the back.
"I'm not gay!" Frankie shouted as we walked back into the party. Everybody turned to stare at us, even Pete, who had returned to talk to all of his friends who were there.
"Hey... guys." I said in between giggles.
"He's not gay." Gerard said pointing to Frankie. it was enough to break the tension. Everybody laughed and went back to their on conversations. I motioned for Pete to come over to me as I walked over to the table that I had been siting at earlier that evening.
"Is the priest still here?" I asked as I took a seat and motioned for the guys to do the same.
"Yeah, he's about ready to leave though. He says if he's not needed he's just going to 'mosy on home'" Pete said, pointing across the room.
"You want to do me a huge favor?" I asked, standing up.
"What?" He asked.
"Be a witness at my wedding?"
"Right now?"
"I uh... I... sure." Pete said, putting his hand to his head.
"Thank you." I whispered as I grabbed Gerard's arm and pulled him after Pete and I toward the priest.

Gerard's POV

After a quick ceremony in the hallway behind the room where the party had been, Pete handed us the key to the honeymoon suite.
"I don't think I'll be needing this any more." He said before walking away. Christi and I giggled and made our way upstairs. It felt like we were 16 and 18 again.
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