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Chapter 29

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Worst Day Ever

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It was almost dark so we decided to head back. We got out of Kevin’s car and walked into the house, tired. We all drug ourselves to bed apparently too tired to really say goodnight. I got into my pajamas and crawled under my covers. Today had went really well, I think that everything was back to normal, as it should be. I shut my eyes and drifted off to sleep as the moon shown brightly through the balcony window. I felt myself begin to dream…


I looked around at my surroundings, there was nothing the whole space I was in was white. “Hello?” I yelled. “Anyone here?” I yelled again. Nothing…no one responded. I felt alone and a little scared. “Hello.” I heard the purr of Joe’s voice. “Joe?” I asked. “Yes.” I seen him appear beside me. “Oh thank goodness someone’s here.” I hugged him.
“I’m glad you’re here.” he smiled. “Why?” I asked. “Because I have to tell you something.” he started. “What?” I asked eagerly. “I love you and I want you to break up with Nick.” he said. It shocked me, “Joe…I…There’s no way I can break up with Nick for you” I said. “There is, Aubrey you love me. I know you do.” he grabbed my hands. “Joe I cant love you.” I shook my head. I seen Joe begin to fade. “Joe? Joe don’t leave!” I shouted. I didn’t want to be alone again. “Joe?” I whispered. I sat down as I felt like crying. I didn’t quite understand all of this.
I looked up and seen my face. “What the-” I raised my eyebrow. “Ya ya whatever be freaked out.” I seen myself roll her eyes. I tilted my head. “Ok you know you’re dreaming right?” she asked me. “Ya I kinda figured with the whole white room thing.” I nodded. “Well I am you only I’m just the subconscious part.” she started. “Ok…” I said still a little freaked out. “What do you want?” I asked. “I’m just here to tell you to quit hiding your feelings! Can’t you see that you love Joe?” she asked me. “I cant.” I responded. “Oh my God you’re are so dumb! You love Joe, there isn’t a ‘I cant’ or anything else you do! I advise that you do something before you make a mistake and really hurt Nick.” she said and disappeared. So there I was alone again. I wanted to think things over but…


I heard the phone ringing forcing me to get up from my dream. I drug myself down the stairs and picked up the phone.

“Hello” I mumbled
“Aubrey is this you?” I heard Denise.
“Well Paul and I have to be here for a little longer.” she sighed.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because the meeting didn’t get finished last night.”
“Oh…ok well then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked.
“…Not tomorrow but the day after, all of this is taking a long time.” she said.
“Ok then I’ll see you in 2 days then.”
“Yep and you guys all be careful and safe!” she warned.
“We will. Bye.”
“Bye sweetheart.” we hung up.

Another two days to do whatever we wanted. I didn’t know whether to be excited or sad. I just knew things were going to be either really boring or really bad. I didn’t have a very good feeling about today, especially since the dream.
“Who was that?” Chelcie asked as she walked up beside me. “Denise and Paul I guess they are gonna be gone for another two days.” I shrugged. “Oh that reminds me my mom and dad are out of town so it looks like I will staying with you guys for a little while.” she said pouring herself some cereal. “Awesome.” I nodded.
Chelcie and I ate cereal as we waited for the others to get up. “So do you like hanging with the Jonas Brothers?” I asked. “Ya its really fun, I cant believe how nice they are.” she nodded. “I know its crazy.” I agreed. “How did you meet them?” she asked. “Well actually I won a contest to go to a concert and meet them and I brought Brooke with me and then everything else just sort of happened.” I laughed. “Wow that was a lucky chance.” Chelcie said. “I know it was definitely the best thing I have ever entered.” I smiled.
Chelcie and I waited for awhile as we talked about some things about her and some things about me. Chelcie was really easy to talk to and seemed really interested in everything that I said. Finally they all came downstairs. “So what do you guys want to do today?” Nick asked.
“Well Brooke and I had planned to go to the mall together.” Kevin said holding Brooke’s hand. “The mall sounds good.” Chelcie said putting her bowl away. “Ya I haven’t been to the mall in a while.” Nick shrugged. “Eh I’m to tired I think that I’m just gonna like watch TV.” I said. I just wasn’t in the mood for having to be around people. “Joe?” they asked. “Same as Aubrey I’m tired too.” he yawned. “Really?” we all asked. “Hyper people get tired too.” he defended himself as we laughed. The others drove away leaving Joe and I there at the house alone…together.
We walked into my room and turned on the TV I had sitting on my dresser. I laid down on the floor as did Joe. So there we were watching TV doing not much of anything. “So you were tired huh?” I asked. “Not really I just didn’t want to go to the mall.” he shrugged. “Joe Jonas not wanting to go to the mall? Are you sick?” I asked. “No I’m not sick.” he rolled his eyes, “Maybe I just wanted to hang out with you.” he suggested. I didn’t reply because I didn’t want to get carried away. I still had a weird feeling in my stomach…I hated it!
A couple hours passed, “I’m hungry again.” I said getting off the floor. “Me too.” Joe agreed. “What should we eat?” I asked. “How should I know?” Joe said. “Hmmm…I want a pop-tart.” I said as we walked down the stairs. “Ok…I think I want one too.” he said as he tossed me a pop-tart and got one for himself.
We laid back down on my floor and I turned back to the TV but Joe kept his eyes on me. “So did you have fun yesterday?” he asked. “Ya I had a great time although I did have a weird dream last night.” I quickly regretted saying that. “What was it about?” he asked. Darn him! “Oh nothing.” I tried to avoid the subject. “Oh come on tell me.” he pouted but this time it wasn’t going to work. “Nothing I cant really remember it, I just know that it was weird.” I lied, I remembered the dream vividly. “If you say so…” he dropped it.
“How are you and Nick doing?” he asked after a while. “Better now…” I said. “Well that’s good…I’m glad that things worked out.” he sounded a little bummed.


Aubrey wouldn’t tell me about her dream and she seemed a little bit uncomfortable so I dropped the subject. We watched another show and then I decided to talk again. “How are you and Nick doing?” I asked slightly hoping that she was still a little upset about the whole Chelsea Staub deal. “Better now…” she said. My heart dropped. “Well that’s good…I’m glad that things worked out.” I could tell that my voice wasn’t exactly happy. I had to admit that I was a little bummed.


Everyone seemed to be having a good time but I think that Nick and Chelcie were having a little to much fun. I thought about saying something but instead I kept my mouth shut, I didn’t want to get mixed up that whole ordeal. “This one or this one?” Brooke said holding two shirts in front of me. “Umm…That one.” I said selecting the one that I thought Brooke would look extra good in. I watched her for a few moments, she was just so beautiful, I had to be the luckiest guy in the world.


I hung mostly with Nick and I was definitely falling hard for him. I hated myself for it, I mean he was Aubrey’s man not mine! We were both sitting at a booth in the food court. “You ok?” he asked snapping me out of my trance. “Ya sorry I was going off into my own little world there.” I laughed. “Its cool.” he said taking another drink of his Diet Coke. “So how are you and Aubrey doing?” I asked. “Lots better actually. I think that everything is back to normal now.” he nodded happily. “That’s good.” I smiled weakly. Yep I hated myself for this…complete and utter hate!


Joe and I watched more TV for awhile when one of my favorite shows came on. “Woo!” I said turning my focus to the TV. Joe changed the channel. I gave him the death glare. “What was that! Change it back!” I pouted. “No.” he challenged me. So I pounced on him.
I wrestled him and he wrestled back. “Give me the remote.” I huffed. “No I don’t want you to have the remote!” he huffed back. “Grr…” I almost growled as we kept wrestling. “Come on just let me watch my show!” I begged as I held him down. “Nope!” he came back on top. “Joe quit being so immature!” I said trying to loosen my hands from his grip. “Stop being immature? Ok is this immature?” he pressed his lips onto mine. I wanted to resist but it felt so good. I felt his tongue graze my bottom lip and I willingly let him in. Why was I letting him do this? His hands now let go of my wrists and grabbed my hands as his fingers slipped around mine. I was completely consumed in the moment until…
The door opened, “Hey Aubrey, Joe we’re-” I heard Nick’s voice stop. I pushed and Joe jolted off. His shocked face looked at me for a moment then he turned and walked away. “Nick I-” I tried to explain but he was already out the door. I chased after him. “Nick it was a mistake!” I shouted as he walked downstairs. I glanced around the room and only Brooke, Kevin, and Nick stood there, apparently Chelcie went home. “A mistake?” he finally spoke. “Yes I swear!” I said through the tears. Brooke and Kevin looked at us.
“What’s going on?” Kevin asked. “She kissed Joe!” Nick said and I thought I seen a tear. Brooke’s wide eyes looked at me, “You did?” she asked in disbelief. Joe finally came running downstairs. “Nick it was all me Aubrey didn’t do a thing!” he said defending me. “Oh I’m sure that you started it but Aubrey sure didn’t look like she was trying to stop you!” he said. “She…she…” Joe tried to come up with something but Nick was right…I didn’t try to push him off…I might of even encouraged him to continue. I felt awful! What had I done?
“I cant believe you did that!” Nick yelled snapping me out of my horrible thoughts only to replace them with more horribleness , “We’re over!” his voice rang in my ears. I thought my heart was popping, had Nick Jonas really just broken up with me? “What?” I asked desperately. “Over, we’re over!” he said again. “I forgave you when you went off kissing that slut Chelsea Staub!” I yelled back. “That was…that was different! She kissed me!” he said back. “I cant believe you‘re not even giving me a second chance! It was an accident! I cant take it I‘m leaving!” I yelled and ran out the door still crying. I couldn’t believe everything that had just happened…Nick and I were over…
I didn’t take Kevin’s car I just walked down the sidewalk. “What have I done?” I kept whispering to myself. I walked for what seemed like forever when I finally seen a small park. I sat on the swings. How could I have done that? I hated people who cheated and then I go around cheating?
For awhile I just sat there moving slowly back and fourth. “Hey weirdo.” I heard Brooke’s voice. “Hey.” I mumbled. “So I could say I told ya so, but that would be mean.” she sat down on the swing beside me. “How could I have done that, Brooke?” I asked her. “Aubrey its not your fault…well it is but…I’m just going to stop talking.” she laughed. “Ya you should your not exactly making this better.” I smiled weakly.
Brooke and I sat there on the swings not saying a word but somehow with silence saying everything that was needed to be said. Brooke and I always had that certain connection where you could say everything without saying anything. Moments passed and there we sat not doing anything or saying a word.
“I think we should go home.” Brooke spoke. “But what about Nick?” I asked. “Nick is gonna be fine…especially with Chelcie drooling all over him.” she smiled. “Do you think everything will go back to normal?” I asked. “Hopefully…and if it doesn’t…well it just will get better.” she nodded.
We walked through the door as all the faces turned to us, Chelcie had come back. My insides turned and I bit my lip. I wanted to say sorry but I knew that sorry wouldn’t change anything. I could see the look of concern on Joe’s face. We locked eyes for only a moment before we looked away. Chelcie looked at me her face was confused. I didn’t know what to think my brain felt like it was going into overload!
I looked at all their faces and then everything began to blur. My heart beat slowed and I couldn’t feel anything anymore. My eyelids fluttered and my legs shook, I felt uneasy and strange. “Aubrey?” I heard a faraway voice that sounded like Brooke. I didn’t know what was happening. “sorry” I whispered. I seen their faces one last time and then everything went black…solid black…
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