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Chapter 30

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Aubrey? You ok?

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I seen Aubrey and Brooke walk in. Aubrey and I caught glances for only a moment. No matter how bad I felt about doing that to Nick I still loved Aubrey. She looked at all of us. She began to look uneasy. I was just about to get off the couch and see what was wrong and then she feel to the floor unconscious.
Kevin dialed 911 as everyone ran to her side, even Nick. “Aubrey? Aubrey?” Brooke was crying. The ambulance pulled up and immediately took her away. I watched them drive away with the sirens blaring, in only a few moments it seemed like my whole world had come crashing down.
“Joe come on!” Kevin yelled motioning me to his car. I got in and we road to the Hospital, Kevin driving faster then usual, which considering that he drives pretty fast, was really fast. We quickly found her room that was full of nurses. “Is she ok?” I asked the doctor desperately. “I don’t know sir I’m getting ready to examine her.” he said pushing me to the side.
We waited and paced outside her room as we got repeatedly told that we couldn’t go in the room. “What is taking so long!” Brooke sighed. I could see the worry in her eyes. I couldn’t even imagine what she felt, her best friend possibly dying. Then again I felt horrid, the girl I loved could possibly be dying. We all felt awful. Nick was pacing too, I could tell he was worried. I think that all the anger towards her was gone.


Even thought I was completely furious with Aubrey I didn’t want anything like this to happen. I was so mad at Joe and Aubrey but I couldn’t help but look over at Chelcie and my heart pull to her. There’s no way I could possibly be falling for someone that quick after getting cheated on…could I?


I kept waiting and waiting. The doctors just kept going in and out of her room. Why can’t they just let us see her! I seen Kevin calling Mom and Dad, I had completely forgotten about them…oops. “Mom and Dad are coming home right now they said they would be here in an hour.” Kevin said walking back to us.
A doctor came out, “Well we need to ask you all a few questions.” he started. “Ok.” we all nodded. “Was she under a lot of stress? Also does she have an anxiety problem of any sort?” the doctor asked. “Ya she was under some stress…” we all stole glances. “Aubrey does have some anxiety things…” Brooke mumbled. “Well then that definitely explains it, she had a severe anxiety attack. Most that you see are small but hers was major so she may be a while before she’s back to normal.” he nodded and walked down the hall. Aubrey has anxiety issues? Why did she never tell us? I thought she was completely open about everything? I ignored my thoughts and kept in mind how much I loved her.


“You may see her now.” a nurse said exiting Aubrey’s room. We rushed in, “Aubrey!” I hugged her tightly. “Thank God you’re ok!” I hugged her again. I was so happy that she was ok! She smiled weakly. “I’m so sorry guys…” she mumbled. “You have no reason to be sorry, we’re sorry for stressing you out so bad.” Kevin offered his apology. I knew that Aubrey was thinking how dumb he was for apologizing for something that was ‘her fault’. She never understood that it wasn’t always her fault. Dumb, stubborn Aubrey.
We talked for a little while and I noticed that Nick wasn’t as angry anymore, in fact it think that he was really happy Aubrey was ok. Chelcie seemed happy too, she babbled on and on about things that were funny or just interesting. We all were happy that Chelcie changed the subject off Aubrey so we could all relax for just a moment and not have to worry…Chelcie loved telling stories…I listened for awhile but I looked over at Aubrey and she gave me a smile. Thank god Aubrey’s ok…I don’t know what I would’ve done without her…


I really wanted everyone to leave. I know that its selfish but I so bad wanted a moment with her. I seen Mom and Dad walk in but Aubrey was asleep. “Is she ok?” Mom asked softly noticing the sleeping Aubrey. “Ya she had a severe anxiety attack.” Kevin mumbled. “Why was she that upset?” Dad asked.
“Umm…well…” we all said a bunch of gibberish. Mom looked at all of us suspiciously, “What did you boys do?” she asked all of us. I was so terrified that Nick was gonna spill it all and I would get lectured and Aubrey would get in trouble. “Oh it was a lot of things with the tour and all the screaming fans and with us breaking up…” he said. “You guys broke up? Why?” Mom asked more questions. Please don’t say anything… please don’t say anything… “We just thought that it would be best.” he replied simply.
“Alright well do you guys want anything to eat, we’re going to the cafeteria.” Dad said. “Well I need to stretch my legs.” Kevin said standing up. They all decided to go eat. “Joe are you coming?” Dad asked before leaving. “No I don’t want Aubrey to wake up and be alone.” I said even though I really just wanted to be here with Aubrey. I was never going to leave her side. Dad left.
“Oh Aubrey…” I sighed.


I had fallen asleep after seeing everyone. I couldn’t believe I had had an anxiety attack, I hadn’t had one for years! They must think I’m some sort of freak. I began to hear a voice, “Oh Aubrey…” I opened my eyes and seen Joe’s wonderful, wonderful face. “Joe…” I almost whimpered. He perked up and embraced me with his arms, almost hurting me. “Joe you already knew I was ok.” I smiled. “I know but I hate seeing you like this.” he smiled. When he smiled my world just brightened up, I did love Joe…I really did.
“How come you never told us?” he asked. “Told you what?” I acted like I didn’t know what he was speaking of. “The whole stress attack thingy or whatever.” he said. “I…I just thought that you guys would think I was a freak or something that had to have medication and was crazy…” I said hoping that he didn’t think that now. “Why would we think that? Aubrey, you are like the most wonderful, beautiful, bestest girl that I’ve ever met!” he gazed at me with his big caring eyes. “Joe…I love you…” I said quickly and almost in a mumble. “What did you say again?” he asked. “Joe I love you…I just know it.” I said again only louder. “You do?” he asked eagerly. “Yes Joe…I really do” we kissed softly only letting our lips touch for a moment.
“I’m so sorry that I avoided it for so long…it just seemed to good to be true.” I apologized. “Don’t be sorry…I honestly never minded the wait.” he thought for a moment. “So does this mean…your like my…girlfriend?” he asked quietly. I wanted to just say yes but, “What about Nick?” I asked. “Oh…ya.” he sighed sadly, “I think he’s getting over it though…not to mention that Chelcie’s pretty into him.” he shrugged. “Good point…so lets just wait till they’re together.” I suggested. “Deal.” he smiled.
I seen Denise and Paul walk in, “Your up!” Denise chimed and hugged me. Paul hugged me too. I got another set of hugs from everyone. Man they were worried! At least I know that I’m loved. Denise walked over to me, “The doctor prescribed some medicine for you to take so that everything gets better and he said that you could leave tomorrow.” she put her hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry for the scare.” I said. “Nope I don’t want any apologies, I’m just glad you’re ok.” she smiled.
They all sat with me until Paul and Denise said they needed to go home and call Hollywood Records because apparently they were ‘worried’ too. Ha and pigs can fly! Chelcie began to nod off. It was kinda funny watching her slowly lean over and then pop back up. At last she really fell asleep…right on Nick’s shoulder. Maybe this whole Nick and Chelcie thing will happen quick?
“I think that we need to get Chelcie home. We shall be here tomorrow and take you home…away from the scary white walls…” Kevin chuckled. I loved when he was weird. He kissed my forehead and hugged me. I said goodbyes to everyone…except Joe. He told them that he wanted to flirt with the nurses…I would say that they are gullible if Joe wasn’t such a big flirt…flirty Joe. “Ok Joe…good luck…” Kevin shook his head and away they went.
“Honestly Joe I think I could’ve handled one night without all of you guys.” I rolled my eyes. “Oh I know that you could’ve handled it but I don’t think I could’ve handled one night without you in the same building as me.” he smirked that gorgeous smirk. Darn Joe for being so gosh darn perfect.
I was really tired but sleeping in a Hospital was really hard even though I had done it many times before. I felt childish for asking but, “Joe will you sing me to sleep?” I asked blushing. “I would love to!” he grinned. So I fell asleep to Joe singing ‘Hello Beautiful’ over and over until I was completely asleep. His lovely voice drifted into my mind as I slept…


I sang to Aubrey as she tried to sleep, I even sang for a little while after she was asleep just because. I watched her for a while noticing how her dirty-blonde waves softly hung on her neck. I was so glad that she loved me too. I sat my head down on the edge of her bed and began to drift away.
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