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Chapter 9

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Gerard and Mel talks

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“Melody, you’re home early” my dad greeted me from the kitchen when I arrived home.

“Yea I got bored after awhile” I said.

“Ok, dinners ready in half an hour” he said and disappeared into the kitchen.

I slowly went up in the stair to my room. I slumped onto the floor and looked at myself in the mirror f my built in wardrobe. My eyes have already gone red after the tears spilling out of my eyes on my journey home. I felt so stupid. How could I not have not noticed that Gerard was playing a game with me? I growled to myself. I sat like that for what it seems a long time until my father called me down to dinner. I wasn’t hungry but I went down anyway.

My eyes were closed as I listened to ‘Damage in the waiting room’ by The Vaine. I faintly heard my brother calling out that Dan was here a few seconds ago. I bet he wanted to know what happened yesterday with Gerard. I sat up on my bed just when Dan entered my room.

“Hey!” Dan greeted me cheerfully with a hug.

“Hey” I hugged back.

“So what happened?” he asked excitedly.

“Nothing” I said. It was kinda true…

“Oh come on” he sat next to me. “What happened? I wanna know!” he pouted his bottom lip.

“If you’re expecting me to say that we’re going out then you’re wrong” I rolled my eyes.

“Ok.” He raised an eyebrow. “He didn’t make a move on you?”

“He kinda did…”

“What did he do? Omg did he tell you that he liked you so so much?!”

I rolled my eyes again. He can be dramatic. “We just kissed and then I just walked off”

Dan gasped. “What?! Why?”

“I have my reasons”

“Were you shy?” he squeezed my cheek.

“No” I kept a straight face.

“Then what happened? Why did you walk off like that?”

“Oh maybe because he’s been playing me the whole time” I emphasised on my words.”

“You didn’t know all along he liked you?” Dan asked looking shocked. “It was so obvious that he
liked you”

I groaned and rubbed my eyes. “How would I know?!”

“So what are you gonna do?” he asked once he calmed down.

“Nothing” I said bluntly. “Probably avoid him for the rest of my life” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Don’t be a coward” Dan said. “I know how much Gerard like you. He likes you… in fact he loves
you so much that he’ll do anything for you and if you avoid him then he’ll be heartbroken”

“Whoa wait” I grabbed his arms. “You knew he liked me?”

He bit his bottom lip. “Whoops, I wasn’t supposed to say that”

“Well you did” I narrowed my eyes at him. “You bitch, why didn't you tell me” I slapped his arm.

“Because I gave Gerard that responsibility. By the way I still don’t know why you wanna murder

I sighed, “Because I have humiliated myself. I thought that whole time he liked someone else. I
encouraged him to tell ‘the girl he liked’ feeling and what do you see? He kisses me and goes I love you it was you the whole time!” I scoffed. “Why would I want to be with him? He’s just toying with me!” I pointed my index finger at him. “And plus it will ruin my reputation. Everyone will make fun of me, I will be a loser!”

Dan rolled his eyes. “Honey, you can be like me. And plus, you already do lie. You hang out in
the library with Gerard every bloody day and just covering it up by saying ‘Oh I have to help him for history’” he mimicked me.

I crossed my arms over my chest. Well he won that argument. “So people will know eventually”

“Oh shut up” Dan stood up, “Come on sugar pie”

“Where are we going?” I stood up too.

“To Gerard’s, so you can tell him that you love him too”

“What? No way!” I sat back on my bed. “I do not love him”

“Yes you do”


“You hang out with him a lot and talk about him to me… need I say more?”

I slumped my shoulders and frowned at him, “You need to know something Dan”

“What is it?”

“Don’t intrude in people’s lives” I said in monotone.

“Oh fine” Dan crossed his arms and sat back next to me.

“Oh shit” I mumbled to myself as I walked to school.

Gerard was waiting at the gates.

I convinced myself that he was waiting for his friends as I tried to calm my heart and brain down. Without looking at him I walked swiftly passed him.

“Mel, wait up!” Gerard hurried after me.

I sighed. Damn. I stopped and turned to him. I didn’t want him chasing me around school where
everybody will notice.

“Look, I’m sorry about the other day” he looked sincere.

I eyed the guy that was eavesdropping on us. I eyed him till he walked off. “Gerard don’t say
that. Not here”

“I need to talk to you” he seemed oblivious as he flicked his dark hair. “I’m really sorry about kiss-“

I rapidly covered his mouth with my hand. “OK. I really do understand your apologies but just don’t talk to me again ok?”

“No, I’m not leaving you till I fully talked to you” he removed my hand.

I sighed again. “Ok fine” I leaned and whispered. “We’ll talk after school” some place without students around was good.

“How about lunch?” he suggested.


“Fine” he stepped back, “I’ll be waiting at the gates”

I nodded and quickly left him.

I came out of my maths class smiling because our teacher has forgotten the exam papers at home so we didn’t do the exam.

“Good luck sweetie” Dan slapped my arse then hurried through the hallway.

I groaned. God did I love Dan. My smile quickly faded as I proceeded to the school gates. I made it there 10 minutes after the school bell rang so that there wouldn’t be many students around to witness. I found Gerard leaning on the fence and looking out at a distance. His hazel eyes were more yellow, probably because of the sun shining to his face.

He somehow noticed my presence and turned to me. “Hey”

“Hi” I tried not to sound awkward.

“You wanna go to a park or something?” he sounded uneasy.

“Sure” I shrugged my shoulders.

We walked to the park in silence. It took about 15 minutes to get there. The park was empty thankfully as we made our selves comfortable on the grass. I looked down since we sat across each other. I heard him sigh so I looked up at him.

“I’m so sorry Mel” he started to say. “I shouldn’t have kissed you like that or make you think that I liked somebody else”

I didn’t respond. I didn’t even know what to say.

“I just thought I could take my chances but I guess I was wrong. I know you don’t wanna be with me or even have feelings for me; so I just… let’s just be friends again”

I took a breath and hoped I wouldn’t stutter. “Ok, 1. Yes you shouldn’t have kissed me when you made me believe that you liked some other girl. 2. Who told you I don’t have any feelings for you? 3. I don’t know what to do anymore” I fiddled with my fingers.

Gerard covered his face with his hands. “I’m a dickhead right?”

“Hmm” I nodded.

He didn’t change his posture.

“The reason why I ran off was because I felt… insecure and confused” I said in a low voice. I watched him uncover his face. “I felt stupid for not realising that it was me the whole time. I’ve asked myself a million times ‘Is he toying with me?’ I didn’t wanna see you anymore”

“Stop right there” he signalled with his hand. “Don’t you ever think that I am toying with you.
I never have any of the intention of doing that. Listen I’m not like those jocks that you previously dated. I’m different and I can prove it to you”

I groaned.

“Ok how about we start this whole thing again”

I looked up at him.

“Mel, I love you. I love you so much that my brain is hating me for thinking about you; my dreams are all starred by you. My heart beats for you. I want you to… no… I need you to be my girlfriend. Or we can just stay as friend… anything so I can just be with you all the time. I’ll turn to a jock if you want”

“Gerard learn how to close that mouth of yours” I massaged my temples.

“I’m sorry” he sighed.

“Hmm” I nodded.

“OMG Mel!” someone intruded us.

I groaned it was Kelly also known as my bestie. “Hey” I greeted her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked and wrinkled her nose when she looked at Gerard.

“Nothing. Just work” I shrugged.

She nodded and kept a straight face. She sighed. “Should warn you that Matt is coming this way”

I gasped. “Argh Gerard get up” I stumbled up. “No one knows we were here ok?” I asked Kelly.

“Ok” she grinned.

“Thanks” I grinned back and grabbed Gerard’s arm; “We gotta go” we hurried off.

“It’s ok; I can bash him if he lays eyes on you”

I rolled my eyes. “Shut up”

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