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Frank's Mother dies, and he has never gotten along well with his Father ever since he found out why his parents divorced when he was just a little kid. He moves in with Mikey instead, hoping that t...

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You could just hear the same, familiar footsteps. The same old sound you've heard a thousand times in the movies. The footsteps of someone walking the green mile. Someone walking the line, of which they never wanted to walk. The line of Death, is what I call it. No, I'm not on Death-row. But sure as hell, I feel like I am. I'm walking the empty, poorly-lit hallway, to the Morgue, where my Mother is. Recently hit by a car, and left to die on the side of the road like a worthless animal, found dead, and brought here.
My younger brother, Steven and I, pretty much have been forced to live with our Dad. My parents seperated when I was really little. Steven must've been about three or two, I was about five or six. All I remember was endless arguments and the sound of wine glasses smashing against the wall. Then, a door slam, and my Mom crying. The sound of divorce.
The following years got better though, Mom never really saw any other men, and Dad never really saw any other women. So it was just two parents, and two houses, and no fuss really. It actually worked out better than when my parents lived together. Those were the years of child innocence, you never really understood why your parents seperated, but at the same time, you never really cared because you got two birthdays, two christmas' and two pocket money pay days a week. But then you hit the teen years. And then you find out why Mom and Dad seperated. So, you start to hate your Dad, and just don't get along with him because he fucked someone else, and broke your Mom's heart. So when your Mom dies, and you're only seventeen, and you're forced to live with your Dad, you're then faced with one big problem.
Ever since I was in kindergarten, I had my best friend by my side, Mikey. The skinny and tall idiot that never ceased to make me laugh. His older brother, Gerard, pretty much another fascinating man. He was never really tall, and he's always been the chubby one out of the Ways. But there was something special about this man, and you could tell he was going to do something fucking extraordinary one day. Talented artist, talented singer and song writer, incredible actor... He was made for hollywood. But he was just too cool for it.
Then you have my two other best friends, Ray and Bob. Been best friends with them since I turned twelve. All I can say, they're just full of random shit. Bob, constantly coming out with the most pathetic, but hilarious bullshit I've ever heard of. And Ray, blasting guitar solos whether he's got a guitar, or not.
I guess music is what has kept me sane all these years. Especially now that my Mother has gone, and she was the one that brought me up and taught me how to become something better for myself, I need something to keep me alive. Music, and Mikey has kept me going.
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