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Chapter 12: The Unoffical Ending

by micman

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Category: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Angst,Horror,Humor - Characters: Aang,Katara,Sokka,Zuko - Warnings: [R] - Published: 2008-06-27 - Updated: 2008-06-27 - 421 words - Complete

It was a beautiful day at the Avatar's camp. The birds were singing, the bees were humming and there was a low rumbling getting louder and louder. As Aang asked Toph "What's happening?" a group of platypusbear crashed through the underbrush.

"Oh Shit!" yelled Toph, as she earthbent herself underground. The platypusbear found Aang first. The blood and gore is a bit to gory to describe here... Oh well. Who cares?

They ripped open his head first. They found a huge, pink, 70% water morsel in there. They just tucked in. When their duck-billed mouths stopped chewing, they had blood all across their faces.

Next came the chest. After a few seconds, they were feasting on his innards. The small and large intestine were sucked up like oversized pieces of spaghetti. His lungs were extra full of air so they punctured them quickly. Then they ripped them out. One with a slight checkered pattern , like tartan, started playing them like bagpipes before eating them. Then came the heart. One of them picked it up and stuck it in their mouth. One chomp sprayed the others with blood.

Sokka and the others watched the grisly scene. "Don't move. It's too late for Aang." But Katara would'nt listen. she could'nt listen. "AAAAAAANG!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!" She screamed as she ran to his ripped up carcass. Still surrounded by platypusbears. One swipe from Tartan bear and she was dead.

They did'nt eat her innards or brain. No sir. They had sex with her dead body. They all had their go until cum was dripping from her mouth and her eyeballs were a milky white. Then (Oh god, i am lmao right now as i type this) they swiped her face off, spraying the cum everywhere. A huge noise that sounded like someone Ltao (Laughin their Ass off) came from the sky.

They used their heat sensors to find, and dig, Toph out of the ground. Then they raped her. Alive. The screams would of scarred (no pun intended) Zuko for life if he had'nt commited suicide.

Only Suki and Sokka were alive. "Sokka, i want you to do a very important thing for me." Suki asked. And at the same time they both whispered "... Kill me.". If they wern't so horrified they would of argued who killed the other. But now they made a silent agreement. Sokka got his boomerang and Suki got here metel fans.

And as the platypusbears found them, two became one... Forever.

Poor moon spirit. She has to be GF to a transsexual.
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