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When a doctor calls pick up or die!

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What his doctor thinks and a check up a talk about the graveyard a almost rape victum.

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Chapter 4
"So Kana how has every thing been, breath" said the doctor "fine I was just worried about if I should hove stop that man." He nodded scratched his head "so you lied to your friends about seeing me why?" she crossed her hands and leaned her head in to make shore she could hear me "I didn't wont to worry them or Ashley I now they would kill me for lying."

She nodded and rubbed the back of her neck "well you got a point, but next time you do some thing like this come see me right away." She started to shake her finger in me face with a stern look on her face. Huffing and venting trying not to loss herself while she was doing that I noticed that she had changed her office. She had anime posters like Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai champloo, and Inuyasha. She also had doctor poster of a little boy with a stethoscope "So how is your m... oh I mean Mrs. Ashley has her wound healed ok."

"Ya hasn't she come and visited you Miss. Cook" I looked at her sorta confused.

"Ya you now her she hates doctor's for some reason, so have you been to your mothers grave" I shacked my head no. "What it's been almost 5 years since her death sweet heart." I nodded my head and agreed with her and got up rubbed the back of my neck and looked in to her hazel eyes and answered. "Yes I am just afraid of going their."
"Why Kana is it bad or some thing else."

"No its just has bad memories of that place and I am sorta worried of going their that's all" my hand was on the door knob. "Why don't you stay for a little I get off in 30 minutes so why don't you do your homework ill drive you home."

"Thanks I will" I walked over to a seat in the corner while she worked. Then she told me she was leaving and I followed she drove a grey Sadan or just a car I jumped in the front and she drove off.
Are you doing well in school" before I could answer her cell phone rang "Yes what is it what a rape victim, ill be right their." She turned off her phone sighed "sorry about this I got to go to the hospital you have to come with me it's to late to be out on your own." I opened the door "were are you going"

"Home don't worry ill be fin I promise" I waved goodbye she yelled back at me "I better not be identifying your body at a mourg." I laughed a little and kept walking waving a goodbye to her I took a short cut behind a Gay Bar trying to stay out of sight not trying to get into fight with gay bashers or other men. I heard a notice in front of me their was a man picking on a little girl she was crying.

"Come on fuck me bitch theirs no one to help you so don't try any thing." She was still crying I had to do something so I grabbed a metal pipe and bashed him on the back of the head. I told her to stay their for a minute I ran in to the bar and told the Bartender that a man was trying to rap some one and I knocked him out I showed him then me and the girl left as they where calling the cops. She still didn't trust me so it told her my friends a cop not just that a hero cop. She smiled a little "my names Aura thank you" I gave her my coat she told me she was 4 years old when we got home I called for Ashley but she wasn't home. "Lets make you something to drink, tea" she nodded "I like Early Grey please."

"Me to how about you sit on then couch while I get it ready" she had a cute body a little tan with blond hair and blue eyes the tea pot skweiled and I pored our tea she drank it "its good thank you umm what's you name." "Oh it's Kanashimi but every calls me Kana" she giggled I blushed a little "what's so funny."

"Kana sounds like a girls name" I smiled back " I guess your right" she fell a sleep a little bit later and I took her to my bed and changed in to my pj's then went to sleep with her in my arms " good night my angel" I said as I fell asleep.
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