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A History Lesson, And a Story

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the long story of history

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Sitting down with their food, everyone was getting settled to listen to the story Alex had to tell.

“Alright this story takes place over 3,407 years ago. What people tend to forget is that the Bunratty Castle that you see today has been rebuilt many, many times.
“The original castle was built around 1400 BC But the story I’m going to tell you has nothing to do with the castle its self. But what happened on the inside, outside and around the castle and this area.
“The year was 1496 BC; the King of Bunratty at the time was named Kingstead Kien, IV. His wife, Melina was pregnant. When she finally gave birth to the child, King Kingstead hoped for a boy, who would become his heir. But when Melina gave birth to a baby girl, the king was not thrilled, but he loved his baby girl anyway the young princess’ name was Katherine Alexandria.”

“Wait. Isn’t that your name?” Shigure interrupted.
“Yes. Actually I was named after her. My mother loved this story, and would tell it to me every night when I was younger. That’s why I know the story so well.” Alex answered. Shigure opened his mouth like he was going to say something; but shut it when Ayame hushed him.

“So, continue.” Ayame said excitedly.

“Alright fine; where was I? Right… As the young princess grew up, her father would be strict on her is she didn’t get things correct.
“By the time Katherine was 16 she knew everything she would ever need to know in order to rule… Her father made sure of it. He was completely obsessed with trying to make her the perfect princess, and more importantly, the perfect bride.
“But Katherine didn’t like being spoiled and fussed over. She also knew the fact that her father, the King, was upset that she wasn’t a boy. She was the unwanted daughter to a king who wanted a son to rule after his death.
“But she tried things anyway. The young princess would go out in to the village and watch the other kids her age play. She asked them if they wouldn’t treat her any different than one of their own. And they did. There was this one boy in particular who became her closest friend; his name was Lexington, and they soon became inseparable. And as they grew older the closer they became.

After finishing their food our six friends started walking around.

“So did Katherine and Lexington fall in love?” Shigure asked.
“Of course they did…now shut up and let her continue.” Ayame said, totally engrossed by Alex’s story.

“Actually they don’t.” Alex finally said.
“What?” Ayame and Shigure asked simultaneously.
“Would the two of you quite, and let her tell the story.” Hatori said who finally had had enough of them. “Alex” Hatori said, turning towards her. “Please continue.”

“o-ok…right…um so yeah. During this time Southern Ireland was at war with Northern Ireland. [1] Katherine was aware that her father was planning on sending more soldiers to the north to fight. And she understood his reasons. See Southern Ireland considered itself as an independent land, with independent people. And the north wanted to be a part of the man land of England, and would end up being a dependant nation.

“When Lexington turned 16, he was considered a man. And as a man, he had to train as a soldier. Katherine, when she wasn’t in lessons, would watch him train. He has a bit of difficulty sparing by himself…well…like stumbling over his own feet…”

At this everyone laughed… well except for Hatori, who just smiled.

“Al, that sounds like you,; tripping over yourself.” Becca replied.

“Would you shut up and let me tell the bloody story… it’s long as it is. So, shut up and stop talking and asking questions.” Alex said, finally having enough of everyone.

“Some days when Katherine was stressed or upset about things that went in the castle, she would spar with Lexington. Soon she surpassed him, and surprisingly he wasn’t upset about it. He was happy for her.
“ A year later, the King summoned Katherine to him for a discussion…well to cut it short… the King told Katherine that she was betrothed to a prince of the neighboring village, named Paal, and to say that she was unhappy was an understatement.
“As soon s her father dismissed her from his chambers, Katherine ran to find Lexington. And as usual he was training. Grabbing a sword she began sparring with him. All the while telling him what had transpired between her father and her.
“Knowing that there was nothing he could do, Lexington kept quiet…

“A few months later the King had decided to hold a ball in honor of the engagement…

“Katherine was in her room in the northern tower, when there was a knock on the door. The chambermaid, Christine, opened the door to find Lexington in the uniform of a soldier. His chestnut brown hair was unbound and reached his shoulders, the red tunic held the countries crest, and the silver chain-mail brought out the green of his eyes.

“‘Kat, are you ready?’ Lexington asked, taking in Katherine in her under dress and corset [2]… ‘Man Kat, had I known we could dress like that, I wouldn’t have dealt with all the metal.’
‘Ha ha ha Lex, not funny… Christine you may leave.’ [3] After Katherine excused her chambermaid, Lexington walked over to Katherine and took her into his arms. ‘You don’t want to go through with this, do you?’ Shaking her head, she leaned into his embrace. “Kat, there is something I need to tell you.’ And with that sentence Lexington told Katherine that his regiment was being placed at the front lines, and would be leaving that night.

“Lexington held Katherine as she cried, fearing that this would be that last time they eve saw each other.

“After cleaning up and putting on a crimson Red dress, the two of them headed down stairs to the ball, where Katherine would be meet Paal, her betrothed.

“Paal was not what Katherine thought he would be. She expected him to be a gentleman, kind, and honorable. But here he was, sure tall dark and hansom, with shoulder-length black hair, tanned skin, muscular build, deep blue eyes; but most of all, he was a selfish, arrogant, self absorbed prick. [4]

“Later that night Katherine realized that she could not go through with the wedding. Removing her formal gown, she dawned a servants dress, collected a few belongings and climebed out her window, intent on finding Lexington and leaving…”

“Wow, Alex you weren’t kidding, it is a long story…” Ayame stated.

“Well okay then, to some it up. Katherine left the castle, Lexington left the army, and they both became apart of a group of nomad warriors. And they never will return back to Bunratty, until after her death… And that is the end of the story.”

“Hey guys, it’s getting awfly late, we should head back home.” Becca stated.


[1] I don’t think Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland had ever gone to war… and everything in this chapter has been made up except for the castle Bunratty.

[2] I know they didn’t have corsets in the 1400’s but…it’s my story damn it and I love corsets….SO DEAL!

[3] Ya, I no… the slang and the speech are off…. GET OVER IT!

[4] Just picture Gaston from the Beauty and the Beast…

Sorry people that it has been so long since I've last updated... but here's the problem.... I'm stuck and cant figure out what should happen.... if any one has any ideas please let me know
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