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Feild Trip to a Castle

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It's the guys first day in Ireland,what will they do?

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(A/N) Hey it's been a while... sorry it took so long, I was having the worst writers block EVER! ... Well here's the story... (A/N)

The next day Alex was up making breakfast when Hatori came down.

"Good morning Alexandria" Hatori said, taking a seat at the table.

"Morning to you too, Hatori, and please call me Alex or Al... Alexandria makes it sound like some old person would call a grandchild."


"Don't be, would you like some coffee?" Alex offered grabbing a cup.


As she poured his coffee, Hatori let his mind wonder.

'We don't know much about Alex, except for the fact she is an ice-skater... she also seems to hate to talk about her past. I wonder why...'

"Hatori here's you breakfast." Alex unconsciously interrupted his thoughts.

A Few Minutes Later

After a traditional Irish breakfast, [1] Mina was asking the guys what they wanted to do for the day.

"Oh what about site seeing?" Ayame suggested.

"Sure why not?" Shigure seconded.

"It seems that I don't have a choice in the matter." Hatori voiced.

"So where is a good place to see, Mina?" Shigure asked.

"Well I personally don't know that much about Ireland, but Alex," Mina looked over to her, who looked up from her book. "You grew up here in Ireland. I'm sure you know stories and places. What do you say Al? Give us a tour?"
"I say no." Alex said flipping a page in her book.

"Oh come on Alex, please." Mina pleaded, batting her eyes.

"I don't see why I have to."

"Because Alex, you grew up here." Becca countered.

"So?! Why should I?"

"Because you have nothing else to do."

Alex mumbled something incoherently.

"Grab your shit, decide where you want to go, and lets go." Alex said grabbing her jacket and keys and headed out the door.

A Few Minutes Later

Everyone left the house the guys and Mina got into her car and Becca got into Alex's.

"So where too?" Alex asked.

"Bunratty Castle."

"You serious?" Alex asked looking over at her roommate.

"You see me laughing?"

"Wonder where they got the idea to go there from." Alex mumbled while starting her car and pulling out of the driveway; heading toward Bunratty Castle, in County Limerick, Ireland.

30 Minutes Later

Pulling up to the parking area of Bunratty Castle. [2] Alex and Becca got out of the car, and waited for Mina and the Sohma's.

Once they arrived the six of them entered the grounds. [3]

"Wow how this place has changed since I was last here." Alex commented while walking toward the castle.

"When was the last time you were here?" Shigure asked.

"About...10 years ago."

"So how did you find out about this place?" Hatori asked.

"...I was born, and grew up here around Bunratty... I don't get along with my family that much, so I don't come over to this part of Ireland for that reason..."

"I see..." Hatori replied.

"But you are still going to give us a tour, right?" Ayame chipped.

Alex just sighed and shook her head. "Do I actually have a choice?"

"No." everyone answered.

"sigh aright lets go." Alex said, starting to walk towards the castle.

Inside The Castle

"So, what do you want to know?" Alex asked.

"Well what do you have to tell us?" Shigure asked.

"Well I do know one story, of this young princess."

"So tell us." Ayame prompted.

"Well, lets get something to eat, and I'll tell the story while we eat. Since it's quite long."

YAY! WAHOOO PARTY!!!!!!!!I FINALLY CAME UP WITH A CHAPTER!!! Sorry its sooo short. But I am working on the next chapter. Suggestions are welcome, please R&R.

~Aubrey's Girl

[1] A traditional Irish breakfast contains of two eggs over medium, beans, ½ of a tomato, black and white pudding (blood sausage and pork sausage) and soda bread.

[2] Bunratty Castle is a real place in County Limerick, Ireland. Bunratty Castle is a castle and village that has been restored and shows you how the people lived there in the 19th century, its also a 15th century castle.

[3] I don't know what its called or how its put in to words.
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