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Mina and Becca try and convince Alex to let the guys stay.

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Before I start this story i want to say thanx to Kakashi_lover for commenting on the story and helping me out... THANX! ^.^

Last time: After they unloaded the luggage, Mina unlocks the door. As soon as they close the door. The sound of a foot tapping the floor reached their ears.

"Hello Mina..."

Chapter 3: Compromise

"A-A-Alex!" squeaked Mina.
"Hello w-what are you doing h-here?"
"Well the last time I checked lived here, and I that I paid for this house." Alex answered.
"Right, of course... but what I meant was-"
"But the real question is, who are they?" Alexandria nodded to the guys who were behind Mina.
"Oh, them?"
Alex nodded.
"Oh well this is Ayame; you know my pen pal, and his cousins Hatori and Shigure." Mina stated.
At their names the guys nodded.
"Alright, now next question is, what in the bloody hell are they doing here?"
Well you see..." Mina gulped "Ayame and his cousins wanted to go on a vacation... and well-"
"You invited them here." Alex stated.
"gulp yes" Mina squeaked.
"And why didn't you ask?" Alex asked raising an eyebrow.
"W-W-Well I thought you would be upset."
"Actually I would have thought about it, and then probably would have said yes... But you didn't and now I'm not happy..."
"Alex, just give her a break, I mean you've got your point across, she's scared shit-less." Becca said stepping out of the card room.
"Hey I'm Becca, temper here is Alex. Don't listen to her, she's just pissed 'cause she was the last to find out...the three of you are welcome to stay."

"Becca Thank You!" exclaimed Mina, while hugging her friend.
Turning around, Alex walked back into the kitchen.

"Come on guys lets get you into your rooms." The guys followed Mina up the stairs and to their rooms. [1]


"Diner!" called Alex.


At the table Mina is sitting between Becca and Ayame, who is next to Shigure, who is also next to Hatori then Alex.

"So Ayame, we hear you design clothes." Becca said trying to strike up conversation.
"Yes I do," he replies.
"What kind of clothes?" She asks.
"Well I make peoples fantasy's come true." Ayame announced proudly.
"All~righty then...moving on." Alex interrupted. "Hatori, what is it you do for a living?"
"I'm a doctor." He replied coolly.
"Oh how interesting." Becca commented.
"Shigure is a novelist, Al, isn't that great!" Mina chipped up.
Alex just shoved food into her mouth and sweat dropped.

"So what is it that you and Becca do, Alex?" Shigure asked.
"Both Becca and I work at the same pub as Mina. I work as a bartender and they as waitresses."
"I might be mistaken, but I believe earlier, Alex, you mentioned that you paid for this house. But I assumed bartenders aren't paid that much." Hatori mused.
"Well we're not." Alex said taking a bite of food.
"Al ice-skates!" Mina interrupted.
"Oh really you must have some amazing outfits...But you don't seem the type to do that." Ayame commented.
"Ooh! Do you wear glitter?... you don't seem that type either."
Twitch, Twitch
"Are you even that good?"
Twitch, Twitch, SNAP
Becca noticing Alex's very noticeable twitching decided she should step in before a certain long haired flamboyant fashion designer gets hurt.

"Actually Al is a very accomplished skater."

"Hey! Can we stop talking about me, please?!" Alex asked.
"Why? Its oh so entertaining." Becca replied.
"-_- Ha, ha very funny -_-."
"So how long have you been skating Alex?" Shigure asked.
"Well I've been competing since I was 10 and winning medals since 14, but have been pro since I was 18."
"How did you become pro?" Ayame asked.
"I didn't go to the Olympics if that's what your asking. But a company hired me to represent them."[2]
"Which company?" Hatori asked.
"Phoenix Photo." [3]
"So do you still compete?" Ayame asked.
"No, not really. Only for fun with other pro's. But otherwise no."

"I don't get it, if you are a professional in figure skating, why do you bartend?" Hatori questioned.

"Well because, its fun, and so I don't let the 'fame get to my head, and prove that I work for the money in other ways."
"That makes sense." He concluded. [4]
"So... NOW can we change the subject?" Alex pleaded.


While Alex was washing the dishes, Ayame was showing Becca and Mina some pictures of their friends and family.

Hatori came in to the kitchen up behind Alex.
"Hey." Hatori said.
Alex paused while cleaning a dish and turned around.
"Hey, to you too, what up?" she replied.
"Nothing much, um... do you want some help?"

"No, but thank you for asking."
"Its nothing." Hatori replies, hesitating before leaving.
'Huh, wonder what that was about.' Alex thought before turning around to finish the dishes.


Alex comes out of the kitchen drying her hands off on a towel. She walks into the living room only to see...

(A/N) Should I leave it there?


















Nah! I'm not that messed up... (I think)

Where was I?... Right

Alex comes out of the kitchen drying her hands off on a towel. She walks into the living room only to see Ayame sitting next to Mina on the couch with his arm around her shoulder while they talked, Hatori sitting in a chair reading a book, and Becca.... 'Wait is Becca?'
"Hey has anyone seen Becca?" Alex voiced.
"I saw her going outside a few minutes ago." Shigure answered stepping out of the bathroom.
"Oh ok, so ... does anyone want tea or coffee?"
"Coffee" Mina said.
"Tea please." chipped Ayame.
"Tea as well please" replied Shigure.
"I'll have coffee please" said Hatori.
"Alright just a moment," Alex said before going back into the kitchen.

After a few minutes the front door opened and Becca came in.
"Hey what's up? What I miss?" Becca asked.
"What swapping spit with the boy down the road not enough action for you?" Alex commented.
"Ha, ha very fun... (At least I Get action.)"
"What was that last part?" Alex asked raising an eyebrow.
"Nothing, nothing not a thing.(at least I Get action)"
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that... and the drinks are done." Alex said bringing out the cups.

End of Compromise.

(A/N) Alright I know it took a while but here is the chapter. If any one has any suggestions on the story, please comment. THANX FOR READING!(A/N)

-Aubrey's Girl

[1] The room arrangement is like this. Becca's room is across from Alex. Next to Becca's is the stairs so next to the stairs is Mina's room. Across from Mina's room and next to Alex's room is Hatori's room. Next to his room is Shigure's room. Across from Shigure's room and next to Mina's room is Ayame's room..... Confusing, huh? Sorry.

[2] About the skating is true.... Most pro's have Olympic medals, like Alexei Yagudin (yes real skater) who is the Olympic gold medalist at Salt Lake City. (I think it was 2003... but I forgot) But some skaters can be come pro's by being supported by companies.

[3] "Phoenix Photo." I just made it up, but if there really is a place called that... oops.

[4]....umm does it make sense? I don't think it does.
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