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Chapter 2: Meeting

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Summery: In the car ride on the way home Mina and the guys get talking... Sorry I suck at summaries

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Fruits Basket Characters unfortunately.

Chapter 2: Meeting

"Oh Hello, nice to meet you, Ayame has told me so much about the two of you." Mina said as she smiled, cupped her hands be hind her back and cocked her head to the side.

"Well I do hope it was all good things, Hi I'm Shigure." Said the man as tall as the other two. He has short brown hair and is wearing a light green button down shirt and black slacks.
"I'm Hatori" the man with green eyes said. He has on a white dress shirt with the first two buttons undone and black slacks on.

"Nice to meet you both, I'm Mina," she said. "Well let's go get your bags, so we can go."

"So Mina, Ayame said that you have two room mates. What are they like?" Shigure asked as they waited for the luggage to appear on the caracole.

"Well for starters there's Rebecca, who we call Becca; she's really nice and easy going. She's 'out there' and a little crazy, but other wise calm. She's our own little problem solver." Mina started as bags started being unloaded. "Then there's Alex, her name is Alexandria, but everyone calls her either Alex or Al. She on the other hand is more spontaneous and FAR more 'out there' than Becca." While she is explaining, both Hatori and Shigure have gotten both of their bags, and every one is waiting on Ayame's last bag.

"You see, Al has a bit of a ... well let's say temper," Mina continued, as soon as Ayame got his last bag. Now they head for her SUV. "I mean don't misunderstand me she's great. But she can be mean at times. But she never goes too far."

AS they reached the car, Hatori, Ayame, and Shigure put their luggage in the trunk, while Mina decided to call Becca.

"Becca?" Mina prayed.
"Oh thank god its you."
"Afraid I was Al?"
"Hell yes! Did you tell her?"
Ayame, Hatori, and Shigure got in the car. Ayame in the passenger seat, Shigure behind him, and Hatori behind Mina.

"" continued Mina.
"She's pissed Mina, she's pissed.
"sigh I was afraid of that."
"You should have told her sooner" Becca sang.
"I know, I know, what's she doing?"
"Well she went to the market to buy more food for dinner. So she can blow off some steam... get it steam! Cooking. Ha ha ha ha!" Becca laughed.
"Yes very funny you're hilarious. See you later bye." With that Mina snapped the phone shut.

"Is everything alright?" Ayame asked.
"Yes, it is just Alex didn't know you guys were coming till about an hour ago."
"And she's not to happy about it?" Shigure asked.
"Wonder why." Hatori added sarcastically.
"sigh I know but ... jeez Al can be scary at times."
"Well it doesn't matter now it's over and done with" said Ayame with a smile.

"So... What do you do for a living Mina?" Shigure asked, changing the topic.
"Well, I live to write, but right now I work as a waitress."
"You write?" he replied/
"Yeah well in my free time that is."
"Well you know I'm a novelist right?"

Mina slams on the breaks.

"No way get out!" she exclaimed. "Are you serious?"
"Absolutely, didn't Aya tell you?"
"No... Ayame why didn't you tell me!?" Mina asked as she started to drive again.
"I thought I told you... I'm sorry, forgive me?" Ayame asked, giving her his infamous puppy-dog-eyes.

"Of course, I will." Mina said. "Infact, Hatori what is it you do?"
"I'm a doctor." Hatori stated simply.
"Oh, okay." Mina said.




Mina pulls into the driveway of the two story house, past the horses and the wooden gate.
"Wow," Shigure said "Big house."
"Yeah well..." Mina shrugged as she turned off the car.
"How many rooms are there?" Hatori asked.

"Umm... about 10 rooms and 9 Bathrooms, a kitchen, a card room and a sitting room." Mina replied.
"Wow," Ayame said.

"Hey Mina, how many cars do you three have?" Shigure asked.
"Three, one for each of us. Why?" she replied.
"Well then I guess everyone's here. There are two cars over there." He points to the side of the house.
"Well let's just hope either Alex is over it... or is taking a walk... hopefully."

After they unloaded the luggage, Mina unlocks the door. As soon as they close the door. The sound of a foot tapping the floor reached their ears.

"Hello Mina..."

End of Meeting.

(A/N) Sorry it took a while; I thought I should tell you the cars...

Mina has a Blue Metallic Mercedes-Benz GL 450 SUV, with Black interior.

Becca has a Silver Lexus IS 350 RWD with Cream interior.

Alex has a Black Mazda RX-8 with Black rims with Red and Black interior sport car.

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-Aubrey's Girl.
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