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The Pen Pal

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For a couple of years Ayame has had this pen pal, who lived in L.A, California. She just moved and now lives in Ireland with two of her closest friends. When she invites Ayame to come and visit for...

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(A/N: When you first here of a Hatori Sohma fan fic it either portrays him as being gay with Shigure and/or Ayame. OR he gets back together with Kanna. Well let me tell you that this is NOT, I repeat NOT how this story will go. I, and I proudly admit, am a Kanna hatter; [if you have a problem with it either, too bad don't read this or write to me and we'll talk.] I will be getting my inspiration for characters from my friends, and my self. And this is my first ever Fan fic, sooo please don't kill me!)

DISCLAIMER: We all ready know (unless you're very dense) that I don't own ANY character from Fruits Basket. If I did... well I wouldn't be here, now would I.

New Lives, New Chances

Chapter 1: Pen Pals


The Sohma's:
Ayame, Shigure, and Hatori: are all 25 not 27 in this story. Understand and please forgive me if their attitudes aren't quite right, I'm not that good a writer frankly.

Aka: Alex, or Al
Full name: Katherine-Alexandria Gilmore
Height: 5'5"
Hair: waist length, dark brown, with red ends and bangs.
Attitude: simply put, mess with her and you'll get hurt.
Hobbies: arguing, reading, playing guitar, and figure skating
Eyes: Almost onyx when mad or depressed, clear brown when happy.
Age: 22

Full name: Mina McDaneals
Height: 5'3"
Hair: black to her chin
Eyes: brown
Attitude: hyper, shy, quiet, romantic, and could be a lot like Ayame.
Age: 21
Hobbies: reading, writing, worrying, and playing piano

Full name: Rebecca Romano
Height: 5'6"
Hair: to her shoulders and originally blonde, but she dyes her hair so often different colors it's hard to tell.
Eyes: blue
Attitude: she is the problem solver of the group. She also TRIES to stop Alex from trying to hurt Mina when she gets on her nerves
Age: 22 (a few months older than Alexandria.)

Location: Carrigaholt, County Clair, Ireland.

'Thinking' "talking" "SCREAMING"

"WHAT! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN?!" Alexandria screamed.
"By what I just said" Becca calmly replied to her friend, while turning another page in her book. "And would you calm down already, it's just for the summer, and it's not like we don't have the room."
"Fine but damn, you could have told me sooner. I mean come on, we don't even know them." Alex said leaning against the wall. "All we know about then is that, A) they live in Japan B) he works in a clothing store C) He acts just like Mina, and D) he and his cousins are 25. Come on, this cant be safe."
"Al, your right, but aren't you always telling us to live a little? She wants to do this, let her."
"Grr...Okay fine, but if something bad happens, it's your fault. And if they piss me off, their out. Got it Becca?"
"Yup, plus its not like you can do anything about it anyway, Mina went to pick them up at the Shannon Air Port half hour ago."



"Flight 73, Gate 4; Flight 73, Gate 4; Flight 73, Gate 4... Where is it? Flight 73, Gate-HA! Found it!" Mina exclaimed while approaching the gate. Looking at her watch she realized that she was a few minutes early. So she decided to sit and wait. Mina is so excited; she is going to meet her pen pal of three years for the first time. And he and two of his cousins are coming to stay with her and her roommates.

"Flight 73, from Dublin now arriving" A voice said on the intercom said, knocking Mina out of her thoughts.

"Oh good their here." Mina thought aloud.
Not long after that, Mina heard someone calling her name, when she turned around she spotted a tall man with ling white lair, golden eyes and a red jacket, hurrying towards her.
"Mina? Is that you Mina?" he asked.
"Yes, ummm-"
"It is I, Ayame!" He said enthusiastically rushing forward to hug her.
"OMG! Ayame! Hi" she said, as she also rushed forward to hug him.
"Mina!" They say at the same time when they hugged.

(A/N) If you haven't noticed, in this story the Sohma's don't have the curse, but they still have all of their problems; including Akito.

"So..." Mina said as they broke apart. "Welcome to Ireland. How were your flights?"
"They were good, except the flight attendants wouldn't let me brighten up their uniforms, even though they were so tacky."
"Ayame, stop you're whining." Interrupted a man around the same age as Ayame. He was tall, with broad shoulders, slim figure. He has brown hair that covers his right eye. And his eyes (or eye since you can only see one) are a dazzling green.

"Oh, but Haa-san, they were hideous." Ayame whined.
"Umm... Ayame?" Mina interrupted.
"Huh?" Ayame asked, whilst cocking his head to the side.
"Oh, Mina these are my two cousins; Hatori and Shigure."

End Chapter

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