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Every Time You Draw Me, I Will Always Erase Myself.

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Let's see... Well, what would you do if you were Frank and your drawings came alive?

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Every time you draw me, I will always erase myself.

Black. It was the coloured pencil I used the most.
Because it best suited him. His dark hair falling in his face. His clothes framing his body. The pupils of his eyes entrancing you. The point was worn down from overuse and I feverishly sharpened it. I tried to sketch as quickly as I could without breaking the tip, biting my lip in concentration. I let the images from my head sink through into my pen and glide onto the paper in large strokes, leaving the small fine details for last. I pushed my hair from my face and quickly erased a misplaced line before starting from where I had left off.
Almost done now.
I shaded in some shadows, making those haunting eyes even more enticing than before.
If that was possible.
"There.' I said, placing my pencil beside my paper and examining the work I had just completed.
"It's great." a voice said from behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin.
There, standing beside me, was the man in the picture Gerard Way.
I could practically feel my ears burning, probably turning a dark shade of crimson.
He picked up my black colored pencil and sharpened it, placing it back next to the picture and brushing his hand against mine. Tingles sent through my body, but I tried to ignore them as I searched for words to explain myself. But it didn't appear Gerard was looking for any sort of explanation. He pulled a box from his coat pocket and I realized it was the same brand of colored pencils I had on the table. My eyes followed his every move, every detail of my picture springing to life as he retracted a pencil from his box.
"I use this one the most." he told me
I looked down at the pencil in his hand.
It was a mix between gold and brown, slightly shining in the dim light of the room.
He slowly held it towards me, stopping only when he reached the point right beside my hair.
I realized that it was virtually the same color.
And for the second time today, I was at a loss for words.
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