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Chapter two.

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Did Frank imagine that?

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“What the hell?” I said softly to myself, looking round the room for any explanation. Did this really just happen? Did my drawing come… come to life? I laughed to myself. “Yeah right” I said out loud. “Like that could ever happen!” I grinned at my own stupidity. I must be having too many late nights, I thought; pushing the bottle of stale alcohol away slightly. I looked down at the picture again. “Well… he is pretty!” for a moment it looked like the drawing winked at me. “What the fuck?!” I said, closing the book. I stood up sharply, causing the chair to squeak against the wooden floor of my apartment.
I stumbled out of the room, the alcohol starting to have an effect. I flopped onto my bed and rested my head on the cold pillow and sighed. I wasn’t laying there long before I drifted into a sleep.

The older man approached the bed and sat on the edge next to me.
“Hello” I greeted him, smiling.
“Hello gorgeous.” he replied, placing a kiss on my lips. “How have you been?”
“Good, but better now you’re here.” I smiled, nuzzling into his chest as his arm wrapped round my shoulder.
“I love you” he stated simply.
“I love you too”
“I’m glad you drew me.”
“What? Drew you? WHAT THE FUCK?”
“You drew me.”
“What?!” I shouted, jumping off the bed. “But you’re real, you exist.”
“No. Frank.” whispered Gerard, he seemed to faded into his background until he disappeared completely.

I sat up with a started. “Dreams.” I mumbled rubbing my eyes. I sighed and looked at the clock, 3:00am.

I stretched slightly. “Shit” I said out loud. No chance of me getting back to sleep anytime soon. Considering this I thought I might as well go and get something to eat. I dragged my self off the bed and into the kitchen, my small kitten, Graham brushed himself against my ankles as I walked. “Out the way, before I stand on you.” I told him, he meowed softly, looking up at me. I picked him up and he nuzzled his head into my neck, I half giggled, his fur tickling me. He struggled to get out of my hands and I put him safely on the kitchen counter. “You hungry?” I asked, looking at him as if I expected a verbal reply. “Ha, course you are.” I laughed at myself, while opening a small tin of kitten food. “’Kitten chow’” I read from the tin. “’All your kitten needs to grow big and strong’… helpful ay?” as I stroked the grey ball of fluff and he looked up at me, I smiled. “Right. Now food for me.” I said.
I walked to the cupboard and pulled it open absent mindedly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my sketch pad. I sighed and closed the cupboard and walked to the desk where my pad was lying. I flicked through the thick paper until I got to ‘Gerard’ “Hello.” I said to the drawing. “You not talking now?”
“No, I’m talking.” said a voice behind me. I swallowed hard, trying to keep my cool. I turned to look at the man.
“Hello Frank.”
“Gerard.” I nodded at him.
“Why are you not sleeping?” he asked me.
“I had a dream”
“May I ask what about?”
“Err…” I scratched the back of my neck. “You, actually.”
“Oh, really?”
“What happened”
“Ah… I err… you said you loved me.”
“I did, did I?”
“Yeah, yeah you did.”
“Cool. Well, I better be getting to sleep.”
“Drawings sleep?”
“Yeah, obviously.”
“Good night Gerard.” he smiled and placed a kiss on my cheek before walking back to the sketch pad and disappearing.
“So weird.” I mumbled to myself as I walked back to my bedroom.
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